The Art of Lifestyle Newborn- Click Photo School

hi everyone I'm Elise and I'm so excited to share my breakout with you the art of lifestyle newborn in this breakout I'll bring you along with me and discuss the information you need to make lifestyle photography your own it includes everything from prepping your client to conditioning yourself to really dig deep into that lifestyle state of mind I also give tips on making the client feel comfortable in front of the camera insight to my favorite natural poses shooting in dark cluttered spaces editing and so much more I wanted this breakout to allow you to get inside my mind and really figure out where you need to be in order to create effortless storytelling organic images for your client and even for yourself this breakout will give you that boost of confidence to take the jump from post studio newborn photos to lifestyle on location photos that bring a sense of home intimacy and connection in addition to the 77 pH PDF I've included a bonus lifestyle Maternity chapter of a heinessen shooting video too editing videos and a video where I'll give you a look at a completed gallery and walk you through the process of culling I promise it'll be worth your time and I'm so thrilled to be able to share it with you thanks so much

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