The Abortion Industry Uses Lies and Intimidation

when a woman gets pregnant their motherly instincts just kicked right into gear it's how were wired how were created and I short-circuited mine I still remember staring up at that bright light and counting backwards from teen it was very very painful I've never felt pain like that in my life I remember the nurse giving me sedation and I she just kept rubbing my arm shushing me I didn't want the baggage because I had a vision for my life and they didn't include children when I found myself pregnant rubbie wait it just happened it was all of the news and I called my doctor he said no problem we can take care of it I was told it was just a blob of tissue I wasn't given any choices as far as ultrasounds or why don't you go home think about it and then come back nothing like that there was nothing positive when I stood up and I fainted I think I fainted because of the horror of what I had done I realized that I was missing a large part of me I've actually ended up being pretty volatile and got a little physical with the nurse I slapped her across the face and I remember because I didn't want anyone to see me I didn't didn't want anyone to know they don't let you walk back out the front there's a private exit and later on in life I wondered had I seen someone like me in the state I was in at that moment after that abortion walk out back out the front clinic maybe I wouldn't have done it you

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  1. Abortion is MURDER, "period." Seventy MILLION innocent unborn American children have been killed and butchered to sell their body parts. For "MONEY," and sacrifice to evil.
    Our government is funding and allowing the murder of our most precious innocent people.
    It is quite obvious that our "so-called" government, paid by our American Tax Dollars to PROTECT the lives and rights of PEOPLE has failed in a most insidious, wicked way for greed and genocide.
    Sixty million people were killed by Hitlers Nazi Germany. Our "government" has become the enemy of unborn children. One out of every four pregnancies are terminated by tax-funded murder.
    Americas fraudulent, corrupt government has managed to murder Seventy Million Americans on our own soil without one shot fired. Now with all the poisonous vaccines, given to the survivors of this prosperous industry of murder, One out of Four children will be born with autism, cancer and many other diseases due to the permanent damage of an immune system that failed to develope in children as a result of over Twenty poisonous vaccines before the age of two. Whether you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ or not there are wicked people in high places that serve Satan and are working overtime on your dime to destroy your children, your family, and all of God's creation. Wake up people. When the government allows the murder of innocent children there will be nothing to stop the government from killing the sick, infirmed, the elderly, and anyone else government deems unfit for "their" New "OLD" World Order unless WE THE PEOPLE UNITE AS ONE NATION UNDER GOD and fight for America.

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