1. I’m in love with LunaPads, reusable period shorts, underwear, pads. You just wash them yourself and use them forever. Eco friendly and save 💵💵💵

  2. Maybe it's me,but I need overnight,superplus,heavy flow pads,or its just a mess. My flow has always been heavy,even before having children. Lucky thing is my situation only lasts 3 days,maybe 4 at most.

  3. I came across a young woman @ Showcase Gentleman's Club while visiting the N.O. who could have benefited from your advice….keep the info coming.

  4. Have to check them out! I’ve always preferred always overnight purple pack!! 👌🏽….. I truly once again enjoy your openness to Share!! Super dope ☺️

  5. The cup seems messy and gross…like how do you empty it without spilling blood on yourself or your clothes…I don't get it. So you gotta empty it, wash it then re-apply it?What about the leakage and dripping that occurs while you're doing all that? Girls who use the menstrual cups…help a sista out. I've always been a pad girl.

  6. Wanna change your life? Get a menstrual cup! I haven't used pads or tampons in 4 years!!!!! I have the Diva brand menstrual cup. Yes they're a little pricey;however, I've had the same one for 4 YEARS! How much money have I saved I don't even know. Also how much trash have I kept out of the landfill? It's worth researching. I wish all women used the cup. It's so much better than pads or tampons. Better for your health, environment, & pocket book. LONG BREATH TMI: I looked into other forms of menstruation control when I had my implanon birth control placed. I was having a crazy heavy flow that traditional pads couldn't keep up. I was so desperate I was considering having the Implanon Implant removed. Found the Diva Cup and it solved all my problems. It's basically set it and forget it. I kept my implant. I've actually had it replaced and got a new one. I don't have to worry about having a woopsy baby or my period. Anyway that's my two cents.

  7. Funny, I just started wearing the softcup… it was tough to adjust to at first, but after the second day I got the hang of it. Could not feel anything. I am going to recommend it to my daughter

  8. What brand of Tompons you used do a period video day u start the day u end show us how much u bleed each day to see what brand is good

  9. I really like that extended back part, too many sheets and undewdrawers have been ruined even when wearing an ovènight pad. I had to double up on the overnights to sort of extend them because the pad shifts when you're sleeping but with these theres no need cause it all ready has the extended part. Will def check this brand out!

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