48 Replies to “Telling My Husband & Family I'm Pregnant”

  1. Aw your husband reaction 💖 Congratulations growing family ✨
    I'm struggling with infertility for years. I'm going to start a new cycle in Mexico in few weeks. Many friends encouraged me to try again. I heard many success stories through the website www.ivfinmexico.com. We are in contact with one clinic in Puerto vallarta. Prayer needed!

  2. Hi there, I love your video! My name is Kirsten and I would love to talk to you about featuring your video on our Wild Sky Media platforms – LittleThings, Cafe Mom, Mamas Latinas, mom.me and Revelist. Please email me at [email protected] and I can give you more details. Thank you!

  3. Can’t believe one of his first questions was „are you okay?“
    WHAT he’s a keeper.
    So happy for you guys

    *I know this was a long time ago

  4. I have 5 beautiful babies✨ and still love watching the love unfold before my eyes of others in there special moment no matter how many💕so happy for you both!!

  5. Congratulations! I missed the date this video was posted, but I have a feeling you've had the baby by now, haha. I just found out I'm pregnant today. The only person who knows is my husband. I want to tell my mom and sisters next week when I'm about 5 weeks and 2 days. Is that about the time you told your immediate family?

  6. Cried entire video!! Can't wait to have this moments!! So beautiful congrats!! The world needs to hear more positives stories like this one!! Thank you for sharing!! My journey starts at the beging of the new year! I found my fertility center through www.ivfinmexico.com after a long research. I'm hopeful that 2019 will be the biggest year for me and I can share my story too 🤞

  7. Videos like this give me anxiety, boosts my insecurities and destroys me overall not because it's a bad video but the realisation that I might never have these moments ever in my life. Beautiful video btw ❤️

  8. So emotional ❤ hey guys im postimg pregnancy updates. Come check it out. Ill be doing then weekly 😘❤

  9. What I dont understand is how he didnt know? Like my husband always knows when my period is coming when im ovulating and so on… He always knows and so do I. I can predict it every single time.

  10. I was born in Maine what a local thing to say "saw you buying prenancy tests" LOL they seem to know before our significant others lololol

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