The Acts of Peter, Paul, and Thomas – Concerning Heavenly Rewards

hello everyone hello and welcome to our 42nd digital readers Club meeting tonight will be our last reading from the Great Commission one and I'm very excited to get into volume 2 with you all tonight we're gonna be covering the acts of Peter and Paul as well as the second act of the Acts of Thomas and it's gonna be quite an awesome reading before we get into the reading we always spend the first 10 minutes in fellowship and I want to go ahead and just give a couple announcements for the sacred word publishing conference our first conference is going to be in March 27th through 29th in 2020 and it's going to be in Atlanta Georgia we're extremely excited to tell you about all of our amazing speakers who are just so endowed with knowledge we have sin Garcia Kerry Wayne dr. Stephen pigeon dr. joy Pew Steven and Jana Ben noon and myself and we're just so excited to really get into some end times mysteries and discussing some of the things that I know we've all spent countless hours researching and studying together we're looking forward to building one another up and other than that we also have a big discount going on for the rest of the month you can get 50% off of all ebooks by using promo code ebook fifty with all caps that's ebook fifty when you check out a sacred word publishing com so I'm really excited to get through the study today after the first ten minutes of fellowshipping we're going to move straight into the reading and you'll be able to read along with us on the screen and there is a link in the description box below the video where you can see the reading for today and I'll also be posting a link in the discord and bite and you can also join us on discard a discord with a link that is in the description box and you can participate in the study and speak with us and other than that how's everybody's week it's great to see you I guess the past two weeks since Joe and I were visiting Florida for a wedding last week I'm doing good hi Holly hello hey glad to see your sister yes we're so glad to have you is my mic coming in clear I'm not reverb ever sounds good no okay good as a cocktail muted his mic so all the reverb issues are all clear and we Lara excellent reading with everyone so is there anything what's that good to be here with everyone oh yeah glad to have you here I'm glad the child made it back safely from Florida and had a good time thank you very much yeah we had a great time certainly a beautiful place the beaches of Florida some of the most beautiful in the world yeah and fortunately there was a big storm and somebody actually died from some bacteria that was in the water we we avoided the beaches and they weren't allowing people to swim it was a pretty unfortunate the tide had risen so high you know the global warming and everything I'm just kidding no is this storm but we did have a great time the wedding was on the beach and the most high gave us some cloud coverage and held back the thunderstorms that were occurring intermittently all weekend and we had a awesome quick wedding yeah it's unfortunate that I've heard of several people died of bacterial infections it's insane great yeah it's crazy just imagine being on vacation with your family and I read an article it said a daughter noticed this spot on her dad's back and that spot was flesh-eating bacteria that left him dead so Kylie I know is traveling around the mountains and said she'll be back in a week or two so we're definitely gonna miss her but this is for Paulette how are you doing good I earned at least four new apartment yeah that's all that's the only big thing I did this week nothing really major that's that's great praise God praise Him those that don't know what's up maybe reiterate why it's the yeas Oh for the apartment then you're cutting in and out a little bit yeah I'm not sure all we heard was live stream yeah just so the people on the live stream can get an update on the apartment situation you don't have to say okay I get it I get ya so I'm taking my old apartment complex to the courts because my apartment are flooded and they said it never happened before but it did so I'm kind of in the courts with them but I'm trying to get a new one well which I'm gonna get a new one and yeah that's what's going on really good for you Holly I'm glad it's working out yes [Laughter] praise gun yeah I remember we were praying for that a couple actually I think we started praying for that couple months ago or last month or so so yeah you right I just added the link to the YouTube live into the discord chat and I'll also add the reading that we're going to do tonight to the discord chat as well you all right we have posted the reading in the chat so everyone has access to that you can also sign up for our newsletter and the link below the video it says sign up for the digital readers Club and I will sign you up for the newsletter that goes out once a week with the reading that we're going to be doing on that Saturday so with that said we'll go ahead and say a quick prayer and then get straight into the reading we have quite a bit of reading to do tonight and I'm excited to get through as much as we can because this is our last reading with the Great Commission one and we've covered quite a bit going from the acts of Tecla Paul and Thecla and going through so many amazing stories the acts of John and now finishing up with the acts of Peter Paul and Thomas there's just so much amazing witness established to how the early apostles lived out their lives with such great faith and I'm excited to continue on with volume 2 and personally most excited about getting into volume 3 which I'm sure is in is also most excited about I love that book definitely all right so I'll just say a quick prayer and then I'll throw up the reading on the screen and we'll get straight into it I don't think Kathy's mic is working but then you'll start we'll just read one paragraph at a time and we'll alternate so father llamo we humble ourselves before you we just thank you we uplift your holy name above all that we are father we exalt you you're our sustainer and our creator your provider you're our King and our Lord and our Savior you're the true husband and the true righteous and holy and worthy one we just acknowledge your greatness father and Your Magnificence father you're the most majestic and the most worthy of all of our praise father all glory is yours let me just thank you so much for your love and for seeing us as these fallen beings and calling us out of this world and giving us redemption and a promise of the salvation that comes through you and through the sacrifice that you made we're so thankful and we just praise you father praise you for the victory that you have established on the earth and thank you so much for confirming your work in your testimony through the multitude of witnesses that we receive even these thousands of years later Father for it is truly miraculous that this testimony has survived and that were able to study the faith and the testimony of all the witnesses who even saw with their own eyes exactly what you did on earth and fulfilling the prophecies that were contained with the Israelite people and in their Canon of the text which we now call the Tanakh we're so thankful father they've opened our eyes to see the Tanakh and the witness of the Torah and the prophets and the writings of the history of the people within Israel and for preserving that text and for also giving us the New Testament and the epistles that were written throughout through the churches and for giving us the Gospels and thank you now for giving us opportunity to read this book of Acts about the Acts of your commissioned Apostles that were called to go to the Gentiles and to the Jews we're just so grateful father we ask that you would give us wisdom and clarity of mind to be able to read with understanding and we ask that all the things that we reach today would just further our love and our conviction and further our desire to be worthy stewards of the message that you have given us and the the truth that you revealed to us we're so thankful for your spirit father and we just welcome you here and we give all that we are and to you we praise you in the name of the Messiah Jasha I'm in I'm an active Peter on the first day of the week that is on the Lord's Day a multitude gathered together and they brought unto Peter many sick that he might heal them and one of the multitude a venture to say unto Peter lo Peter in our presence thou hast made many blind to see in the Deaf to hear and the lame to walk and have secured the weak and given them strength but wherefore hast thou not Sikora thy daughter the Virgin which grew up beautiful and half believed in the name of God for before behold her one side is wholly palsy and she lieth there stretches out in the corner helpless we see them that have been healed by thee thine own daughter thou hast neglected but Peter smiled and said unto him my son it is manifest our God alone where for her body is not whole know then that God is not weak nor powerless to grant his gift unto my daughter but that thy soul may be convinced and they that are here present may the more believe then he looked unto his daughter and said to her raised thyself up from thy place without any helping be saved Jesus only and walk whole before all these and come unto me and she arose and came to him and the multitude rejoiced at that which was come to pass then said Peter unto them behold your heart is convinced that God is not without strength concerning all things that we ask of him then they rejoiced yet more and praised God and Peter said to his daughter go unto thy place and lay thee down and be again in thine infirmity where this is expedient for me and for thee and the maiden went back and lay down in her place and was as before time and the whole multitude wept and entreated Peter to make her whole but Peter said unto them as the Lord liveth this is expedient for her and for me for on the day when she was born unto me I saw a vision and the Lord said unto me Peter this day is a great temptation born unto thee for this daughter will bring hurt unto many souls if her body continue whole but I thought that the vision did mock me you now when the maiden was 10 years old a stumbling block was prepared for many by reason of her in an exceedingly exceeding rich man by the name of Thomas when he had seen the maiden with her mother bathing sent unto her to take her to wife but her mother maiden with her mother bathing but her mother consented not and he sent off times to her and could not wait the servants of ptolemaeus brought the maiden and laid her down or the door of the house and departed but when I perceived it I and her mother we went down and found the maiden that one whole side of her body from her toes even to her head was Paul seed and withered and we bore her away praising the Lord which had preserved his handmade from defilement and shame and corruption this is the cause of the matter why the maiden continued it so unto this day you you mother you if my love isn't reading can you go ahead and pick up sister Paula okay now then it is fitting for you to know the end of Timaeus he went home and saw it night and day over that which he had befallen him and by reason of the many tears which he shed he became blind and when he had resolved to rise up and hang himself low about the ninth hour of the day he saw a great light with light in the whole house and heard a voice saying unto Him so tamiya´s God has not given deed the vessels for the corruption and shame and yet more doth it's not behold thee which has believed in me to be to defy my Virgin whom thou shalt know as thy sister even as if I will unto you both one spirit but rise up and go quickly unto the house of the Apostle Peter and thou shalt see my glory he shall make known unto thee what thou must do let me again yes unless small of wants to are you ready now Molly to read I I guess then you can go ahead oh yeah again okay but Patel Loomis was not negligent and bade his servants show him the way bring him unto me and when they were come to me he told me all that had befallen him by the power of our Lord Jesus Christ then did he see with the eyes of his flesh and with the eyes of his soul and much people believed hoped in Christ and he did him good and gave them the gift of God after ptolemaeus died departing out of this life and went unto his Lord and when he made his will he become bequeathed a piece of land in the name of my daughter because through her he had believed in God and was made whole but unto whom the disposition thereof fell exercised it with great carefulness I sold the land and God alone knoweth neither I nor my daughter received the price sold the land and kept not back at the price but gave all the money unto the poor know therefore thou servant of Jesus Christ that God directed them that are his and prepareth good for every one of them although we think that God hath forgotten us therefore now brethren let us be sorrowful and watch and pray so shall the goodness of God look upon us whereon we wait and yet further discourse did Peter hold before them all and glorified the name of Christ the Lord and gave them all of the bread and when he had distributed it he rose up and went unto his house the scene of this episode is probably Jerusalem the subject of it was often used by later writers most notably perhaps by the author of the late acts of SS naruse and Achilles bit their six entry who gives the daughter a name patron Milla Melia which has passed unto calendars and eyes Parrinello Pernell or Parnell has become familiar to the gardens daughter yeah I'm gonna move on and if you would like to read more specifically about the certain chapters that we're reading it is available in the reading and it's in italics so I'm gonna move on chapter 2 the gardener's daughter a certain gardener had a daughter a virgin her father's only child he begged Peter to pray for her upon his request the Apostle answered him that the Lord would give her that which was useful for her soul immediately the girl fell dead o worthy gain and suitable to God to escape the insolence of the flesh and mortify the boastfulness of the blood without old man faithless and not knowing the greatness of the heavenly favour ignorant of the divine benefit entreated Peter that his only daughter might be raised again and when she was raised not many days after as it might be today this slave of a believer who lodged in the house ran upon her and ruined the girl and both of them disappeared this was evidently a contrast to the story of Peters daughter and probably followed immediately upon it in the ex there is another sentence appropriate to the situation which Dom de Bruyne found in a camber IMS of the 13th century a collection of Apothic games and printed with the extracts from the Epistle of titus that the dead are not to be mourned over much Peter speaking to one who lamented without patience the loss of his daughter said so many assaults of the devil so many Waring's of the body so many disasters of the world hath she escaped and thou shudders to tears is if thou knewest not what thou sufferest in thyself acts of thermal the second act concerning his coming unto the king of coniferous now when the Apostle was come into the cities of India and a beneath the merchants avenues went to salute the king of coniferous and reported to him of the carpenter whom he had brought with him and the king was glad and commanded him to come into him so when he was come in in the king said unto Him what craft understandest thou the apostle said unto him the craft of carpentering and of building the king said unto Him what craftsman then knowest thou in wood and what is stone the apostle says in wood plows yokes God's Holies and boats and Horace and masts and in stone pillars temples and courthouses for kings and the King said can't stall built me a palace and he answered yay I can both build and finish it for to this and am i come to build and to do the work of a carpenter the king took him and went out of the city gates and began to speak with him on the way concerning the building of the courthouse and of the foundations how they should be laid until they came to the place wherein he desired that the building should be and he said here will I that the building should be and the apostle said yay for this place is suitable for the building but the place was woody and there was much water there so the king said begin to build but he said I cannot begin to build now at this season and the King said when King style begin and he said I will begin in the month Dyess and finish in zan thickest but the King marveled and said every building is built it in summer and Kent style in this very win build and make ready a palace and the Apostle said thus it must be and know otherwise is it possible and the King said if then this seemed good to thee draw me a plan how the work shall be because I shall return hither after some long time and the Apostle took the reed and drew measuring the place and the doors he set toward this Sun rising to look towards the light the window towards the west to the breezes and the Bakehouse he appointed to be toward the south and the aqueduct for the service toward the north and the King saw it and said to the Apostle verily thou art a craftsman and if be little if thee to be a servant of kings and he left much money with him and departed from him got a pass because I can't find it in my pick I'm sorry no worries I'll go after Justin hi all so I'm a little lost there's 19 and from time to time he sent money and provision and victual for him and the rest of the workmen but Thomas receiving it all dispensed it going about the cities and the villages roundabout distributing and giving alms to the poor and afflicted and relieving them saying the King knoweth how to obtain recompense fit for kings but at this time it is needful that the poor should have refreshment after these things the king sent an ambassador into the Apostle and wrote thus signifying signifying to me what thou hast done or what I shall send thee and of what thou hast need and the apostle send to him saying the palace is builded and only the roof remaineth and the king hearing had sent him again gold and silver and wrote into him let the palace be roofed if it is done and the Apostle said unto the Lord I thank thee O Lord in all things that thou didst die for a little space that I might live forever and be and that thou has sold me that by me thou mightest set Minny free and he cease not to teach and to refresh the afflicted saying this hath the Lord dispense and to you and he giveth them to every man his food for he is the nourisher of orphans and steward of the widows and into all that are afflicted he is relief and rest now when the king came to the city he inquired of his friends concerning the palace which Judas that is called Thomas was building for him and they told him neither hath he built a place nor done aught else of what he promised to perform but he goes about the cities and countries and whatsoever he hath he giveth unto the poor and teach it of a new God and heal it the sick and dry with out devils and do with many other wonderful things and we think him to be a sorcerer yet his Compassion's and his cures which are done of him freely and moreover the simplicity and kindness of him and his faith do declare that he is a righteous man or an apostle of the new God whom he preaches for he facets continually and Prayuth and eateth bread only with salt and his drink is water and he wears but one garment alike in fair weather and in winter and receiveth not of any man and that he hath he giveth unto others and when the King heard that he rubbed his face with his hands and shook his head for a long space you you Molly did did you want to read or if not we can have call it okay thank you had and he sent for the merchants which had brought him and for the Apostle and said unto Him has Thal builds me the palace and he said Ye and the king said when then shall we go and see it but he answered him and said thou canst not see it now but when thou deposits this life then thou shalt see it and the king was accidentally Roth and commanded both the merchants and Judas which is called P Thomas to be put in the bonds and cast into prison until he should require inquire and learn unto whom the Kings money had been given and so destroy both him and emergent the Apostle went on to the prison rejoicing and said to the merchants fear thou nothing only believe in the God that is preached by me and thou shalt indeed be set free from this world but from the world to come thou shalt receive life and the King took thought with what death he should destroy them and when he had determined to Flay them alive and burn them with fire in the same night GAD the king's brother fell sick and by reason of his vexation and the deceit which the King had suffered he was greatly oppressed and sent for the king and said unto Him O king my brother I commit unto thee my house and my children for I am vexed by reason and the provocation that have befallen thee and lo I die and if thou visit not with vengeance upon the head of that sorcerer that will give my soul no rest in hell and the king said to his brother all this night have I considered how I should put him to death and this hath seemed good to me to Flay him and burn him with fire both him and the merchant with brought him then brother the king said to him and if there be anything else that is worse than this do it to him and I give the charge of my house and my children and as they talk together the soul of his brother dad departed and the King warns sore forget for he loved him much and commanded that he should be buried in royal and precious appear oh now after this Angels took the soul of God the King's brother and board up into heaven showing unto him the places and dwellings that were there and inquired of him in which place would wouldest thou dwell and when they drew near unto the building of Thomas the Apostles which he had built for the King GAD saw it and said unto the Angels I received you my Lords suffer me to dwell in one of the lowest rooms of these and they said to him thou cats thou canst not dwell in this building and he said wherefore and they said unto Him this is that palace which that Christian builded for thy brother and he said I beseech you my Lords suffer me to go to my brother that I may buy this palace of him for my brother knoweth not of what sort it is and he will sell it unto me and the Angels let the soul of God go and as they were putting his grave clothes upon him his soul entered into him and said to them that stood about him call my brother into me that I may ask one petition of him straightway therefore they told the King saying thy brother's revive and the King ran forth with a great company and came into his brother and entered in and stood by his bed as one amazed not being able to speak to him and his brother said I know and am persuaded my brother that if any man had asked of thee the half of thy kingdom that would have given in him for my sake therefore I beg of thee to grant me one favor which I ask of me that that would has sell me that which I ask of thee and the king answered and said and what is it which thou ask us me to sell thee and he said convinced me by an oath that that will grant it to me and the king swearing to him one of my possessions whatsoever thou shalt ask I will give me and he saith to him sell me that palace which thou hast in the heavens and the King said whence should I have a palace in the heavens and he said even that which that Christian built for thee which is now in the prison whom the merchants brought into thee having purchased him of one Jesus I mean that Hebrew slave whom thou desirous to punish as having suffered deceit at his hand where I was grieved and died and am now revived and the king considering the matter understood it of those eternal benefits which had come to him and which concern him and said that palace I cannot sell thee but I pray to enter into it and dwell therein and to be accounted worthy of the inhabiters of it but if thou indeed desirous to buy such a palace lo the man liveth and shall build the one better than it and forthwith he sent and brought out of prison the Apostle and imagined that was shut up with him saying I entreat thee as a man that in truth as the minister of God that thou wouldest pray for me and beseech him who is minister thou art to forgive me and overlook that which I have done unto thee or thought to do so to do and that I may become a worthy inhabited of that dwelling place for the which I took no pains but thou hast builded it for me labouring alone the grace of God working with thee and that I also may become a servant and serve this God whom thou pre-test and his brother also fell down before the Apostle and said I entreat and supplicate thee before thy God that I may become worthy of his ministry and service and that it may fall to me to be worthy of the things that was shown unto me by the Angels awesome thank you everybody for reading with us tonight and wow it's some pretty amazing stories and just things that we definitely definitely not been passed down in the Canon from the acts of Peter and Paul and just thinking about Peter's daughter and then the gardener's daughter and seeing some of the acts of Thomas and India it's pretty amazing being able to read the stories and see the things that the Apostles went through and just to see well there are some themes that we will discuss so after our reading we always move to time sharing insights and we'll follow that up with a time of questions and answers and the first thing that really stands out to me I'll go ahead and start the sharing of insights is that even though we think something might be terribly bad there could be a really great purpose for it like we see with Peters daughter you know she received the palsy in half of her body and the gardener's daughter she died and to us in limited carnal minds that sounds like some of the worst things that could ever happen and it's just things that we would never consider to pray for never would want to pray for but then when we consider the alternative of what happened to the gardener's daughter we see that God really does have a plan that we don't even know he you know he sees and he evaluates with his infinite knowledge and he makes all the things work together for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purpose so yeah would you like to go ahead and say something's in I saw your mic yeah absolutely uh I think one of the the reason I compiled these three stories together from the Great Commission was they were all similarly themed and they give us a perspective that is not usually understood by as justice that our our carnal mind and it goes to even with the greatest favor that could be bestowed upon the gardener's daughter was death and for her to escape the tragedy in the suffering of this world but for us that seemed just absolutely tragic in the worst thing that can happen and yet it's because we don't understand that really the greatest gift and our purpose even for being here is eternity and salvation through Christ and to be you know guaranteed spot in the kingdom and to have portion with him in the afterlife and so to show how the the blessings of even the you know the disability that was brought upon Peters daughter and how that preserved her and kept her from being spoiled by the one rich man who abducted her to make her his wife and that having seen and returned her because of her palsy condition that afterward being struck blind he was able to see and understand the greater reasons and purpose of our being here in the flesh so much so that he was then counted worthy to be part of the kingdom and what greater gift than that to have an you know an incident or event or his encounter with Peters daughter and the episode the scenario as it transpired to lead him to belief in Christ and to then have his place and his role through Christ his salvation set forth I mean what an incredible blessing and then the other story that paralleled with the gardener's daughter and how he begged Peter to bring her back and then she was spoiled and you know then tragedy that occurred afterwards and so we don't understand and I one of the other reasons I brought this forth is for I know a lot of people have contacted me and are having difficulty with having lost a child whether it was miscarriage or early death or anything of that nature it's devastated them to such point that they can almost not carry on in that for a lot of mothers to lose a child or even you know any parent to lose a child and to have a child's life cut short it's it's absolutely devastating and difficult for many to overcome but in in putting forth these stories and show how God views that and how the child is in heaven and that the reunion will be later and that they are counted you know that especially if they're young and especially with children that are miscarried that they are in heaven and they are awaiting that reunion that comes with you know the end of days and if God willing we are numbered and counted worthy to be part of the elect that we will then have and meet all those that have gone on before us and so what an incredible thing to help some that you know again suffering greatly if they are able to embrace this story as truth and to see the revelation of it that it might help them in their suffering and help them to realize the bigger picture and to to move on and with the final story as far as the acts of Comus I just wanted to show how our rewards our true rewards are in heaven and that the you know how it says about gold and silver and all the things that we that gather that all of that is meaningless its purposeless that you know what is real is giving to those that are in need taking care of the the homeless and people that are suffering the winner of the orphan veterans people with disabilities animals in need all the things that we have embraced as part of our ministry and have incorporated into our business model to to do as we are commanded in servicing the kingdom and being flute washers and Marines unto each other to love one another as we love our God and so I just wanted to emphasize these stories and to bring people's attentions and consideration to them so that we can really understand you know the larger reasons and the larger purposes of our being here in the grandeur thing behind all things amen I think the difficulties in life many times are meant to cause us to turn to our Lord and to seek his face and I know some of the most precious times that I've had with the Lord the most intimate and awesome times I've had with him have been in the most horrible horrific difficult miserable circumstances you know from time to time that I've gone through those those have been my most precious times that I've had with the Lord and then well said absolutely thank you for sharing that and I know them now we we all have certain disabilities or certain things that we wish we could do better but I think what we can really take away is that we should focus on that which we have and to do that the best that we can yes I mean Zen is definitely an example of that and being a quadriplegic for 25 years and just to know that he is one of the hardest one and that I know I mean that was definitely a calling from the most I and though there are many pains and you know many times where I wish that we could you know go outside and run around together and you know I'm sure that he feels the same way that he would love to walk again what he's now focused on is something that's far greater than any legs could carry him to do he's doing spiritual work and doing work for the kingdom where we know we have new bodies awaiting so whether its death or the palsy or paralysis or any disability that's holding us back oh I just pray that we can always have fixed on the Eternity of an incorruptible body that we're going to have thanks to the Most High and thanks to a sacrifice amen well it's definitely been an awesome reading through the Great Commission one we've we've covered quite a bit but by no means have we covered the entirety of the stories that are found within the Great Commission so I encourage everyone to if you desire to go to sacred pushing calm and you can find the Great Commission series there and you can also get a discount that is in our newsletter and it's also in the description box below the video and we're also doing 50% off of all ebooks for the rest of the month so I encourage everyone to read the remainders of the stories of the acts of Thomas and everything that we didn't get to cover I definitely have enjoyed reading through the Great Commission so far and I definitely enjoyed reading through the Aramaic targum and I miss reading through that with everyone but we covered so much great stuff and so many great stories so we'll definitely go into a time of questions and answers for anybody in the disk or chat or in the YouTube live stream if you have any questions about the Great Commission or about the text that we've read tonight we have about 9 minutes to cover this you I'll say in the interim that I do recommend that people read and study even if you don't purchase the books that you look up the contents and look up the those that are available online and to read them because I think that all of these different accounts will greatly bless your life and help you to understand the Great Commission in greater capacity as far as what the Apostles encountered and what they had to overcome really beautiful touching stories there is one question in the chat I'm not sure if you will know what they're talking about but they're asking about or Morgellons you know anything about that what Morgellons they're just asking if we know anything about the Morgellons they must be talking about the Morgellons disease which I'm not very familiar I just know that they people that have it fine red and blue threads in their skin and in their system and that it makes them each to such degree that they will scratch until they're bleeding some people say that it's connected to the chemtrails but I am no expert on it and I can't really say yeah I definitely want to make mention that not every bad thing that happens is something that you know is like this story here like it's not always something that's good there are a lot of punishments and a lot of evil things that take place on this earth because we're in a fallen world and when we let down the armor for us or for our children you know these these wicked things I do occur and also the enemy is waging war against us without most even realizing for instance you know the as far as the vaccines and how parents not realizing that the vaccines can be toxic and dangerous to their children they willingly have them injected and exposed to such such you know such toxicity and it affects and harms their children in a way that challenges them greatly over their lifetime and so some things as it says in the scriptures you know my people are killed for lack of knowledge and that also holds very true finnaly that is just such a huge sadness in our generation that people are just so convinced that they know everything and you know most of what we think we know we've been taught by an institution who does not have our best interests at heart and like with the vaccines it's crazy that I mean it's just obvious that there are so many evil chemicals and substances that are in them that you know you wouldn't ever eat it okay I'll just say like the most innocent one is like gelatin and you know it's it's uh from pork skin and the rabbi's are they tell the the followers that it's okay to inject the gelatin because it will save you from a disease and the command is just not to eat the gelatin and you're like are you serious like that's okay and they they apparently think the same thing about aborted fetal materials and cells of humans you know we're injecting each other to make cannibals out of everyone and it's horrible I mean you know what happens to cannibals they they go crazy and then you wonder why America is so full of anger and irrational hatred all of these we're just so plagued in this this last generation but yeah it's a it's a big blessing should be woken up and to know of those dangers and to see through the indoctrination and we are really blessed yes we really are yeah Kathleen says we need to pray for the law so the world we need to pray for the lost souls of this evil world and I absolutely agree she says time is short randy says we're all slaves in America 3 we are not free in America and I had totally agree with that as well we're debt slaves we're tax slaves you can't live on any property without paying property tax you can't own the property we have the American dream so we are nearing the end of our study and I'm so thankful to have had the opportunity to study with everyone and thank you so much for everyone tuned in and who's joined us with this reading and studying the Great Commission one I'm so looking forward to next week to being able to read from the Great Commission to we're taking suggestions for whatever passages people have read and have stood out to them please let us know any of those passages and we will definitely take them in high consideration for being part of the digital readers Club studies other than that Zhen and I we we read through and we share the ones that have impacted us the most and the stories that we think will stand out the most so thank you everybody again for joining us and please look in the description box below the video sign up for the digital readers Club get involved in the discord chat and most certainly stay in touch with us at the email at sacred word publishing LLC at if you ever have any questions or ever have any quest you can send all your prayer requests and questions there and also in the discord channel we have so many awesome people who are always praying and looking for people to pray for and to pray with so after our study we always do a prayer time for each other so we definitely encourage you to get into the discord chat chat room and get involved there and other than that would anyone like to close us in prayer nobody else will father God we just thank you for the opportunity to come together and fellowship in this manner we're just so grateful to you for the blessings of each day and the opportunities that we have to awaken to new dream and to experience the creation as you've established it for us just a Wonder and awe of every moment makes us realize just how incredible life and being in existential nature is to be a witness to the unfolding of all things for watching the sunrise and said evening come on and the cycles of the Moon the wind the elements watching the creation grow and the animals take part in the inhabited Asian of this world it's just everything that's so incredible and it's all a reminder of you Lord we see you in everything and the sanctity and the sacredness of being here and being blessed in such manner it all just we see that your fingerprints and the signature of you having established everything in everything and so we give all gratitude all praise all honor to you for having established a creation for us and giving us part in it and we just ask father that you continue to bless us as we seek out your wisdom and your riddles and to understand the knowledge that you've incorporated into the scriptures and into the gospel and especially into all of these extra biblical manuscripts which we have access to now but most people don't know of and never have heard about and because of that have never had chance to read that for whatever reason majority mainstream Christianity chooses to ignore to exclude and to continue to can Jemm these checks without ever having read them and yet for those of us that do study and do read them and seek out your wisdom through them we know that it helps us to better understand your purpose and the reasons even Christ's coming into the flesh to rectify the fall to save us John said behold the lamb that takes away the sins of the world and to understand what that means and how Christ yahushua fulfilled coming into the flesh to be the passover lamb and then resurrecting as the high priest sending the holy spirit and how the last three feast days will be fulfilled by his second coming all these things are just so incredible to understand and to have insight upon and we share all of this with the world in the best manner that we can Lord because it is our hope that in coming to such remembrance that they will seek you and deeper and more profound relationship and that having such relationship that God willing they will at the end of days as I pray for all of us that all of us be worthy to be numbered amongst your elect and to enter into that millennial reign with you and for all things Lord we just again praise you send all of our gratitude humble ourselves before you always in Thanksgiving for all life and being in your name the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit we pray always amen amen thank you everybody for joining us and we'll see you next time I would also like to give a special shout out one to someone I met today literally at a training and it's Shanice and I don't know if I'm pronouncing I know that you had taught me your name or but I think it's amazing that we met today and that you we met in line somewhere I've been to just get into conversation and she was so excited to even know that there were there was a place that had all these extra biblical manuscripts that she had all these curiosities that have been deep inside her heart and I just saw that she is now on the digital readers Club and she's listening today and I'm just I'm so excited I'm so elated so yes I'm excited to also see you next week – welcome sister welcome and welcome thank you everyone for joining us when we love you all and yah bless you bless you you

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