The After Birth! Postpartum, Mastitis, Bleeding, and Circumcision

He’s here So I had the baby his name is Charles Beach and we’re gonna be calling him Charlie So he was born on Wednesday, the day after I filmed week 37 which was the last one you’ve seen because that was the last one we filmed. He was almost three weeks early and we had a normal vaginal birth, because he can’t, he just wants to like stand up right now but he did It’sokay So the day started off, I had had contractions all throughout the night and got very little sleep and they were very strong ones but not strong enough that I was willing to give up my sleep and go to the hospital for him Because I knew, if I went into the hospital, I wouldn’t get any more sleep and I would be very tired and I wouldn’t have the energy that I needed to deliver the baby and everything it would be pretty bad So I tried to sleep as much as possible and then in the morning. Once I had woken up I couldn’t go back to sleep because they were hurting and Michael had actually left for work already, and I was like laying there hoping that it would start to go away and they weren’t and I wasn’t trying to do anything to make it happen they were just happening all on their own, and so I was like okay, I think it’s time Still I had to go to the hospital again, after the two false alarms, and so I called Michael and i’m like “Hey, I think it’s time” You better just let your boss know we gotta go to the hospital So he did and my mom and sisters were here, so they were able to come for me Oh my They were able to come with to the hospital and help film a little bit and just be there for the experience We got a babysitter and we headed over and then it started to slow down a little bit or it didn’t pick up at all and so I used my fancy trick that my mother-in-law taught me once But it’s nipple stimulation and it keeps the contractions going and it got them stronger and harder and closer together because of that, they kept me in the hospital, and they didn’t give me any pitocin or anything like that All I got was the epidural and I was able to have the baby. It was probably 12 hours from the beginning once we went into the hospital to the time that we actually delivered Maybe a little bit less than 12 hours but close to that. So part of having a baby that I think people don’t talk about very much because it’s very much not glamorous, well it’s just really gross After you have the baby, after birth part. Literally, when you give the after birth you deliver like the Placenta and that’s just like one push after, after you have had the baby. You end up bleeding for three weeks like your period First it’s really heavy in it, and you sometimes you even have blood clots, and it’s just gross to talk about but hey It’s part of it And I, I wished that somebody had told me more about the afterbirth part because I was not prepared in my mind I think the doctors and everybody they let me know, once I had the baby What would it what it would be like but I don’t know, I feel like it’s such an important part of once you have a baby to know what your body’s gonna go through for the next six weeks or so after you have the baby Now i’m gonna tell you what those things are. You’re gonna be wrapped up again, I think he’s wanting to be wrapped up Let’s wrap up the baby. Oh and he grabs he’s own hair. Look at that Don’t, don’t do it, don’t. No, let go He always grabs his own hair and goes So sad. I think it gives babies comfort to get all wrapped up. It reminders them when they we’re in my belly. Alright, there we go Nice and tight. He has a lot of hair. So things that happen after you have the baby are: You get engorged, if you’re going to be breastfeeding so the baby sucks on your breast in the hospital just enough to get out colostrum. Which is super yellow and super healthy for the baby like super-powered food because there’s not very much of it until your milk actually comes in and then once your milk comes in its white but you get engorged when you, when your milk actually comes in like you become rock solid and it looks like you got breast implants It really does but the thing is that hurts really, really bad until you’re able to relieve some of the pressure which is feeding the baby or what I have to do because the baby’s just it’s pretty much like a fire hydrant when your milk comes in And I’ve had to take a breast pump and just pump out a little bit of milk and it’s perfect because It relieves the pressure but then I also have a little bit of milk storage built up that I can just put in the freezer if I ever have to have a babysitter or something like that, we have a little bit of storage so they don’t have to have formula yet If you don’t use a breast pump and you are super full, you do have the chance of getting Mastitis Which is, when you have too much milk and you get an infection in your breasts and so it’s always good to pump if you have too much pressure there or feed the baby as much as he’ll eat So he’s 2 weeks old right now and I’m going to be bleeding not very heavily, it depends on what happens in your birth but I didn’t tear or anything, nothing went wrong and so I am going to be bleeding for about 3 weeks and I’m already 2/3 of the way down, i’m excited about that. Is that TMI? I have way too much TMI in these videos I have 6 weeks of healing which means like no heavy lifting or super crazy exercising or Intimate time with my husband, if you know what I, if you know what I mean That type of a thing until 6 weeks are over and then i’m able to be healed enough to kind of get back to my normal life and another thing I think once you have the baby, your hormones just go all out of whack and you end up like crazy crying And well they call postpartum depression for a good reason I think reality sinks in for you that like I’m a mother of four instead of a mother of three and that means less time and I don’t have any time to do anything right now except just take care of the baby and dress my kids and it’s crazy, crazy busy, and I think you know, it’s just reality sinking in so sometimes I just want to cry for a long time and because of that I think it’s really important to have somebody that’s ready to help you when the time comes for you to have a baby. Even if it just means them coming to help make food for your family and you or just to clean up your house like there’s so many things that are just basic things that you can’t really do for the first little bit after having the baby and so it’s really important to get some help Babies smells so good and they make the cutest little sounds Until they start screaming Just kidding. That’s cute too in its own little way Right after I had the baby after I delivered the placenta, they offer you medication, and it’s like Motrin or Percocet and then also stool softener and the stool softener it’s just to get things going after you’ve had the baby because you can get kind of constipated. I mean you put so much out. yeah anyways, Detail on that but you also still keep having contractions, like the contractions are not over once you have the baby. You keep having contractions until your uterus goes back down to around the size that it was before. During those contractions they hurt really bad and that’s what the Motrin and Percocet are for unless you tear and then that’s also to help with the pain from that too. When they gave me the epidural, I got kind of shaky, you could probably see in the birth video. Also after you have the epidural and you’re falling out you have jello legs. It’s like they don’t even work because they’re so drugged up I couldn’t even like get to the bathroom. I’m like So these are all just things to think about when you’re I don’t know, too hopefully that will help you prepare for when you have your baby. Charles, so what he has gone through since being born, he already got circumcised I don’t know if you guys are for or against that but we like to do circumcsions Don’t like to do it, I guess but we do them He also got jaundice and was hospitalized for one day to be able to be put under the blue bilirubin light bed thing. He got better from that really quickly It’s not something that you really need to worry about, when they get jaundice unless it’s not taking care of and so just if you notice your baby getting yellow, that’s when you need to like get it checked but they automatically check for it in the hospital. So it wasn’t a problem, he’s all better and now look, he’s asleep He’s too precious perfect I have a cute baby Basically he’s the perfect baby, and he just sleeps a lot and eats a lot and poops a lot And that’s his life right now and probably for the next month or two is that’s what he’s gonna be doing. That’s pretty much it that’s what babies do in their first born and then there’s one other thing that I want to share you if you this is your first baby and that is to make milk if you feel like you’re starting to run low on milk supply, the first few things that I check are am I eating enough food? Am I getting enough sleep? And am I drinking enough water? If I’m doing all three of those things, then usually I will have a really good milk supply for the baby and here’s a little interesting fact when he cries, my milk comes in and first, it feels like pins pricking you there, there you know and it doesn’t feel very good and it hurts a lot, and that’s also when your engorged like it hurts a lot but you eventually get used to it, and it doesn’t hurt anymore. If you’re really having a hard time nursing, I would suggest giving it like a month or two just to try it because it’s gonna be so much healthier for your baby than formula. All right, I think that’s it. I just like, love my baby I love my baby. It’s so worth it. It’s all worth it. I’m so happy that I am not pregnant anymore Next on the Pins and Things channel, we’re on to the next project since this one’s over I love this project But we’re going to be doing Halloween videos next and we have some awesome ones coming up so that you guys wanna tune in for that We’re going to have a new one coming out every week and two videos being posted on Pins and Things every week so tune in Subscribe if you haven’t already. We’ll see you guys next time

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