hey guys welcome back to my youtube channel welcome to my sister Ellie who is here hey everybody so this is a start of my lands of Rotti vlog so we are away she knows about awful Hey even in Lanzarote Indiana even in the airport at 4 a.m. l started making fun of nation like what is wrong with you why how do you sneeze and I was like I've got a hay fever so we are away on a press trip oh my god this nice but um there was a reason I've got you on camera actually says right and it's not to start the blog so I says thought I was sitting her down to start the vlog so you have no idea oh yeah I'm 5 weeks so I am – in January so I'm going to be a big pregnant lady at Christmas yeah so I want all the excuse with all the Christmas and that's what my hay fever is horrendous I can't take anything so my hater is so bad you know no I don't feel sick but that's that's at six weeks so we've got another week of me feeling normal you know when you cry those calories about me I just was upset for you because I wasn't sure when you're gonna have a little bit free and I knew you've really really really wanted one and I knew no matter what you said to people like oh I don't really mind like I knew I knew you so I'm just so happy for you thank you I got what yeah I don't know you but obviously I'm gonna find out the sex obviously say yeah your gender goodbye for everyone else yes you're gonna hate the gender reveal so you is Jordan in the night I thought Jordan would want no no no George is not gonna know it's gonna be a surprise for them imagine if it's actually ago and everyone I think Grinch is facing is iocked imagine that every what did Jason say I haven't talked Jensen yeah right after this video when this video goes like Jensen will know but I haven't told him yet just because you know I won't mention anything it just didn't go right oh my god when is this video going live this video will be going 9 not until I found this cat yeah and 1012 weeks oh my god yeah I've never actually told you to your face before no it's always just been a picture of pregnancy time picture of a pregnancy test on like I'm in before I know it she gets they confer and she's feeling sick and my sis is gone and pregnant lady Harrigan yeah I want to thank my women this code yeah I'm gonna be swollen oh my god sis are you just so happy I am so happy yeah I'm gonna see very nervous because it's so early since I just feel like it's the perfect time though don't you yeah I do yeah I'm so happy for you he's done he's happy yeah yeah he was happy he was like this is our last though I need surprising as I create he's like no I think I'd actually okay with twins yeah so he's really happy here is it oh my god this oh yes I only want three kids that's not that's fine did Jordan get emotional no everything yeah yeah you all know Jordan yes I just can't believe that who else knows who else know so the twins yeah Emily and Frank Georgia and my mum so dad's gonna open his birthday cards well that's the picture that they drew Jesse drew that it's Rosie prezi's to unwrap the celebrating to do it would be so busy route trying to read wordy cards we might as well finish this right is it's much shorter in the side to daddy and his happy birthday granddad [Applause] don't think that's the best brilliantly I can't attack Rosa okay and that's tell Katie as well with me I don't think she's right well yeah yeah all her nieces and nephew she loves them but they wind her up she'll be like how much hollering no like oh great oh my actual god yeah I can I can totally believe it because I know like obviously I know but I can't believe it at the same time because I was just I was worried since I was 1 raised and it's like one day she can go one two three I actually can't believe I just was a bit worried hey sis I'm actually not joking did I not say to you about five weeks ago I think you're gonna be pregnancy I think I'm psychic I'll it said to you I said I think it's time for you Tom and free do you remember i what's up – I said so sis when you have in the other segment I'm only bringing it up I do have every right but every two days about I was five weeks ago I really hunts themselves I'm only bringing it up yeah yeah I just can't even happen so quick I feel very blessed right it totally yeah we are all so lucky and so blessed you have so many gorgeous kids in our family yeah we're very lucky to have another one on the way yeah I'm so close to Emily's baby yes so Emily is too in except has IMO end of September yeah and then if she goes over October I would be a couple of months older than this one yes she's having a boy Sam Neil Frank having a little boy that's Jordans brother and his girlfriend oh my god I can't wait it's like literally imagine the cardboard fits a girl imagine do I knew I think that we avoid I just can't imagine like I can imagine what another boy would like because we've got genders and Jessie but I cannot imagine oh my god Jessie just be yeah so we gotta think of gender of Oh ideas I'd be my daughter's balloon don't worry about that I'm not the balloon right yeah yeah bye-bye exciting helicopter I my bets are when it's a boy you boy you've always thought it would be a boy haven't you I've said that all along yes so ever since Jesse came out you've always said if we would have next ones that would be a boy yeah I don't know I don't know we'll have to wait and see we'll have to win see I'm obviously gonna find out if it's another little boy we are also lucky and a cop believe Jesse's gonna be a big brother can't believe that regardless but can you imagine Jesse being a little a big brother to another boy oh no I can't he would love it so much yeah he would yeah all sis I'm so happy thank you sir congratulation you Thanks I don't need to cry again no don't say no that'll be I won't i won't i won't i just we've got a dinner to see this moment you know I just need a second I know it's nothing right you're always a person that cries amazed i think is actually the only person that crows when I tell her everyone nicely yeah great yeah I don't know why I just quite so Nellie is so emotional already a very emotional person well I was she quite at this when I've learned that um he goes back yeah whenever my other sister who's actually move back now politely but whenever she's down visited as she leaves gets to go yeah it's which like when I went traveling which ended up being two months I cried my eyes out when I left yeah you did just everything just anything emotional but then I don't know what it is pregnancies just get to me especially when it's my sister's you know when it when it is gonna be an imagined way that j-wahl she cannot imagine what you're gonna be like this when it's you I think oh we're gonna fall I'm just really elaborate plan that's how to tell comp when I when I fall pregnant but I don't know if I'll be able to stick out kind it would take like a couple of days of planning and stuff and I want to like toaster well we're all be waiting for it in few years yeah so you get telling Jordan on camera yes yeah and you watch your block fell you'd be like oh my god you're the daughter video would have gone like for this woman we should totally do like a cute like reveal for dive but just like an envelope would like you've been a great friend back to Genesis I'm Jesse oh yeah exactly you've got make me cry sis you know you can't but pregnant and that was like my treat might usually where I usually tell people is just said my pregnancy test on water yeah but no I know I know I know I will so yeah but thank you for watching me and I'll have a buffet to get to so when I got a feed this lady up she's gotta feed me up so we're gonna get to the buffet and we'll see you guys soon bye you

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  1. Obviously we didn’t know it was twins when we filmed this!! Thank you for ALL your kind & lovely comments ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Can you do challenges on your YouTube channel with your sister
    Eat it or wear it challenge
    The patience test
    Spin the wheel challenge with forfeits
    Don't fall in the wrong mystery pool
    Dunk tank challenge
    Egg roulette challenge

  3. How lovely is ur relationship with your sister. I'm a mum of 6 with 4 girls and I just hope they have the same bond as you guys…. congratulations xx

  4. AWWW love this such emotions , I had two boys then a girl I was convinced I was having another boy and didn't find out , what a surprise , either way I was so happy and felt so blessed , good luck lovely xx

  5. She’s the best sister ever! And wow talk about good genes!! 😍😍😍 going to have even more beautiful children 😍😍😍 so pleased for you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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