Terms of Endearment (1/9) Movie CLIP – Emma’s Pregnant (1983) HD

[ woman ]
let me go,
just for a minute. [ man ]
you’re going to stare
that baby right into a coma. Stop exaggerating. It’s not good
to check the baby
every five minutes And imagining
one terrible thing
or another. I know, I know. Here it starts.
Here we go. Rudyard– Rudyard,
she’s not breathing. Honey,
she’s sleeping. The baby’s
sleeping. No. Rudyard,
it’s crib death. It’s sleep ! She’s asleep,
honey. Maybe. Come on. Emma. [ baby cries ] Oh, good. There.

20 Replies to “Terms of Endearment (1/9) Movie CLIP – Emma’s Pregnant (1983) HD”

  1. Shirley portrays narcissism perfectly and by the numbers. 1) Daughter's wonderful news news eclipsed by mother's preoccupation with aging. 2) Mother calculates her plan (watch her eyes) 3) The trigger is delivered: "I don't understand." (bullshit) 4) Daughter takes the bait and calls her mother out. 4) Success! Mom's got a handle on the daughter and attacks her for making her feel old (because it's all about her of course). 5) Son-in-law isn't buying it (awesome by the way) 6) So mom feigns tears to regain moral high ground and walk away with it. My personal opinion is that narcissists need to be permanently institutionalized.

  2. Shirley McClaine's Daughter Saachi Parker said she was a "horrible" Mother. Some Mothers just can't be happy. Flap Jackson isn't a great guy either but "Hey" it's supposed to be a Happy Occasion and she wails on like it's about her.

  3. Cult classic not as good as the role where she portrays a bitter old widow (steel magnolias) one of her best although she did a pretty good job as a former first lady being guarded by Keven Costner (guardig Tess)

  4. I have a question for you guy's. I saw this movie back in the 90's and I balled my eyes out. Well, my beloved mother passed away in 2011, on fathers day, from ovarian cancer.  I have been wanting to watch this movie again but I am terrified to watch it because of losing my mother. Do you guys think that it would be healthy for me to watch this movie??? Sort of some kind of therapy?? There are still some nights where I think of mom and cry my eyes out…. I would love your advice

  5. Debra Winger gave me some serious Sean Young vibes in this role. She was amazing in this film. Everyone in the cast delivered. I was happy to see that it won Best Picture in 1984.

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