4 Replies to “The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Stillborn – 05”

  1. At the end of the day, i and she had to kill it. But it changed everything about who i was and who she was. This stillborn was what made me an english professor and what made her a street walker. Theres no changing that.

  2. This song gets everything of having to have an abortion or experiencing the positives of a miscarriage. Like I had to deal with all of that, and it was important to deal with that, but goddamn if it wasnt awful to have to go "lets kill this creature we brought into this world from our love, because we arent prepared to take care of it." I still cry myself to sleep because of that. It would have been awful, for that critter, but imagining taking care of him always brings a tear to my eye. Because it was a him, and I very well could have been his dad.

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