The Abortion Ban Controversy – Ultra Spiritual Life Episode 159

abortion rights have been taken away by a few states Alabama and Missouri most recently people are getting outraged about this I think everyone should just calm down this is a good thing people here's why it's progression going back to women not having the right to an abortion I mean you start off not having the right to choose then you progress forward by giving them the right to choose then you progress forward even more by going back to the beginning no right to choose patriarchy strikes but it's not going backwards you're back at the beginning because it's more of a full circle that's bringing you back to the beginning and that's forward progress I mean nothing creates more forward progress than going around in circles I'm excited to progress forward even further into the past when women don't have the right to vote again it's exciting to start sliding down the slippery slope of taking away women's rights to have sovereignty over their own bodies like where might we be in 15 years we progress by taking away a woman's choice when to be pregnant then maybe we progress by taking away your choice of when to have sex in the first place kind of a Bill Cosby ask inspired direction the gender pay gap is another big concern of mine because the gap isn't big enough but the good news is taking away a woman's right to choose is a big step in the right direction of widening the gap I personally feel women should have the right to not have any rights in leading that charge recently is Alabama where 25 men in the Senate made the decision to take away a woman's right to have an abortion when they pass the anti-abortion bill no exceptions for rape or incest victims every single yes vote was cast by white men patriarchy strikes again this time rescuing women from the toxic masculinity that wants to give them respect and choices it's hard to imagine anything more toxic the Alabama governor kiv then signed the bill into law now although she's allegedly a woman she's obviously controlled by the 25 men around her as a woman should be the patriarchy strikes again and she tweeted out a reason for signing it and in it she said every life is precious in that every life is a gift from God beautifully sad and it also shows the separation between church and state has never been stronger interestingly just one day after they sign the bill into law because every life is a sacred gift from God Alabama killed a man on death row and that proves Alabama's governor is open-minded enough to not be a hypocrite and it definitely doesn't raise any suspicion about a power-hungry agenda behind the abortion ban that so eloquently framed around human preciousness to manipulate public perception I mean these are politicians they wouldn't deceive the public for their own power-hungry motives politicians are typically the most compassionate trustworthy members of our society based on what they tell us you'll feel inspired when you look into the fact that Governor Ivy has overseen seven executions in the two years she's been governor because these people Alabama has killed they might have started performing abortions and they're all male prisons if they weren't killed so I think Governor Ivy was doing God's work in the killing of God's sacred gifts on death row it's almost like she's an abortionist performing abortions on God's children and that form of abortion is God's work in God's obviously a man so she's just a woman being choicelessly controlled by more men around her once again as it should be patriarchy strikes again toxic masculinity is leaving women to their own devices and letting them make their own choices I mean it would be negligent to leave a three-year-old home alone for the weekend so now compassionate masculinity is controlling women because they don't know any better and the best way to control women is by taking away their rights besides that's what mr. God wants so let's all just relax about the abortion ban people quit getting stressed out by thinking for yourself and let me know what you think below do you think states should have the right to take away a woman's right to choose or do you think they've gone too far and if you feel really angry just be sure to leave the caps lock key on while you that way you'll feel more significant about yourself

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  1. Yeah, I'm gonna unsubscribe. No matter the political stance you take, or how many (well deserved) pot shots are taken at politicians who do turn grave things into political tokens, the subject of killing babies is a terrible platform for satire or comedy. It's tragic, and certainly not the way anybody should be going about scoring some views on YouTube.

    Be funny and lighthearted, and even irreverent at times. But know when to be sober and discerning.

  2. So humorous… too bad JP neglected the third party in the equation – baby, who, unlike convicted murderers, ARE innocent.
    JP, is it your new wife who progressed you into emotional stupor? You used to be a reasonable human being.

  3. 50% of that baby belongs to a man. Shouldnt that man have 50% of the choice? I think every abortion should require the fathers signature. Perhapes this law recognizes fathers and that is really great. I dont see anything wrong with women having to ask permission from a man to have an abortion. It sounds rational.

  4. People need to stop useing religion to try to control people, news flash not everyone believes there is only one god. Stop trying to push your beliefs onto other people, also pro choice is not the same as pro abortion. Being pro choice is saying that I know that no one should be told no you can't do this thing that would make your life better because I think it wrong. NO ONE IS USING ABORTION AS A FORM OF BIRTH CONTROL having an abortion is traumatic and something only a desperate person does, do to all the victim blames out there that believe thay are doing GOD'S work I hope you have fun in hell because that is were you are going, or do you no longer believe jesus said "may he who is without sin cast the first stone". You can not regulate morality, just look at prohibition, all it did was put more money into the hands of criminals, just think about all the women that died from back allie abortions, here is an article that shows what is happening in Argentine after there abortion ban (edit: yes I know the video is satire, I just get so worked up over this topic)

  5. The death sentence is for people who did horrible acts it's not a contradiction to protect the lives of innocent babies and be for killing murders, rapists, and pedofiles

  6. I have a BS in animal biology from the University of Georgia and have taken coursework in reproductive physiology. Once the egg is fertilized it becomes a seperate entity within the womb. Once it attaches itself to the mother the mother then nurtures it via the placenta. That is the science. Upon conception it is half of the mother (genetically) and half the father. If you want to argue with what one of the top public universities in the nation taught me go ahead. Its not about women being able to choose what to do with their body because even at the earliest stage (conception) that cell is no longer a somatic or germ cell of the mothers body. It is a seperate entity. You can abort a child you know do whatever the heck you want, even justify it by saying whatever you want but its still ending a life. I can pull a gun on someone and pull the trigger and justify it under any pretense i want, "protecting my home/family/well being/etc." But im still killing someone. If you dont think that the "clump of cells" is life, science disagrees. Those are just the facts. I love your satire though. We just disagree on this issue.

  7. Something I've pondered when people present the argument that a woman has a right to choose what happens to her own body–how many passed their 10th grade biology class? Many persons that argue for the woman's right to choose are college educated. Did they pass the 100 level biology course?

    These developing individuals must have the identical DNA of their mothers, thus allowing the mothers to have the right to murder a part of their bodies, right?

    Biological facts are apparently subjective in the progressive world and I find this compelling.

  8. Jp; are you pro life or pro murder? I’m confused and trying figure it out for myself. Are you pro murder (pro choice) for infants, but pro life for criminals?

    Honestly, I’m not sure where I stand cause I want to be pro life for innocent lives, but I want death for violent criminals who have shown they cannot be trusted in society. I realize the contradiction and wonder what others think.

  9. Interesting video. Actually changed my mind on abortion. The only thing I question was the whole rape and incest thing. That shouldn't factor in since it's such a vast minority of abortion cases in the first place. If you try to use it as an excuse to make all abortions not okay, it just makes you look a little silly.

    Otherwise, great video.

  10. I agree, assuming that a baby has any right whatsoever to exist outside the absolute whim of her selfish, piglike , decadent, greedy, bloated, self absorbed, slut of a "mother" is laughable. We should kill all those inconvenient babies! Gov. Northam did not take it far enough to protect womens rights! I say we should torture those damn inconvenient babies! Who do they even think that they are?? Women have the RIGHT the DUTY and the OBLIGATION to skin them alive, grind them into sausage, burn them for candle light, feed them to stray dogs, process them into cosmetics, cram them into the garbage disposal, toss them into the nearest dumpster, or sell their little ungrateful body parts to the highest bidder, and make some cash. THATS WHAT THEY DESERVE! After all, if you don't support babies being cut up into little pieces, even after they are born, that means you HATE women. Even …….if the baby, that you just murdered, was female.

  11. letting a woman kill her unborn child = respecting her. importance of life of murderer = importance of life of unborn child. killing murderers and not killing babies = hypocrisy. passing laws against killing babies = religious persecution( cus who else would ever be dumb enough to care about that). gosh jp im taking notes cus I don't know how I went my whole life without being this enlightened… heres more praise for the courage it took to stand up for whats undisputable right…

  12. lets just stick to comedy and self help jp. abortion is to murky…not the subject for your classic "how obvious can the answers be" style shtick… your normally right on about most things, but acting like theres a clear answer in the abortion debate just makes you a liberal clown with your head in your butt.. im all for keeping laws off womens bodies, but, babies are entitled to laws on their bodies… I don't care what bashar says, theres probably not many spirits incarnating so they can experience being killed and thrown in the trash by their would be mother…even if there are, we cant just enable every spirit that wants to experience pain through a childs eyes "THATS A SLIPPERY SLOPE". I don't oppose abortion, but its not only not the subject for goofy videos, its an area where even pro choice people need to understand what they are fighting for, without arrogance and with as much appropriate and necessary and OBLIGATORY  understanding as possible.  to be honest, im surprised…smh

  13. You, my friend, are extremely toxic. You have no idea what kind of money making industry abortion is, and how these young beings are killed. Or, are you simply too brainwashed and out to get progressive pooder to care? Also, as an enlightened male, when does the soul care about the body it is intending to occupy, and then is exterminated? Does it matter, oh King of Comedy? Lastly, I could force a cement cinder turd easier than a laugh when I listen to you.

  14. The slippery slope is protecting the rights of human life. I will pray for the enlightenment of the pro abortion community. Your deconstruction of this issue is flawed.

  15. It’s an Animal Farm kinda thing – some lives are more precious than others, otherwise there wouldn’t be meat in our supermarkets. It’s just that itch that humans are animals too which societies refuse to scratch. We don’t think twice about neutering four-legged animals while the overpopulation of our species and the harm we cause like no other animals would make us strong candidates by the same criteria we level at other animals and “pests”.

  16. The women's right to choose what, exactly? Finish the sentence, JP. PLEASE ENLIGHTEN YOURSELF AND FINISH THE SENTENCE.

  17. mommy and daddy are trash, mommy is a crack whore, lives anywhere. daddy is a jobless alcoholic, beats mommy up and leaves forever. she'll raise you as a burden, fuck you up in the head just as they have been, abuse you physically and emotionally. but God definitely loves you. and so does the government. that's until you're actually born, after that its "fuck off, kiddo"

  18. I'm sure that the women who died at the hands of Kermit gosnell would agree with you JP.

    JP ASSUMES that killing a baby is a "right" in the first place. Abortion is not in the constitution. It was NEVER a right

  19. I had a hard time following the argument that JP made by way of sarcasm. Twenty-five white men in Alabama defended the right of young females (60% of whom are black according to state abortion statistics) to be born and have the right to vote, produce a wage — which by law must be equal to that of a man (another law passed by the patriarchy), and enjoy JP videos. I've always admired those who defend the defenseless — why doesn't JP?

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