The Birth of Heroes the Game

I was brought up with this underlying concept that we can change the world. This is the thing. Everytime that I get a
glimpse of a project like this, that could potentially do it, I think to myself
is this… is this the one? I’ve never been this excited about any project that I worked on uh… I think this far exceeds anything
in terms of both complexity and you know what it is. What will be for
people to actually get this in their hands and play it.
The essence of this project is to change lives dramatically in the same way that heroes we’ve read
about in the Bible did.
I can only know exactly who I am when I know who my heroes are. So, the reason for heroes the why of heroes is to remind people of who the heroes are and when they do,
let me tell you when they do when somebody knows who the heroes are everything in their life changes.
I can’t think of anything out at the moment uh… certainly in the adventist church and even within the wider sort of Christendom, that approaches biblical characters in the way that this App is doing with this comic book style. Here is what the game is about. This is fantastic. You’ve got sixty seconds to answer as many questions as you
possibly can about the heroes you chose. This is a fun process because in the end you have to read the
Bible and there is no short way of
doing that. You have to read the text, you have to engage with the text you have to
understand what’s being said in there and then you have to formulate this question uh… that not only is understandable but then inspires someone to do what you
did, which is to go back and read the text.
If you start playing it you will very soon realize that there’s only uh… so much you can go far without
actually getting to learn more. First you need to be quick answering the
questions. If you’re a very good at answering the
five easy questions that come first you go into the medium questions and if you’re very good at answering the
medium they go into hard questions and if you’re very good in answering the
hard questions, your points just keep building up, and you need to answer them in a row, you come to the impossible questions. It is exactly the sort of thing that will connect with someone who isn’t even interested in the Bible or interest in Christianity as such.
When you connect Heroes with your facebook all your friends are also playing the game, and you will be able to compare your scores against their scores, and I think that makes it really engaging because all of a sudden you have this actual level of challenge where you will be challenged by your friends to reach higher scores by getting to know more your heroes. Now if you carry on like this you’ll
need some help and so we are launching some effects. You have… what is it? The Joshua effect. You have extra time just like Joshua, who had extra time and you have the Lazarus’ effect,
which gives you uh… a second chance and then you have to Jonah’s effect, which is to
skip the question just like Jonah skipped the mission. As soon as people get to play this for
the first time they’re going to see there is something different about it. They’re going to see that there is
something unique and new and that it is very fresh in all of its elements.
I think this game is going to be massive. I think it is going to be huge, and i think it’s going to be one of the biggest uh… christian based games out there. This is going to be such a revolutionary game that people will naturally subscribe
for it because of shared curiosity. Once they start playing it, once the
competitiveness starts kicking in they won’t be able to put it down. We want to use the game so that people can engage with the
biblical heroes and eventually come and meet face to face to know what it’s like
to become disciples of the ultimate hero Jesus Christ. One: we all love heroes. Two: we all secretly want to be a hero. The fact that we all see heroes and can understand what it means to be heroe. It excites us, it moves us and it empowers us to a point that we want to be the ones who save the world.

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