The 10 Fallen Angels, Birth of Shiokara – Dragon Ball Super

Hello and welcome back all my dragon ball
theorist when you ask yourself what is a fallen angel, what do you think of? Is it possible for an Angel like Whis to have
a polar opposite? One that is
born evil, with a demonic heart. It only makes sense for this to be the case
since we have seen this with the other Gods because the Supreme Kai’s opposite is the
Makaioshin, which translates into God of the Demon world. So these 10 fallen Angels as the title says,
the birth of Shiokara is a story exploring the first Angel born with an evil heart and
where his 9 brothers and sisters are now. When we look at divine beings in Dragon Ball
Super and I don’t mean Gods of Destruction that at one time were all mortals. Actual divine characters that are born as
a God like the Kai’s. As we know
all of the Kai’s are born from divine fruit of the shinjin tree. Then every so often this tree has a special
golden fruit that the Supreme Kai is born from. This is a really unique and divine method
of how these Gods are created but in creation nothing is “All” good and there is balance
to everything. Every so often a Kai is born with an evil
heart, immediately following this they are banished
from the Shinjin planet and sent to the Makai world or Demon World. It is important to note that Zamasu wasn’t
a Makaioshin, he wasn’t born evil. He just turned on the Kai’s because of his
beliefs and zero mortal plan. So he was a regular Kai but one that fell
off the beaten path doing what he felt was justice. However the true demonic Kai’s that are born
evil we actually haven’t seen them yet in Super and only know of them from uses in the
video games and an official interview from Toriyama. Granted when Toriyama did this interview and
discussed the Makaioshins it was before Super came out so this entire world is still waiting
to be explored and with Super returning it is only a matter of time. Which brings us to the Angels who are also
divine characters, they are born into it just like the Kai’s. However we still are waiting for an interview
with Toriyama to state how the Angels are actually born. We know the Grand Priest is the father too
all the angels but if he is the father then where is the mother you might ask? Or how was the Grand Priest born and where
or who is his father? Well it is likely that despite being called
the Father of the Angels that he isn’t that in the traditional sense. Like the Kai’s there could also be a divine
method of being born just like the fruit of the Shinjin tree. Since we haven’t seen this hidden “Great Beyond”
yet that all the Angels come from which is their homeworld. We just know this “Great Beyond” is out there
somewhere and likely the resting spot for the Angels
from the previously erased Universes or where Angels would return too if something happened
to their God of Destruction. Despite the specifics on how these Angels
are born we can assume like everything else in the Universe there is always balance and
every so often an Angel is born evil. They are corrupted and must
also be banished just like the Makaioshins. Are they banished to the Demon world? Or are they sealed away somewhere to protect
the rest of the Universe from their corruption? These Fallen Angels
would possess an amazing amount of power just like Whis and all the other Angels. So something like the Demon world would likely
not contain them. Whis already hinted that the Gods have far
better methods of sealing individuals than the Mafuba
when he talked of dealing with the immortal Zamasu. So why would they need this technique and
you have to ask who they would even want to use it on? It makes sense that this sealing ability is
used to contain the most dangerous characters, ones that could cause the most problems in
the multiverse. The Fallen Angels! So in a time before time
this powerful sealing technique of the Gods was devised to imprison these Angels born
with an evil heart. This is shortly after Shiokara was born who
is the first Angel with pure corruption. One
that is the complete opposite of what an Angel stands for which is creation and guidance. There has to be a negative energy born that
only has intentions of destruction and personal aspirations of
their own power and greatness. So that way the Universe is balanced. There just simply can’t be good, without evil. Here we are in the “Great Beyond” and on this
day a child of the Grand Priest is born but he realizes quickly that something is off. All negative and evil intentions have been
poured into this being. The Grand Priest names him Shiokara and knew
that eventually this day would come as it is the energy and life in the Universe trying
to balance itself. The Daishinkan doesn’t hate or
dislike Shiokara because it is only natural for his birth. He still looks at him as his child and part
of who he is. An evil energy must be manifested at times
when there is the most good in the Universe. Early on Shiokara demonstrates he is talented,
powerful and dangerous to his brothers and sisters. This is expected since so much life has been
created that is good this one Angel is the embodiment
of evil and has the power to balance it. The Grand Priest knows that Shiokara will
only grow in power. That his ambitions and instinct will be to
destroy his brothers and sisters. That his
purpose will be to consume everything in his way corrupting all life in the Multiverse. So despite respecting balance and understanding
that Shiokara’s birth was natural the Daishinkan must seal him in order to protect all life
from this evil. We have seen a small example of this sealing
technique of the Gods when millions of years ago Beerus had the Old Kai sealed in the Z
sword. There the Elder Kai remained and it took the
incredible power of a Saiyan just to lift this item. So
keep in mind the Elder Kai would of stayed sealed away there if it wasn’t for someone
coming along not only able to pick up the Z sword but break it to free him. Now the Grand Priest begins the ritual and
similar to the Z sword will seal Shiokara into an item. One that can’t be picked up or broken. This is a seal that is far more powerful. One of an
Obelisk that is often represented in Ancient times. One that is also in plain sight at Zeno’s
palace where the Grand Priest now resides. Shiokara as I said was the first of his children
born with an evil heart. However he does have 9 brothers and sisters
that are sealed as well beside him that we can see when we look at Zeno’s world from
far away. Here is their permanent resting spot of all
the Fallen Angels or ones born with an evil heart. These are the most dangerous characters in
the Dragon Ball Multiverse and why their permanent resting spot is at Zeno’s home-world so they
are not disturbed and well guarded. I would love an arc going into the Fallen
Angels at some point in Dragon Ball and my story of Shiokara the first Angel born with
an evil heart is an idea of how this all takes place. Maybe some day
Shiokara and his 9 brothers and sisters can be freed. At some point we would need an Angel level
threat that disturbs the God hierarchy and I can’t think of a better villain or antagonist
to do this than Shiokara and the fallen angels. I hope everyone has had an amazing week and
you enjoy the weekend. Now tell me what you think of this story of
the 10 Fallen Angels and Shiokara? I always love to hear your theories and thoughts
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  1. Happy friday everyone!! Wanted to get this done earlier in the week but it really took me awhile to finish the story board and finish it. Hope you have an amazing weekend. Happy Birthday Akira Toriyama and you inspire me to write stories like this one. Now Let me know what you think of the 10 fallen Angles and Shiokara who was the first. Are they sealed away somewhere?

  2. You should do a what if theories on Legandary Pictures Monsterverse Godzilla. Lots of iconic monsters are in that universe such as King Kong, King Ghidora, Rodan, Mothra. New titans etc. Godzilla and Various Titans are Planetary Level as well if you go to monarch website they hey all the info of the monsters history, the power they posses, who they are and where they came from just like Dragon Ball l. Not to mention expanding your channel growth

  3. Oh yes! Looking forward to watching this. I can't wait to see the Makioshins! There's so much still to explore, the other top fighters whis mentioned, demon realm, universe 6 and the other universes. WHAT if?? Zalma is in the dragon dimension??? So much to explore

  4. Amazing theory this would be so cool maybe because of this evil angel daishinkan will train goku and vegeta to defeat him

  5. I would love this kind of arc in super. The angles are far more powerful than morals so if this would happen I donโ€™t think the z fighters or even the other god of destructions could stop it. The grand priest and the other angles would most definitely have to step in and take care of it.

  6. The angels and their father transcend evil and good. They are on the top of the chain. And as you well know, The Grand Priest is the god of everything, overseer of Zalama and Zeno.

  7. Also, The Grand Priest has never been created and can never be destroyed, as he embodies everything that is in an eternal present moment.

  8. What if Vegeta ran into this Shiokara and he used his power to change Vegeta back into evil and took vegeta away to train him and and grand priest trained Goku lol please do a video about this Theory?

  9. I imagine that first fallen angel wasn't born evil. The universes where created in complete balance and there where more then 18. The fallen angel became jealous that less talented Shin's (Balanced Kaioshin and Makaioshin) where appointed as gods of creation istead of him. Soon he became father of Black Magic and corrupted Shin race. That threw balance of multiverse and he was known as father of Makioshins. Gods of destruction became needed after he was sealed in order to keep seal in tact.

  10. When universe 9 was erased in the tornament. That angel made a evil smile. Is that a clue of an fallen angel?

  11. A few minutes after watching this video, i had this crazy thought about the possible storyline of the god hierarchy… I've never seen this being brought up in the community and i have had my fair share of reading comments in alot of DB youtubers in the past few years, at first i wasn't giving much thought into this idea but then my mind was slowly being blown away as it could potentially be associated with the current plot of the series.

    So, whatever crossed my mind is essentially "the purpose of hakaishins and why do they exist?". We are all familiar with the concept of balance in life, the idea of having "ups and downs" in order to "live", it is all part of our daily schedules as human beings. Now If you take into consideration some of the information you have said here (mostly the evil kais being banished) along with the idea of hakaishins being mortals granted eternal life to "create destruction", in other words, to create balance. You could see that something is off… Good gods are born from the tree as gods, so they are born with god ki from the very start, hakaishins are the opposite of this, they are born mortals and lack god ki, they live their lives as mortals to eventually be picked up as potential hakaishins candidates.

    If evil gods are a thing and they are part of the balance cycle, and are banished into another world to avoid chaotic results in the living world, perhaps hakaishins are substitutes of the evil gods. There has to be someone to counter the good, if good gods are allowed to stay in the living world while evil ones are banished.

    Just imagine the plot… hakaishins supposedly are fake gods, they are ascended mortals with eternal life and a lesser divine role, which is simply destruction. Infact, the divine energy associated with destruction is purple/dark purple, which associates alot with chaos and sometimes evil. It is as if, this type of divine energy was created by mixing up good and evil, the blue and the red, thus creating the purple energy we see today. Since the evil energy is nowhere to be seen in super yet, which supposedly should be red/dark red, this entire scenario sounds very plausible to me. Hakaishins are literally substitutes of the evil gods, since balance requires the presence of good and evil at all times.

  12. I know that Akira won't see it but Happy Birthday Akira Toriayma and may God bless you and your family with happiness and love!

  13. wow another amazong theory ! yeah you re right. toriyama always balance dragon ball universe, so it really makes sense that there is an opposite to angel. the question is where are they ? sealed as you mention or in a different space the reverse grand beyond or in the demon world. I feel like an arc about fallen angel will have strong ties with demon. If toriyama takes inspiration from religion, then demon are the offspinrg of lucifer. and to come back to the grand master, maybe he has a brother ( talking about balance) this brother is lucifer sealed away at the moment. i feel like the fallen angels are a complete familly ( father, children and mother ? ) . to me angels are order, fallen angels are chaos. there is a writer i like which name is morcock. he s used to write about the opposition betwenn order/disorder , law/chaos….. each universe balancing between these two direction opposed to each other. but at the same time as necessary as one other. a world without chaos doesn t evolve, and a world without law dies. so it won t go anywhere without both. i feel i can write more, but i m gonna stop to this point.

  14. Yeah theres no need to even watch any shows or read. When you can do the story telling for us. Let our imagination run wild. Again ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ amazing theories.

  15. Shiokara ๅกฉ่พ› just means Spice, but it sounds cool if you're english I guess

  16. This is an interesting parallel. The tree you mentioned is the tree of good and evil from the Bible. The 10 fallen angels appear to be the 10 angels/demons of the Qlippoth.

  17. I think the only way the father of the Angel's would fight if he was enraged if something happend to whis or his brothers

  18. That would be so super awesome. I want to see the angels fight all we got wis or however u spell his name just dodging Broly. Awesome video ๐Ÿ‘

  19. There was 10 Boulder Rocks right in front of the palace, I'm guessing there in there. What's a safer place then right in front of Zeno.

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