TEST TUBE BABY : How it Happens – In vitro fertilization (IVF)

Friends, Till now. We have just heard about TEST TUBE BABIES Let’s see how it happens For this We take out eggs from female’s body and then they are added with male sperm, artificially resulting into an embryo Now what is Embryo? Embryo is developed form of zygote This Embryo is been formed in a Lab. It is for those couples who are not capable of doing it naturally On medical grounds, Or physical grounds Whenever Doctors makes it happen For this, Firstly Female’s are being called during their 2nd day of Mensuration Period And the reason is to do various investigations which are Ultrasound and Blood investigations These investigations aims checking status of cells The cells which are developing in Female are being checked with these investigations If those cells are OK then, medicines are started Generally these medicines are in form of injections which are given on daily basis upto 7 days and after that it is checked that from now, how much dosage of medicine needs to be continued i.e. the amount of medicines to be provided for further days actually the simple aim behind these injections is, the egg which a normal woman makes in one month, we make more of it here, our aim is to obtain maximum number of eggs without any side effects without any side effect, which is more important although it is being researched differently for each individual to check if that individual is ready or not Deciding amount of medicine we continue them around 10- 14 days we check that whether the eggs had matured or not generally, we start getting matured eggs within 10- 14 days and once we get mature eggs we give final injection to rupture them and before rupture on the day of giving injection we call both the male and the female to get female eggs through tubes we get eggs from there also we take semen sample of the male we treat semen sample of male to remove bad semen cells we take only best semen sample from that and after this we add one egg plus one sperm cell and we incubate it Now this incubation this is at 37 degree Celsius for 1 day After incubation The embryo we have got this embryo which we get here is again induced in the body of female we generally input 2-3 embryos in the female body Although in some western countries there is a probation of inputting only one embryo But for better chances we put up 2 to 3 embryos Hope to implant We hope for the pregnancy of female there are some problems in this Firstly Its success rate is 40% Second one is for infections Infections and internal injury Internal injury As we are working with a tube there is a chance of internal injury and more chances of infection that’s why it is done with special care And third one is having more chances for 2 to 3 babies because we are adding 2 to 3 embryos Now in this, let us say We made a large no. of embryos Then those extra embryos are CRYO stored Cryo means- very cool Generally this storage is achieved through liquidated gases Generally that is N2 Through liquidated gas it is achieved So Friends, the process we have seen This is called IVF And with this process we make TEST TUBE BABIES So whenever you do hear about Test tube babies Do remember this process Thank you very much, Have a nice day.

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