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  1. Maybe it's different for a man, but I'm a woman, with TWO kids I might add, and after becoming a mom, I couldn't be more prochoice. I think abortion is sad – not gonna lie or try to sugar coat it – but it happens and nothing can be done to stop it. Whether we make abortion illegal or not – it's there, and it needs to be done safely. Did you know over 60% of abortions in the US are by women who are already mothers? The burden of motherhood is something 99% of men will never know.

    I almost aborted my second baby. I already had my son whom I had severe PPD with. I probably couldn't explain it without being judged, let's just say it was FIFTEEN months of just pure nightmare. I couldn't put myself, my son, or another baby through that. I went to the clinic and did chicken out. I gave birth to a baby girl who is now 2 and a half and sought treatment for my PPD when she was only a month old. I don't regret how things turned out. I know not every woman has the same story and I respect the choices the make for themselves and their families, selfish or not.

  2. How far you’ve come since the old days, my friend. I recently had a life-changing experience with DMT and it’s amazing the abilities these flesh brains of ours really have

  3. If people walk around crying over abused or tortured animals then why can't we have the same passion for murdering unborn babies? If it has a heart beat it is alive and a life.

  4. I hate abortion but I had to be pro-choice because I can't support what I consider a moral wrong with another. But one thing that makes me laugh is to watch these activist assholes loosing their shit.

    And one final thing I support a full federal ban on non-medically necessary late term abortion. Fuck that heinous bullshit.

  5. This is evildeaded , lost my phone , looking forward to making a return to the discord. The dump crew is the best crew

  6. Why not have the kid and give it up for adoption. Maybe they change their mind at 8 months 29 days and keep the kid. Abortion just seems like the worst way to go.

  7. I find myself similar to this. I dont think any one should be telling others what to do with themselves or their own body. But the issue I have is when is the baby, an innocent, protected life. If the baby can feel pain, the person deciding to kill it is committing murder. I struggle knowing if that gives me the right to tell someone no you cant do that, opposing my leave each other the fuck alone view of politics. I think, if we know when the baby should be able to feel pain it's too late to decide to kill it. I very much didnt care about this till I had my son. I'm angry at these late term abortion advocates as it's just blatant murder sanctioned by the state to me. But I'm also against this weird heartbeat bill that was passed as its imposing an impossible standard on people to make a decision before some people even know they are expecting. The fact I as a man have been told I dont get a voice in this is just stupid since I can have an opinion if its murder or not. Leaves me kinda lost on this alot though.

  8. I'm pro choice and pro life… why should only the woman get to decide when it also took a man to donate the sperm. I'd be fine if a couple decided having a child isn't work for them. but until men are granted that right, I'm pro life because woman shouldn't be allowed to kill men's babies without their consideration. obviously if the mother is in danger save her over the fetus.

  9. That's exactly the even-tempered and thought out approach I've come to expect and enjoy from you UA. Regardless of our personal feelings on it, it's a much more complex issue than people typically give it credit for.

  10. It seems they want the choice of avoiding responsibility of other bad choices or choices they didn't make before they got pregnant, outside of the contraceptive failure rate, rape, incest, the life of the mother exceptions etc…

  11. You're not a liberal or a conservative, if I had to put a label on you. You're a libertarian. That throws the average idiot for a loop. The fact that you even think people are capable of thinking for themselves.

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