The Birth of the Soundbar (1998 – 2019)

Loud booming and cool-looking we all
love soundbars at least most of us do soundbars have really come a long way in
the last 20 years so in this video we wanted to do something a little bit
different and take a trip down memory lane so this is the very first sound
bars and how this great device has evolved over time as the famous saying
goes no way you come from to know where you’re going
this applies to sound bars well sort of anyways is the year 1998 a year that
gave music lovers a marvelous gift in the form of a box called soundbar the
credit for creating the first all-in-one margin of sound box goes to altec
lansing who released the first modern soundbar altec lansing named their
first state of the art model the voice of digital theater this soundbar consisted
of a separate sub-woofer and offered only stereo and Dolby Pro Logic sound the
invention was a breakthrough in sound systems which eliminated the complex
writing mesh and was a boon for homes with limited space
it used altec lansing sign firing technology and algorithms to provide
surround sound from the sides rear and front
despite pioneering this field all tech didn’t follow up with subsequent models
during the following years many companies like Pioneer Philips Yamaha
B&W another music giants launched their own versions of sound bars with
modifications and new sound driver technology the first was pioneer who
announced the PD sp1 in 2002 the world’s first digital sound projector with more
than 500 watts of power and a quite interesting in bold design pioneers take
on the soundbar resulting in a really huge box that definitely stood out from
the crowd later followed polk audio Philips and Yamaha each with their own
interpretation of how sound bars should lick and sound from them all the company
that really took sound bar audio innovation of the next level was Yamaha
in December 2004 gum howl launched its ysp 1 sound bar the world’s most
advanced digital sound projector the time there’s considerable
breakthrough since the ysp one exceed the world’s first real 5.1 channel
surround sound as a completely new kind of single speaker surround sound system
it opened up a new market for home theater systems yamaha ysp series later
continued to evolve and improved with the subsequent models who is P 1000
released in October 2005 and though I see 500 released in October 2007 each
model brought extra features and improved the surround technology with
more power better sound separation heavier bass and more features like
automatic microphone optimizations support for newer sound formats
additional ports didn’t weigh more alongside Yamaha more and more tech
companies continue to enter the sound bar marker due to increasing popularity
companies like Bose which were already recognized for their premium audio
products sauce on bars is a natural next step for the audio product offerings in
2011 oles released its first sound bar system the cinemate 1sr from the p with
full audio surround bar in 2005 and philips ambience and in 2007 however it
was designed primarily to just receive audio output from the TV set and enhance
the sound experience not only audio companies have stepped into the sound
bar game the market has become the slowly saturate as giant tech
conglomerates like Samsung Sony and LG have begun developing and launching new
models every year now looking back at the last 15 years design wise we can say
that the elements haven’t changed too much as mainstream sound bars mostly
kept the same elongated wooden speaker box appearance it’s quite reasonable
since there isn’t much wiggle room to evolve with the design of speakers
especially for small tweaks and external appearance but taking a closer look at
the internals an audio evolution it’s a completely different matter sound bars
went from 3.1 shows as many as seven point one point four channels from a
standalone speaker with wired sub woofer to complete surround system with
wireless speakers and wireless active subwoofers from stereo and billowy Pro
Logic sound to the very cinematic Dolby this is DTS X which can envelop an
entire room with sound from few analog connections the latest HDMI standards
and multiple wireless streaming options from a TV audio enhancement accessory to
full-on independent sound system streaming device video paths there have
been more we’ve truly come a long way so what’s the next force on bars except for
a few insiders nobody who really knows what the big corporations and the
innovative startups are planning for us next
and what interesting sound bars are currently cooking in their lives for
that we’ll just have to wait and see what we do know is after some of us the
sound bar really changed the way we set up our sound systems saving us the cost
of space of additional surround speakers and cable clutter for others the sound
bar simply improves our TV watching experience with richer and more
immersive audio we can keep expecting sound bar audio to keep getting better
and better and to see many more features around audio to keep popping up in
future sound bars as technology rapidly moves forward it’s truly going to be an
exciting future for sound bar enthusiasts and tech lovers in general
let us know what you think in the comments and we’ll catch you guys next
time you

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