Terminally Ill-Mother Finds Out About Son’s Second Child (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Monroe v. Reid.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone! AUDIENCE: Good day. The Court recently received the following submission
from the plaintiff. “My name is Angela Monroe, “my son Herbert died“on January 27, 2015.“After my son passed a young
lady named Shineka Reid…”
Which is the defendant. “Told me that she was
pregnant from my son. “The baby was born
on May 31st, 2016. “I really would like to know
if Eyannah Monroe “is my granddaughter. “I am terminally ill. “I’m in my 5th year of
a condition that is
deteriorating my vital organs. “Can you please
help me find out “if this is
really my grandchild?” Mrs. Monroe,
how and when did you find out about Ms. Reid’s pregnancy? I found out
after my son passed, after his funeral. She came by the house and she said, “I have
something to tell you.” And she said,
“Well, I’m pregnant.”And I really didn’t know
what to say at first.
I was kind of stunned ’cause
I wasn’t expecting that.
how far long was Ms. Reid
when she told you?
ANGELA:I believe it’s
above five months.
This was the first time
you ever heard that your son, your late son, and I’m so
very sorry for your loss, that’s he was the biological
father of her child? Yes. Ms. Reid, can you take me
back to that day? Yes, Ma’am, I can. How do you remember it? Um, actually after a week
after her son passed, and after
she laid him to rest,I called her…I wasn’t gonna
even let her know
that I was
pregnant with his child.
But I was encouraged by
family members and friends due to the fact that
she has lost her only child, that it was important
that I reach out to her. So, I gave her a call, I told her that I was
pregnant by her son and I told her that I was
almost 5 months pregnant. So, Ms. Monroe, you were
very close to your son? ANGELA: Yes. He lived with you? Yes. And did he ever tell you
about this relationship? The fact that he may have
a baby on the way? Knowing my son, he would come
to me about certain things, but when it came to
her being pregnant, that wasn’t
mentioned to me at all. I do have
a granddaughter which he let me know
that this person was pregnant. But I had
no knowledge of this baby. JUDGE LAKE:He never
informed you about Ms. Reid?
No. And so, Ms. Reid, what was
your relationship like with Mr. Monroe? That was my companion. And from the second week on,
us hanging together, he already had made it up
in his mind that he wanted me to
be his life companion. When she was moving out, I was supposed to
move in to his apartment. Had you met Ms. Monroe?
Did you meet his mother? Yes, I did meet her. And he introduced you
as his girlfriend or… ANGELA: No. Friend. And the thing about… That was our apartment,
me and my son’s apartment. No! You didn’t… You even said,
“This is E’s apartment.” She referred to him as Eyan because that’s
his middle name. When you get an apartment,
it’s two people on the lease. So, my name and my son’s name
is on the lease. That’s the reason why
she could not say anything when I came over there
to stay the night. She was fine with me coming
over there to stay the night at his, their apartment. She didn’t have a problem
with me until she thought
that… He was giving me money. My son moved us
from one place to another… He searched for apartments, but it was in
both of our names. But then
when you’re telling me he got money from me
to give to you… Yeah, because you was jealous. No, I don’t have
no knowledge of that. You thought I was taking
your son away from you. Nobody can take my son…
God took my son from me, so, you could never do that. Yeah, your son…
If God would have still let
your son live… I would have been living in
that apartment with your son Ma’am, I mean, Judge… or staying somewhere else
with your son. For one,
I wasn’t gonna leave my son to be anywhere else. And that is not the person that was supposed to
stay in that apartment. It was someone
from California
that was advised to me. That’s who
was going to stay… She wanted me
to stay in the apartment. After her son passed away… You came and stayed there
when you were pregnant! Yes, I did come to stay there, and the time
when I was staying there and after I moved back
to my parent’s big house! Okay, hold on. And that’s who been helping me
financially with Eyannah. They suppose to. I told you
I was doing nothing else ’cause the way you talk to me
and until you got a DNA. And that’s fine!
We’re still…
Eyannah’s still good! We still good. We only here
to collect the benefits that you recommended
I collect! No! I collect…
I said that… Only way you get anything
is if you do a DNA! You don’t get nothing
until you do a DNA! No, you told that… I didn’t even know
that I couldn’t
collect benefits… Yes, you did!
Anybody knows that somebody’s
deceased you could collect. Look at how young he was! No, no, no, no. She the one that said… It doesn’t matter
how old you are. …I work two jobs. Your baby can collect… All right, let’s get
some control, ladies! I do want to hear of this. I wanna understand this but I need to hear it
one at a time. ANGELA: Okay. So… ANGELA: Mmm-mmm. Now this is what
I wanna understand. How did you ever get
to the point where
you’re moving in? Because I was living
with my cousin at the time. She wanted me to move in to take over
the responsibilities of running back and forth
to the hospital with her. They’re the same stuff
that her son was doing. Now, I am working
a full time job and I have
two other children. I could not always
constantly keep doing it. But she said she didn’t really
wanna stay with her cousin. I said, “Well,
since you really don’t
have nowhere to go, “you could stay here.” She stayed there
about three months. SHINEKA: I didn’t stay there
no three months! No, ma’am. Two or three months. JUDGE LAKE: So wait,
Ms. Monroe, at first… Ms. Monroe? Ms. Monroe? I’m, I’m, I’m… I’m delirious. SHINEKA: One month. Hold on! Hold… It was more than one. SHINEKA: One month. If I had to make a phone call,
I can make a phone call SHINEKA: Go ahead then! to my family member. Okay. Okay.
Let’s get some order! Let’s get some order! Ms. Monroe? Ms. Monroe? ANGELA: See this is
the attitude I deal with. Ms. Monroe? Hoo! It’s taken me so long
to quiet you all down I forgot what I was gonna ask. ANGELA: This is what… But, no, no. Hold on.
Ms. Monroe? At first,
did you accept the baby? ANGELA:At first…JUDGE LAKE:So, you said…(ANGELA STUTTERS) Okay. I’m accepting this baby
for the first four months.But then…And you tell her she can comeand live if she wants. This is when she was pregnant. ‘Cause my son did ask,
“Could she come stay there?” I was literally, like,
you want somebody to just
come stay here? He said, “Mom, she
don’t have nowhere to go.” Your Honor, why,
if I wasn’t his girlfriend why would he want me to come
stay with him? He wanted me to come stay ’cause he knew
I was pregnant with his child. And I was not gonna apologize
to my parents to go back to their house. that I was pregnant
with his child. So, Ms. Monroe,
when the baby was born, did you have a doubt then?
Were you there? Were you happy?
Were you excited that… She called me
after the baby was born. Of course, I was excited.Going through
the fourth month,
that was the last time
I’ve seen this baby.The fourth month.Then I get a phone call…
It went from…
Well, if you don’t
have nothing for her, you’re gonna pay for the DNA.I’m like, “I’m not doing it.”
I got it, I got it…
I ordered a DNA
that costs $400.
I said, “When you pay half,
I’ll pay half.”
Why would I pay half
on a DNA test that I’m not gonna
get the results for and then you could just say,
“Oh, no, I got the results
and it said “you’re not the
grandmother of this baby.” No, I’m not gonna pay. That’s what
you don’t understand. And I didn’t understand… It took you how long
to do this DNA? But I got it! So now we’re here! Took me to do this
to get you here. Okay, we here.
Let’s get to the results. Okay. Okay, but, see this again,
your attitude is so nasty that’s why we here. That’s why we… (INDISTINCT) However you treat me would be the same treatment
you get back in return. I don’t need you,
I’m not your family! Yeah, well let’s keep it… I’m not your son! Ma’am. Ma’am. Ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: Ladies, ladies… Ma’am. Ma’am. Ma’am. Listen. JUDGE LAKE: Ladies… Let the judge speak
or the case is over. All right, ladies.
We made it this far. All I’m trying to do
is understand how we got to this place. ‘Cause I will say one thing. I know your son.
If this is his baby, I know he
doesn’t want to see this. Because this won’t just be
happening in this courtroom, this will be
happening around Eyannah. Yeah, and I do not want
my daughter around it. JUDGE LAKE: You can’t. ANGELA: I’m not
gonna be around. I’m not in a position
to be arguing with anybody. I don’t have to do that. I didn’t lay with her
at the end of the day. But if she is my grandchild, I will send things,
I will still… I will do. But I’m not gonna
be belittled. I’m not gonna
be disrespected. ‘Cause I don’t have
to do that.
My son dead and gone. He didn’t disrespect
me like that. So, I’m not gonna
let somebody else… If you disrespect me
I’m going to disrespect you! Listen. Listen.
Listen. Listen. Let me be clear! This is not a case
where I say to Jerome, “Jerome, I hope we can find “this young baby’s father
because I hope.” There is a strong possibility,
a real possibility, that this child’s father
is deceased. So, let’s stop popping off
and yelling and screaming. Let’s just get down to what we have to get down
to understand. So, Ms. Monroe,
I wanna understand from you. I know you two
have not gotten along but what is your doubt? My problem came in where… His close friends… When I
tell you they close friends… I started
asking them questions, “Do you know anything
about her?” They’re like, “Well, no, we don’t even
know nothing about her, “let alone,
know that she was pregnant.” My son can’t talk for himself.
I’m alone. So, now that makes you doubt? Right. Now I want to ask you,
Ms. Reid… SHINEKA: Yes, Ma’am. Did you meet his friends? I did… I did meet a certain friend and she know
that I met this friend, and me and her have
spoken about this person. How long were
you all together? I met him May of 2015, on the 15th. And the first week, I was, kind of,
ducking and dodging him because he was so young. But then, the next week, I kept my word,
I came back over there. And it was like, that day on,
he was taking me out, we was doing stuff, we was
just having a good time.And it was me and him.I didn’t have to worry
about no issues,
no drama or nothing.I started staying
the night over there.
It would get to the point that I was staying the night
over there so much that even my mom began to get,
in her feeling, about me and his relationship. And that’s why me, my dad
and her fell out because I feel like they just really
wanna keep me to themselves. That’s why we was friends
because he felt the same way about her not wanting him
to have nobody. That’s what made us bond. I wanted him to be happy. Well, what
she’s saying, though… I don’t know much about her
because they always… At first,
they was outside a lot. The reason why her son
left me outside is because he was testing me
and making sure that I was the right person
to bring inside their house, not to pass judgment on her
sickness and illness. And he didn’t want
a lot of people to know that she was sick. No, he didn’t. So, you all were forced
due to traumatic circumstance to get to know
each other instantly? So, Ms. Reid,
would you say that you and Mr. Monroe
were in love? Were you all planning to spend the rest of
your lives together? I’m gonna be honest with you. I was not planning on
really spending the rest of my life
with Mr. Monroe. I was going to
pursue another lifein Atlanta with somebody else.And I came to Mr. Monroe
and I told him,
and I wanted to be
honest with him, as a woman, and tell him… But you were saying to him, “Listen, I’m pregnant
with your child “but I really
want to go pursue “a relationship
somewhere else.” I was not pregnant yet. That’s the thing. Okay! I became pregnant the
week after I told him that. I have to ask you. Is there any chance
that the other man… Me and this person was
communicating over Facebook and on the phone. Me and this person
has had no physical contact. But you just said you and him
was gonna live together. We’re going to live together.
People live together! But now you are saying you was
gonna move to Atlanta. Yes! When, at the beginning,
I did… And he kept saying, “My mom
’bout to move to Phoenix.” I’m waiting and I’m waiting
and I’m waiting… But, again, as I tell you,
you wasn’t the one I’m waiting. that was supposed to move in. I’m waiting. I’m waiting. It was a girl from California. I’m waiting for him,
I’m waiting for him. Not you. It was a girl from California. He didn’t tell me
he was supposed to move with that girl at California
when his… His oldest child was born. So, listen, listen. We can
see now that this was not a… Committed relationship. And we know now, Ms. Monroe, this is not something
you were fully informed about, before your son’s
unfortunate passing. Mmm. I need to know now
what are your hopes.I just really want to know
if Eyannah’s my granddaughter.
And if she is,
are you hoping for a grandmother-granddaughter
relationship? Do you want to be… I’m gonna be honest with you. I don’t even know
if we can go there, because, as you see,
we don’t get along. Well, hold on. Because… But I will do for that… But even in this courtroom,
we have seen things turn around
in a moment where you all had begin
to discover commonalities in terms of your understanding of, you know,
your relationships with… Your son! So, we’re making
a little bit of progress. I wanna know from Ms. Reid. Ms. Reid, if in fact,this is Mr. Monroe’sbiological daughter,would you allow Ms. Monroe
a chance to be in her life and be a grandmother and get
to know her son’s daughter? I would not stand in the way
of that relationship. I would not. JUDGE LAKE: And that’s what
I wanted to hear. But I’m not gonna
work hard either… No, no, listen… To pursue it. Listen. Listen. I was trying to cut you off ’cause I knew the next
sentence was gonna be. You know,
it’s, like, I just feel like I am just trying to
get you two up this mountain. Let’s focus
on the paternity question. Let’s focus on Eyannah, because, ultimately,
that’s what’s important. Are you ready
to find out the truth? ANGELA: Yes, I am. Let’s do that. Jerome. Here you go, Your Honor. These results were
prepared by DNA Diagnostics,
and they read as follows. “Because there wasn’t
a blood card available “to test the DNA
of the deceased, “Herbert Ian Rashad Monroe, “we performed a DNA test “with his surviving parent,
Angela Monroe. “With that being said,
the results determine “if there is a viable
relationship between
the child, Eyannah Monroe, “and Angela Monroe.” “In the case of
Monroe v. Reid,
“when it comes to 11-month-old
Eyannah Monroe, “it has been
determined by this court. “The percentage of relatedness “between Ms. Angela Monroe “and Eyannah Monroe “is… “99.98%.” (APPLAUSE AND CHEERING) That’s all I wanted
to hear now. You have a beautiful
little granddaughter. ANGELA: Thank you. Now I have closure. That’s all I wanted. JUDGE LAKE: I know you
needed it. Yes. And you have been through… A lot. What every mother, every mother’s
worst nightmare. And I want you
to just take a moment. (SHINEKA LAUGHING) Hold on, Ms. Reid. Don’t start that laughing now. That’s not polite. That’s not polite. You right.
I got plenty of time to laugh. No, no. The point is you just don’t wanna
do things in the moment, even though you
feel vindicated inside, you don’t want your actions to show that you really
don’t have character. Because at the end of the day, it’s really not about you and the arguments and
you all threatening each other and the drama, it’s about
a man has passed away. Thank you. He has never gotten
to know his daughter. Mmm-mmm. And now, hopefully,
she’ll have the opportunity to know her grandmother. She can just say, “Well, maybe I didn’t
know my father “but I learned a lot of
stories about my father “through my grandmother.” So, I hope you all will begin
to be better examples. Thank you. And I wish you
the very best of luck. ANGELA: Thank you. And God bless you. And I hope everything
goes well for you. And I hope you get a chance
to see that granddaughter. I wish you both the very best. Court is adjourned. ANGELA: Thank you.

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