[Music] [Music] I just realized that we like never vlog like our everyday life so we’re gonna show you guys a little bit more of that we want to start being more real you know we’re ready real but we want to be 500 rule around yeah we want to show you guys the boring stuff that goes on biggest like your leg you know that’s your life so we want you guys to know so usually every morning we go have breakfast then I make Trey come with me to the warehouse he hates it well all we love I love her so you know you know what it is yeah so right now we’re heading to the warehouse because ADT is coming I have to set up some security cameras because we don’t want nobody’s building or lashes robbers come on Robert come on a little sex movement come on a little I need to put on my listing so it is currently 11:48 we’ve been up since like 7:00 in the morning yeah we actually get up on time I’ll show you everybody comes below put hashtag hashtag clap clap clap or hashtag finally no hashtag make that up clap clap clap also if you’re new you’re watching this welcome to the trail Oh gang make sure to hit that subscribe button and do what baby come and when done okay so do not skip anything because during this video I’m gonna be calling my mom and telling her that I am and it’s obviously gonna be a prank at me so just like that if you’re watching this right understand this was not my idea on my period so this might not even be a praise I’m always leaving my period early a week or two obviously a week last money you’re not me this month I’m two weeks late so I’m either pregnant or it’s late again damn I’m about to be a daddy don’t even know it so I’m about to be a mommy now don’t even know take a pregnancy test in this plan no I think we should prank her pranking me swag dog and then wait for your next video yeah you guys will see in our next video I’m gonna take to see my mind is blown right now but then again if you keep saying you’re you’re late and this is like normal forces we have never been two weeks later it’s been like a week or like nervous because I’m two weeks late i sir because Elsie and I always get our periods like the same time and she got her is like two weeks ago so and so where’s my name supposed to do so we go to CVS I don’t know like honestly if I had to go through the pain of child labor I don’t know if I’d be so you know like excited to have a baby I don’t think I’d be ready either if I had to go through that I know I wouldn’t be so you know they yeah they go a second-guess it a little bit more you guys I cannot be printing it because I don’t not know me not to give me to the poorhouse so I want to do it right you know I’m saying marriage is a big thing I feel like part of getting married actually not part but all of getting married is like taking the next big step and I feel like when I do it there’s gonna be last time I do it I just want to make sure I put my all like you know all of my energy into it you know do it right and I want to be special only to be something the hallow always always remembers so don’t bother me when I’m not wearing makeup you better know I’m wearing makeup and looking cute because if you film a little proposal video and better look snatched okay she’s not playing no fur oh don’t you dare she’s gonna say no just cuz she like doesn’t like the leash she’s like all right now try it all right so without further ado we’re gonna go to CVS get this pregnancy test and no no we’re not we’re gonna go ahead and head out to the warehouse and meet with our girls Stephanie as you guys know you guys already met her in our last video she’s my employee she’s nice to sit so I feel like Trey and I have been slacking on our Instagram posts I feel like we like very tight Rangers now we don’t have any pictures together I just feel like Trey and I need more pictures together so we’re gonna see if Stephanie could take you know a couple of pictures of us we’re like kind of matchy-matchy we’re wearing the same shoes and he has a shirt and I brought my little fanny pack that has like the same design he wanted to be like cute and like you know couples go matching you know let’s try to get this video to 20,000 like yeah we will bring just a lot of likes back that is we can’t underestimate them though what is right so the reason why I don’t want a pine cream person is because the shield like clamps up when she sees a camera on her face like you guys could already tell by the previous videos we have filmed with her oh my god I was just showing that boo I feel like she gets super nervous when she’s on camera and she like just not I’d like herself so I feel like if I call her and she doesn’t know that I’m like filming her she’s gonna act 100% like herself so I honestly don’t know how she’s gonna act she’s either gonna be okay with it because I’m already grown I’m old or she’s gonna cuss me out I honestly feel like she would be disappointed you know why I’m excited because I just want to see the true colors like you know I mean like if she really want us to have a baby or not because she did actually say that she did no but she literally said primero Castle said so which means what so first get married get married first or whatever that’s why I feel like she would be disappointed at me because she’s gonna be like I told you to get married first she’s like oh my god guys so I am coming out with a very different and cool lash collection no one has ever done this so it’s gonna be super super qualm so excited because i want to have a launch party I actually want to have a launch party the same day of my birthday so I could celebrate my birthday and the launch but eyelashes take forever forever to produce especially if they’re from China it takes like one or two months that’s why I like to restock sometimes it takes so long because I don’t know boxes and then the lashes to produce it takes forever then for them to get here so I have my fingers crossed because I’m like dying to have this launch party slash like birthday party I have never had a birthday party humpin no she’s also not the type that likes that kind of attention I know you guys can relate man let us know Nokomis below i don’t let i personally do not like like that tension I’m over it daily I feel like I would like it if I was like hella drunk yeah yeah if you live in it’s like forever I’m just gonna be super drunk I also want to invite links and subscribers to my party just like you’ll see day so if you guys would wanna party with us this is my day job I’ll do a lash delivery I used to make him do it every single day before I heard yes we just finished eating and I’m like mm-hmm reapplied my lipstick and I hella over line them so they leave my nipples dude I’m like you know when you like what do you call that feeling like butterflies you know when you go I’m gonna like roller coaster and then you go down and you feel that like thing in your stomach because I’m so nervous okay you should I really do this I feel like I’m gonna pee myself I say okay low game if you think we should do this in the console of put hashtag you can do it I feel like I can’t do it you see you say no but forget it let’s get the same in Tim though hey see SK chasing no support workers economy [Music] [Music] [Music] no maybe a selfie maro she is me exposing me see manly mentor in marinara cocina oh my god having a conversation with my mom I wish you were able to understand the conversation no I did what is she saying hold on a sec why did she say it’s a lot she is me exposed to me a lot of deep sand why did she say it’s a whole lot of psychologists she said not elementa she said that I like only junk food and she said that I don’t eat fruit and vegetable was the truth so she was like how are you gonna have a kid she’s like you’ll die cuz you’re so weak so students they don’t know Mary she just said you your body couldn’t yeah no okay you see the difference between like us filming her versus her just talking to me is she’s way more like she’s herself talking to me yes and I reported it and if you’re new and obviously haven’t seen you know mama swag that her mom then you can go back check our videos out you see what me but it honestly sounded like she didn’t care that I was pregnant though she was like how you feeling by her tone she didn’t know she was like how are you feeling like diesel nauseous or anything she’s been so nice but I know she wants me to get married first but I know that if I were to get pregnant she wouldn’t be like serious no she was just like it’s funny because before I even told her she’s like no me gustan but she’s like don’t tell me you’re pregnant wait wait wait well that’s the first thing she said yeah cuz I was like I have something to tell you and then she’s like she’s expecting you to be expecting for us to be expected I’m sure she was actually really made about it she said that um if I get pregnant she’s gonna like move near me really yeah cuz she wants the picture yes we got all the support in the world oh I don’t know it’s like are you gonna move in with me so you could see me every day hell yeah fire course she cooks me you know oh God oh I know my mom actually cooks for Trina you know something like thank you I actually loved her reaction she like was concerned that I wasn’t mean but she was like very accepting cuz honestly I didn’t want to have a kid so soon because like I really care about what my mom thinks like I don’t want her to be disappointed best I want to get married first you know but I feel like if it happens to happiness I might be pregnant that’s the crazy no honestly and I’m sorry just kidding I don’t even know I know that’s gonna be wild for that’s crazy that’s wild maybe we might take a pregnancy test in the next week I want to take right now oh my god I can’t believe she said it was too weak I know that my mom knows that I’m like such a baby when it comes to pain so she’s like you won’t be able to handle it like actually giving birth oh yeah I’ll die I’ll be right there nobody to support you know you guys know Francine my accidentally cut me something she just won be crazy we freaking suck at vlogging because we like say what we’re about to do but we don’t vlog what we actually did like we said we’re gonna go to the warehouse and we didn’t show you guys any footage from the warehouse and we said we’re gonna go eat and then we didn’t show you using me footage of us eating we’re like we’re back we choose ate like who does that Tony is trying to get better though so it’s offered there do you already know how we end every single one of our blog you already know on the count of three we need everybody to say let’s go one two three [Applause]

100 Replies to “TELLING MY MOM I’M PREGNANT!!!”

  1. I can’t wait to see your baby when you guys do have one, but don’t rush, enjoy life while you can, it’ll happen, don’t rush the process tho 🙂
    I’m down to celebrate with you guys, I’m a Scorpio just like you Alondra 🥳🤗

  2. I pranked my friend about 5 months ago saying that I was pregnant. And oh guess what??? I’m about to be 5 months pregnant lol 😂 don’t be playing games with pregnancy lol 😂

  3. Omg omg I wanna party with you and elsy!!!! I love you guys and I hope I get to meet you one day!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. 9:02 “I hella over-lined them, soooo if they look ugly mind ya business” I love Alo 😂💕 I definitely want to party with y’all!

  5. Watchu mean too weak? If you were strong enough to get a Brazilian butt lift and breast augmentation then you’re definitely strong enough to birth. Trelo Ganggg🎉

  6. Why did I get the vibe that Alo is already pregnant and knows it, but is kind of hinting to Tre without actually telling him yet?? hahahaha


  8. What’s wrong with small lips? “Eww my lips look so little … I need to put on my lipstick” …. I have small lips, not everybody can afford lip injections.

  9. Your mom’s hilarious 😂 love y’alls videos and I would love to come party with you guys for Alo’s birthday I live in LA too 🥰

  10. I want to party with you guys 😭😭😭🤧🤧🥺🥺 I have the same birthday as elsy and my birthday was in my schools homecoming so .. 😭😭😭 my friends left early smh !! At my quince I appreciate that they care but I just wish I could have maybe spent the day with them of something idk you know but I had a grate birthday ♥️

  11. just have a baby this is all signs .. you dont need to get married u already live together pretty much already married

  12. Nah bro, having a child is a huge thing.. not getting married. If shit font work out you separate but with a child you are stuck!

  13. I know the pregnancy test is photoshopped but look shes holding the test her nails match. It could be hers theyre just waiting to post the video🤷

  14. I don’t think she cared because you’re already living with your man, obviously having sex, opposed to you living at home and having a bf.

  15. Just know that some mom can have feelings when there daughter are pregnant 🤰 my mother get nauseous and ask if am pregnant and next you know I was tbh

  16. No but your should get married first!!! Make the difference make her proud lol it would be so beautiful 😍 both of y’all married ✨ omg 🥰

  17. People needs to chill just because she late for her period doesn’t mean she’s pregnant. A lot of females ends up having their period schedule change.

  18. I dont think she is pregnant cause her and Elsy just posted something on instagram where they were drinking.

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