The Breakdown of Postpartum Recovery || The Dainty Pear {Birth Series!}

hey everyone Sarah from the dainty pair today we're talking about the breakdown of postpartum recovery let's be honest having a baby isn't the most glamorous thing in the universe and let me be blunt neither is the recovery so basically when you already feel like you're leaking from every part of your body and then you have to act like a functioning human being who also takes care of other human beings all while being sleep-deprived and sore if you're not a fan of graphic postpartum glory then this may not be the right video for you but if you don't mind then watch on brave friends so there's your disclaimer because let's be honest once you've pushed out a human and gone through everything you get that entails any dignity pretty much go downtown commit from the moment they check your cervix for the first time to the moment your legs in the stirrups when you're pushing for the whole relevancy to the times where they push on your stomach and then check your path to see once you're bleeding and make sure that everything looks normal goodbye privacy but I will say I can't think of anything cooler than losing your dignity to pushing out a human being a human being a human comes out of your body I can't think of anything to lose and not to the Dolphins privacy – so here we go Mama's day one a recovery pain and put your boobies might hurt your undercarriage is definitely hard especially if you got pitches to after pains of your uterus shrinking down they kind of hurt is it worth it absolutely they chew pain and flip III pain and slip boobs also started swelling slowly might not even be the right word more like cottage cheese all the way up to your collarbone the girls are figuring out what to do with the mother lode of milk deport crying because you miss being pregnant no matter how miserable it was at times we're all the time and wondering when the next one is coming crying because your older kids look so big crying because you mix your doctor and your nurses crying because you're overwhelmed crying because you're happy crying because you're tired cry when your husband said the good night prayer with the kids let's just call this a cry day shall we day five after pains again that's what they call the pains that happen when a uterus is shrinking back to size after having a baby and I don't like what early labor feels like my mr. Beatty come young everything down is just kind of hurting your tummy and then your eyes that you don't have gone tomorrow scary thought kids if you heard of hemorrhoid they're almost first in child an exaggeration only slightly I'm also on day five have a short cry session for no reason good to start leaking and they become even more painful and lumpy it on the floors and then you quickly realize you compete a small village is all the milk just managing to get inside your source they fix more occupation you shovel chocolate in your mouth like now I'm afraid it's a period of your life have a short cry section for no reason again cold function more like so on body sugar like you're standing in the middle of the snow in January on top lashes more like you're running a marathon understand and slip day seven every muscles hurt somehow and you wonder can i still be sore from labor yes the answer boobs hurt but then you decide maybe it's how much goes on man these eight through 14 depending on what kind of birth you had you're not supposed to do we like to drive much or lift much so this isn't these days is kind of like get me to freak out of here or I'm going to go great you might start filling the lettuce or and kind of get the itch to go be social and see what you're missing for maybe nine or ten months and maybe go find some of the food that you won't care luck you're bleeding may start to lighten but let me warn you do not go in public with white pants don't do it learn from my mistake keep that pad on just keep a pad on don't be fooled by that tricky lightens bleeding especially if you're in your where is weak and just like that two weeks is come and gone and despite your worst fears you might drown and children and you never get used to this whole mother thing the craziness starts to feel well normal or at least and you love these kids more than ever and then as insane completely unnatural and baffling as it may be you realize I do it all over again

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