The Abortion Rate Is At An All-Time Low, Why?

Abortion is an extremely contentious issue
for many people in the U.S. and around the world, many of whom want to see a world with
few abortions. Luckily, science is on the case. Hey there countrywomen and countrymen, Trace
here for DNews. Near the end of January, President Trump signed
an Executive Order reinstating something called the “Mexico City Policy,” or “Global
Gag Rule,” blocking U.S. foreign aid to any organization performing, advising on,
or endorsing abortion as a method of family planning. It was first signed by former President Reagan. Depending on the administration, the rule
comes and goes. Dispassionate data exists to try to understand
how to the decrease abortion rates, and restricting access to abortion, counseling, and advisory
services doesn’t decrease the number of abortions performed, but does the opposite! A study by the World Health Organization,
looked at over 260-thousand women in 20 countries from 1994 to 2008, and found once the Mexico
City Policy was reinstated the last time, in 2001, the abortion rate more than doubled. They even created an algorithm to compare
those with and without exposure to abortion advice, endorsement or services, and those
without access had more abortions. And this isn’t just worldwide, it’s also
in the United States. A study published in Perspectives on Sexual
and Reproductive Health examined abortions in the United States, and found from 2011
to 2014, the rate dropped by 12 percent. Their study wanted to find out what caused
this huge drop. They looked at access to abortions and contraception
and also the closing of abortion clinics. They didn’t find a strong correlation between
closing clinics and decreasing rates. But, did think a decrease in unintended pregnancies
and increase in contraceptive use contributed to the decline in abortions. The U.S. currently has the lowest abortion
rate since it became legal in 1973, and yet people are still denying sexual health education
works. This study postulates that both contraception
and education are at play. Though they say more research is obviously
needed. Many believe unintended pregnancies are a
result of contraception failure, but according to a report by the Guttmacher Institute, a
sexual health research nonprofit… that would only account for 5 percent of all unintended
pregnancies. Of the remaining 95 percent: most was from
non-use of contraception, and a bit less than half was incorrect or inconsistent use. This means a big chunk of our unintended pregnancy
problem is likely a lack of education! A study in Plos ONE echos this sentiment:
with findings so strong they put them in the subtitle, saying “Why We Need Comprehensive
Sex Education in the U.S.” Though, access and education don’t work
if people don’t accept them as options to countering unintended pregnancies. According to a study done over 8 years published
in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, more contraception instruction,
and education, correlated with lower rates of 15 to 17 year old’s getting pregnant
— what we call teen pregnancy. And there are proven methods to purely decrease
abortion rates. A 2012 study published in Obstetrics & Gynecology
followed over 9000 girls and women, and reported teen birth rates dropped by 82 percent, and
abortions dropped by approximately two-thirds…when they did this one crazy thing… gave them
free birth control access. Unintended pregnancies aren’t just something
we can write off with the flourish of a pen. A Studies in Family Planning paper, reported
40 percent of all pregnancies worldwide were unintended in 2012; half ended in abortion,
but 38 percent resulted in unplanned births. Those unplanned births affect the lives of
everyone involved forever — mothers, children, fathers, grandparents, social support networks,
et cetera. According to a 1988 study in Family Planning
Perspectives, three-quarters of women seeking abortions said, “having a baby would interfere
with work, school or other responsibilities,” about two-thirds “could not afford” a
child, and half “did not want to be a single parent or had relationship problems.” Some women stated they weren’t mature enough
to have a child, and some still said their parents wished them to abort. Clearly, unintended pregnancies will continue
to happen if we do nothing. And, according to dozens of studies, abortion
rates decline when people have access to contraception and the education to use it properly. Though there are many who have politicized
this issue, the data seems to indicate that restricting access for political reasons might
cause more unintended pregnancies, and thus, actually increase the rates of abortion. Still curious about abortions? Do you know how they work? There is more than one kind, and we’ve got
each process explained, here. How do you feel about the U.S. having the
lowest abortion rate in a long time? Let us know in the comments, please subscribe
for more DNews and thanks for watching.

100 Replies to “The Abortion Rate Is At An All-Time Low, Why?”

  1. What we need is to invest in Research and Development of Functioning Artificial Uteruses. It would solve like 80% of Problems women have regarding being women.

  2. Even though I am a man, I'd like to give my opinion about abortion. I say it should be allowed and legal. I do not see the harm in allowing folks to have a choice to end a pregnancy before a child is born in a professional environment, but I do see harm in not giving folks a choice at all and leaving them feeling trapped or desperate to take matters into their own hands. Making it legal actually makes things better, safer, and less problematic for folks in general. Many women die from trying to get an abortion done in secret in a non-professional setting, and that is most likely because of the pressure/laws against abortion pushing them to these unprofessional, unscrupulous individuals that the women feel they have to turn to because these unprofessional individuals will do it when most others can't or won't. I hear what folks are saying about the fetus inside the woman, but I feel it is even worse to force folks that are not ready or willing to be parents to bring a life into the world and then get rid of or improperly raise the youngster which could lead to suffering for the child and then, possibly down the road, negatives for society when the child born, raised, or discarded by folks that weren't ready or didn't want the child grows into an unscrupulous individual. Many children born under such circumstances will probably even end up dead because of parental irresponsibility or, even worse, the parents kill the child later on since they could not get an abortion.

  3. People who say they want fewer abortions but don't want to provide easy access to sex ed or cantraception are insane. It's like saying you want to cook with fire and in order to do so you're going to keep putting water on the fire.

  4. M3.8 – New Jersey, 1973
    This earthquake was centered near the Pennsylvania-New Jersey border, south of Chester, Pennsylvania. It was felt widely in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware. Several reports were received of it being felt in parts of New York, Connecticut, and Virginia. The shock occurred at 3:21 a.m. EST, waking thousands of people but causing only slight damage. Many residents thought they were having furnace trouble or that an intruder was trying to open a door. Philadelphia police reported 1,829 telephone inquiries in 40 minutes. Damage was limited to cracked plaster and cinder blocks in a few places.

  5. It's not because of lack of education, more so because of laziness and complacency by the couples or two people doing that tango. I know because I'm well educated, but still I have made poor choices. Mostly due to laziness or lack of funds.

  6. Nobody likes the idea of abortion, but making them illegal isn't going to stop them from being preformed. Education and availability to birth control methods will decrease the rate of abortions being performed.

  7. pro choice but voted for trump… too many other reasons he's the best but ya im not a fan of this policy. oh well its why our system works, he wont be president forever and he will fix so many areas in our mation so, worth it. also i will add, woman's right to choose and man'a right to pay child support lol i wasnt ready to ne a dad but i still get raped in child support for a woman who is utterly worthless and has custody of my son 😢

  8. Pro-life legislation isn't meant to lower the abortion rate. It's meant to increase the government's control over women's bodies, and punish them for having sex.

  9. If you pro-life you should be pro sex Ed
    Pro contraception

    You don't have to have a abortion if you don't get pregnant in the first place

  10. what do I think? well women shouldn't be judge by their abortion choices. their are benefits from it, like stem cell research.

  11. America is fucking retarded. I love this country but sometimes I really despise it. Literally so shameful and disgraceful

  12. I understand that if we want to have sex then we must be prepared with contraceptive methods and sexual education knowledge. But woman NEED to have the freedom to choose, because no fucking man -unless he is a responsible man – will stay committed to her in a long term. I'm a man and I feel shitty for all the things woman have to go through, like seriously. My point is: even though they might do the impossible to stop abortion woman will do it neither way cuz its her fucking life. I don't see people arguing about how masturbation for a man could be illegal (cuz they are killing countless of possible productive people) and why they disappear as soon the woman gets pregnant.

  13. From God's point of view, if a nation sanctions the taking of innocent human life, it doesn't matter if there are 100 million murders or 1 murder. This nation legislatively allows for the taking of innocent human life (murder), and for that reason God will not, and can not bless and protect us. He would be acting in direct contradiction to His word!

  14. Before making an abortion, think about what would have been if /your/ mother decided the same. I, for the life of me, cannot understand how can some support abortion without hating themselves.

  15. The root of the problem is not pregnancy, people need to admit and take proper responsibilities of their own F ups.

  16. I would much rather get an abortion than have a child born into a poor, abusive, alcoholic, drug addict, neglecting, or unloving family than have to have any child deal with that shit.

  17. Unintended shouldn't automatically mean unwanted. And no baby should be unwanted. But yes, birth control is awesome and should be available.

    Nobody can "afford" a child. They are expensive and there is no monetary reimbursement. But somehow they are almost always worth the sacrifices. Why don't we research that?

  18. "Its my choice and body, none of your business."
    "Its not human I can do what I want"
    These are the same arguments Slave Masters made. See the parallels?

  19. In my opinion, I rather keep the baby alive and not killing it. However, abortions should be a viable choice for people who wanted it, and meanwhile having a strong sex ed program to teach kids always use protection.

  20. What about the % of women who are purposely misusing their birth control to try and get pregnant, where is that stat? O yeah women won't cop to that.

  21. The argument that it is better to have fewer abortions only goes against the argument that abortions are ethical and good.

  22. Abortion within the first few weeks of pregnancy means you are wiping a Fertilized egg under development, NOT baby.
    Although you could say it's a potential baby.
    But the same goes for Semen and unfertilized eggs, does that mean it's ethical to have unprotected sex rather than using contraception??

    Because you are ""Not Killing"" millions of potential babies (Semen and ovum) by having unprotected sex.

    Also, It doesn't matter what you or the government thinks. If I think contraception kills potential babies and try to make you Not use Contraception, would you be okay with that? would you call that fair?
    If you don't find that fair, then why support the government Making people Not do it just because someone in the Whitehouse thinks it's bad.

  23. The assertion in this video, that restricting access to abortion increased abortion, is suspect on its face. The evidence does not show that use of modern contraceptives went down during the times that the policy was in force. The opposite is true, the rate of abortion went up with the increased use of modern contraceptives. It also is evident that abortion and contraception was still available it just wasn't funded by the U.S.

  24. That statement he makes at 1:14 is misleading. While the bias of the report he referenced was that the decline was due to better contraceptive use this was not substantiated by the data. So the conclusion he offers is an opinion based one not data based one.

  25. Unintended pregnancies are a direct result of intentionally engaging in the activity that causes pregnancy. (Yes some people are raped but I'm not talking about them right now.)

  26. He says that 54% of unintended pregnancy is due to non use of contraceptives. Wow and education will help this. Are there people having sex who do not know that sex results in babies? Forget sex education are we no longer teaching biology in schools?

  27. Low interest rates/cheap credit and privatization of health services, the elites need as many debt slaves as possible.

  28. Decreasing access to abortion doesn't result in fewer abortions it results in more. Really, exactly how does that work? This is the real story. Abortion gets restricted in a place that has been using abortion as a birth control method so the family planners come in and say here is some contraception use this instead. Now with access to modern contraception people engage in more sex, which is how babies are made, the contraception fails or they weren't using it properly so now they need an abortion thus driving abortion numbers up.

  29. there are only 7.5 billion of us on this planet right? no big deal, let's stop abortion, let's extend human longevity, let's allow people to breed like rabbits, let's double, triple, quadruple the human population – we've done it in less than 40 years (1950 to 1980s, 2.5b to 5b) – and see whether the earth is going to destroy us in the form of climate change. Humans, such shortsighted species

  30. brilliant new idea! How about instead of even thinking of abortion or pill, we educate them when they are responsible enough to have sex, men, and women. Apparently, sex and babies go hand in hand, so wait until you're ready for a child then have sex. Bam problem solved!

  31. If the US is suffering because all those might have been children were aborted, maybe we could compensate by taking in more immigrants.

  32. I think it is because women are getting rich off of Welfare and Child-support, so having an abortion is like throwing away an winning lottery tickets.

  33. I absolutely love DNews, but I fear they are being selective with the evidence. There are a number of
    peer-reviewed academic studies, published in reputable journals, indicating that
    abortion restrictions are effective in lowering abortion rates. Maureen Rand
    Oakland’s study published in Politics & Society found that state
    restrictions on abortion are associated with a decrease in abortion rates,
    albeit significance decreased in the post-Casey era. Additionally, the rate of
    available abortion providers is had a highly significant relationship with
    abortion rates, which was also found in a study by Rebecca M. Blank, Christine
    C. George, and Rebecca A. London in The Journal of Health Economics. Oakland
    clearly states that her findings “demonstrate that abortion restrictions do
    have the effect intended by anti-abortion legislators, interest groups, and
    activists: they reduce the number of abortions performed in a state.”

    Marshall H. Medoff’s study of abortions in 2005 published in the Review of Black Political Economy
    found that restrictions on Medicaid abortion funding was also associated with decreased
    abortion rates. Medoff also found that two-visit laws significantly decrease
    abortion rates for white women. A longitudinal study by Phillip B. Levine, Amy
    B. Trainor, and David J. Zimmerman published in The Journal of Health Economics
    also had similar findings regarding Medicaid restrictions. The aforementioned study
    by Blank et al. also found that up at a quarter of abortions among low-income
    women do not take place once funding is eliminated. Another study by Medoff,
    this time published in The Journal of Socio-Economics, found that anti-abortion
    picketing activities are associated with a decrease in abortion supply. Among the
    most well-known studies comes for Elard Koch et al., which found that Chile’s
    abortion ban was followed by an overall decrease in abortions and increased
    maternal health (it is not argued that abortion bans cause increased maternal
    Joshua A. Ronick and John S. Vorhies published another interesting study. Their research,
    published in The Journal of Public Health Policy, found that certain legal
    restrictions on abortions are associated with fewer abortion-related medical
    consequences. This lends credibility to the need for so-called medical TRAP
    (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers) that followed the Kermit Gosnell trial.
    There is good evidence that abortion restrictions do save the lives of mothers.

    Many argue that progressive policies alleviate economic pressures on women and thus result in
    lower rates on abortion. While it is almost certainly true that poverty
    alleviation efforts lower abortion rates, it does not follow that the
    Democratic Party platform results in a net decrease in abortions. The
    aforementioned study from Oakland found that the percentage of Democrats in the
    state legislature has a positive relationship with abortion rates. So it is
    likely that the decrease in abortions we’ve seen under the Obama administration
    is likely in part due to governorships and state legislatures turning
    Republican and enacting pro-life policies.

    On the show you also discussed how access to contraceptives can decrease abortion rates by
    decreasing rates of unwanted pregnancies. I believe there are very good reasons
    to believe this is the case. Still, there is contradictory information that needs
    to be addressed. Kasey Buckles and Daniel M. Hungerman found that teenage
    access to condoms in school was associated with a 10 percent increase in
    teenager fertility. Gonorrhea rates also increased. If I’m not mistaken (I
    apologize, I cannot find the PDF of this paper), counselling did render the
    relationship significant. The nature of the counselling was not specified in
    detail, but I believe their literature review indicated that it often includes
    abstinence or “abstinence-plus” education.

    Thank you for the DNews channel. Thank for all you do. I have learned a lot over the past year or so
    and really do value this product. I believe this particular episode fell short
    in providing the big picture. I hope it does not come across that I believe
    these kinds of omission characterize what is happening at DNews.

  34. Pro life has never been pro life. Anti-abortion has always been a tool to manipulate republicans into voting for them. The Republican establishment does not care about life just voter turn out. If there anti-abortion platform actually results in more abortions they really don't give a crap. This is shown by there policies. Cutting access to birth control, abstinence only education, and minimal workers rights like maternity leave, minimum wages that wont provide any quality of life for a single person much less a parent.

  35. Who doesn't fucking know using condom or pill are the main ways to avoid pregnancy? Most of the developed population in the world fucking knows these basics. I highly doubt these studies about lack of education. wtf

  36. So basically, according to their actions, people who want to close down Planned Parenthood actually love abortion, because there will be way more of them. Good job, guys!

  37. Does this include unsafe abortions as well (self inducing a miscarriage, "coat hanger" abortions if you will)? I know it would mostly have to be self reporting, but I'm just curious as to what the numbers consist of. Thank you!

  38. Abortion rates are down because chaturbate(honorable mention to pornhub type streaming sites), and keyboards can't get pregnant.

  39. Science will destroy abortion. Technology will decrease the viability age over time. till they are viable after conception.

  40. Isn't it wonderful, good is battling the evil that has had us in its teeth for decades and people are now finally responding and turning to God for guidance.  The most precious gift of love is our children, yeah, things in our lives may come and go, but our babies, our babies are ours for the rest of our lives.  And what joy they bring.  I have one son, who to me, was the best thing on planet earth.  The first time I fed him his bottle, hahahaha…"ale…ale"…lol, his little finders around my one.  HIs little mouth moving as sucked from the bottle oh ya think you could never ever love something that much.  What a joy he brought to my life, his first day of school. OMG, the poor wee one, had to console his mother who stood by the fence from the time he went in for his first day of school all the way until he was released.  LOL LOL.  At his recess time he was out in the yard "I'm okay mommy, don't worry, me crying a river and he so consoling he was alright?  That poor kid had to parent his mother.  LOL  We used to play baseball with his plastic bat and big white ball, I'm sure you guys know what I am talking about and I said to him:  One day you have a friend to play with and you won't wanna play with mommy anymore.  "Oh no Mommy, I always play with you, his assuring little arm on my shoulder. But then one day, there was another little boy around the same age and he too had a plastic bat and big white ball and they came together and they decided to play together and I started walking out to the open area and my little one said:  "No, mommy you sit there."  And I sat and I watched him walk with the other little boy, when he suddenly stopped walking and he turned around and looked at me.  He remembered what I told him, he waved and he played and those two became friends for life.  His first girlfriend.  I always used to prepare him for the next phase of his life, and I said he was going to bring mommy a girlfriend, "Maaaa"  lol "Maaa"  "Maaa"  LOL  LOL … one day he did.  His marriage, my grandchildren!  Oh boy, nothing could have been more joyous than the wonderful blessing I had at the very chance of being his mommy.   Nothing quite like it in the world.  For sure I couldn't see my life without him.  Now to read this artice and see this video, I know good is returning in the world and all we have to do is follow our hearts.  God is there, and he'll guide us, we must listen and make better decisions, women must realize they too are blessing, they truly are, they are a blessing to men.  What?  I didn't make them?  God did and he made them so Adam wouldn't be lonely or by himself in life. Women are and always will be a blessing to men.  Sadly, I must admit In way too many instances the forget that and they'll be little rascals given the chance, but if we, women, their blessing fully understand our identity as such, well, those naughty little boys better behave themselves!!! We are worth them knowing that we are a blessing to them.  We want romance, we want courtship, we want proposal, and a wedding and stability in our lives, and nothing shy of it, we're worth it to them.  They've been out there long enough with their zippers undone, time to lock up the tent.  God has always been with us we just got caught up with the idea to be fabulous.  For sure this day and right now as I struggle to type this, God is pleased with us women as blessings.  Good is starting to knock the stuffings out of evil.  Couldn't be a finer day for me. Love it all.

  41. Abortion is at an all time low due to the hard work of pro-life organizations that are shutting down abortion mills where sub-standard clinics are performing the easiest job of all–one that even medical school dropouts can usually do without a problem–but not always–kill a fetus–a totally helpless human person who is the victim of convenience as your video so aptly described.

    The soul of baby and the soul of the mother are very close. Yes it is legal. Yes, she can do it. But no, she will not walk away without consequences.

    Why is abortion at an all time low? Women who have had abortions for the past 25 years are no longer in denial. Enough time has passed so that the wounds have surfaced. Everyone can see what abortion does to a woman who cannot love her children; who is hateful and touchy, who is angry over nothing and has been for a long time. She was told that it was just a bunch tissue, that abortion was the answer to her problems, the ones you describe. What a shock–instead of solving the problem–it just got much, much worse. Only now, she is not supposed to say anything about it. She is not allowed to say that she regrets her abortion. What a society we are–we support the money grubbers who victimize women in desperate situations and then tell the victim that she is not allowed to be sad when the greatest thing she ever had–her baby–was ruthlessly stolen from her.

    If you have had an abortion–seek help, you WILL heal. Find a chapter of Rachel's Vineyard near you. There is hope for you.

  42. The more birth control we get the more abortions we get that’s why Planned Parent hood is getting so rich 💸

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