Testing Out HCG Trigger Shot | Positive Pregnancy Test Progression (Hybrid Cycle #1) [CC]

Hello and welcome back ladies. I just wanted to record a video that showed
you me testing out my HCG trigger shot from my first hybrid cycle. So, I did get pregnant on the cycle, so you
are going to see them get darker eventually. But I wanted to show you how I got blank ones
in between and I’ll show you which brands I use here in a second. If you find this helpful, go ahead and give
this video a thumbs up. It super helps me out and lets me know that
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go ahead and leave a comment below. And I truly read them all and greatly appreciate
the feedback. So, let’s get to it. Okay. So, these are the brand of tests that I use. They’re these Clinic Guards and this is just
a big multi pack that comes with, I think, 50 of these little cheapy tests. Obviously, super cheap; get them on Amazon. If you do as much testing as I do, it’s definitely
worth it just to get a big pack of these. So, this is from my Hybrid Injectable Cycle
from back in December of 2017. You can see I triggered on December 30th and
this is December 31st, I got a positive OPK as well as this fake positive pregnancy test. And coming down, this is January 1, and I
also got a positive OPK and the pregnancy test obviously looks really dark because it’s
a lot of that HCG trigger in it, but I did consider January 1st my day of ovulation. Coming down, this is one Day Past Ovulation,
2 DPO, 3 DPO, 4 DPO is when I really started to see that fall off in the darkness of the
line. Five, six, seven, eight; definitely eight
and nine look pretty clear and 10 is when I thought that I saw the line come back. Honestly, I thought I was absolutely insane. And this is day 11, where I was like, “Oh,
shit. I don’t think I’m wrong” and I took a clear
blue. You can actually go watch that live pregnancy
reaction. I am very shocked; 12 and 13 and 14 of a true
pregnancy progression. So, this is what an HCG trigger shot looks
like as you test it out of your body and then also as you get pregnant. So, I hope that that was helpful and if you
did find this helpful, go ahead and drop a ‘Like’. It super helps me out and my channel. And if you want to stick around for my next
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19 Replies to “Testing Out HCG Trigger Shot | Positive Pregnancy Test Progression (Hybrid Cycle #1) [CC]”

  1. I had a positive for the first week but it become negative, it seem like you.. but now I worry it's my positive line will come back??

  2. This is very helpful!!! I am currently 9dpo as well as 9 days past trigger, my line got lighter from yesterday to today and I thought for sure well damn I'm not pregnant. It's great to know there will be blank ones In between .

  3. Make sure to check out my other videos if you are interested in following my personal infertility journey. Thanks for watching!

  4. Thank you soo much! I have not tested until today 10 DPO. It is incredibly faint, I thought I was crazy, good to know I am not alone!

  5. I have question
    How long u have to read the pregnancy test
    In one minute or more the results will show
    Special in day 11 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. I’m currently testing out using ovulation test. I’m 12dpt and they have stayed fairly dark the whole time. I had ovidral shot (6900 iu) with a doctors office IUI. Can I still be pregnant even though they haven’t lightened up and got darker again?

  7. Quick question, did you take your bbt? I did my femara+trigger on May 10th and my bbt hasn't rose yet.

  8. Period date is 16 April I take 10000 hcg injection on 30 april, I take home pregnancy test on 18 May it shows positive, so I just confused I'm actually pregnant or it just chemical pregnancy please replay mam,

  9. Thank you for your video. I am currently at 11 dpo and I’ve been testing since 5 dpo and I’ve seen my lines go lighter since. I will keep testing because right now I only have a faint they never went blank.

  10. My wife did her h.c.g levels tested on the day 16 after she got her h.c.g shorts on 14th july

    And we did her test on 30th july
    When we did the urin test the second line was abit faint.so we dicided to to the h.c.g blood test and it was 56.07

    Would like to know if she shoud have it tested aganin after 72 hours.
    What do u sugest ?
    I m abit tenst at the moment

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