Texas man wanted for murdering pregnant teen arrested in Albuquerque

ARRESTED IN ALBUQUERQUE. HOUSTON POLICE SAY THE MAN IS ACCUSED OF KILLING HIS PREGNANT TEENAGE GIRLFRIEND. NEWS 13 )S BRITTANY BADE TELLS YOU HOW POLICE (HERE CAUGHT UP WITH HIM. 1:26″It was a pretty heinous type murder”:29 IT WAS A HORRIFIC CRIME… THAT TOOK TWO YOUNG LIVES. Gilbert Gallegos APD 2:35″he )s accused of murdering a pregnant woman:37 HOUSTON POLICE BELIEVE 31-YEAR- OLD… “JUSTIN HERRON” SHOT AND KILLED HIS GIRLFRIEND… 18-YEAR-OLD “PATRA PERKINS” IN A HOTEL ROOM. PERKINS… WAS 8 MONTHS PREGNANT. 2:39″They )re charging him with two counts of murder for the woman and the unborn baby:43 AFTER THE SHOOTING ON AUGUST 4TH… PERKINS FAMILY SAID IN A GOFUND ME… SHE WAS KILLED IN A HOTEL ROOM REGISTERED TO HERRON… WHO THEY IDENTIFIED AS THE UNBORN BABY )S FATHER. POLICE QUICKLY NAMED HIM AS A SUSPECT AND CHARGED HIM FOR THE CRIMES. 3:30- NATS CARS BUT… FOR SIX DAYS… NO ONE COULD FIND HIM… 00:58 nats UNTIL ALBUQUERQUE POLICE GOT A CALL LATE SATURDAY NIGHT. Gilbert Gallegos APD 3:05″its fortunate number one that this woman was able to safely get away and alert security :10 00:19 Brittany: apd says a woman… traveling with herron… called them from the walmart on carlisle. she said she was in danger… :29 ( ( (SOT ( ( (

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