The Case Against Kids: The Liability of Childbirth – Baby Bomb Part 5 (obsolete)

in this video I'm going to talk about the liability of childbirth that is what are the risks that you invoke when you decide to have a baby these are risks to you personally and risks to others it turns out every activity has risks and having a baby is one of the riskiest activities you can ever engage in now in previous videos I talked about the population implosion the fact that in most of the developed world and all the highest strata of society they're not having enough babies babies are still being produced but they're being produced in the third world and they're being produced by the less capable members of society the more educated you are the more capable you are likely the fewer babies you're going to have and this means over time that you're just not reproducing and the values that you hold dear are not going to be perpetuated into the next generation so I'm deeply conflicted about this I'm wondering why don't people have babies and whether I should have a baby and laying things out the thing the thing that really drags me down is the liability is the risk of having a child it back on me back in the old days back in most of human history there was no choice about having children you just had them as long as you were you fell victim to the to the wiles of romance if you as long as you were sexually attracted to someone then naturally babies would follow because when there was sex there was babies now once we have developed birth control then having a baby becomes a choice which is which is entirely different a choice means you have to think things through and you have to decide which way to go and more importantly when you have a choice you also incur liability something becomes your responsibility and in the very simplest the simplest concept here is is a legal concept and a moral concept that when you engage in a risky behavior and you do it willingly then you are responsible for all for all the results of your actions so if you choose to drink and drive or you choose to drive too fast and by by taking that risky behavior you kill someone you are responsible for that death and you're going to go to jail for it and that's true with childbirth if you choose to have a child man and a woman choose to have a child and bring their gametes together you don't know what you're going to get you know there's a huge huge risk involved yes your child could turn out to be brilliant your child could be the next Einstein or someone who changes the world but in our system of reproduction it's far more likely this there's something that's going to go wrong with that child there are so many different kinds of birth defects each of which has a significant statistically significant risk of happening like I got severe autism that's not your fault but by choosing to have a child and if that child has severe autism and can't work can't ever become productive member of society you are responsible for that person for as long as they live that is your burden your obligation what it comes down to is that by having a child you have imposed on yourself an unlimited liability there is no limit to how much this could cost you if things go back having this child could cost you everything that you you own everything that you hold dear if things go bad because if this child is in trouble you will give up everything to try to save them there's really no other activity that humans engage in that is so risky and involves such a potentially enormous cost and I'm not just worried about my own well-being but about the well-being of my hypothetical child I'm placing risks on that child by having them to begin with imagine that I choose to have a child and that child has a serious physical ailment which causes them enormous pain imagine that child eventually gets cancer and has that pain well that pain never had to happen if I hadn't made the child to begin with so not only am i responsible but I created a painful universe that didn't have to happen now children not usually like that children are usually a joy and it's fun to watch them grow up it's fun to raise them just like a pet it's fun to have them but there's a substantial risk that by having them you impose you impose hell on them that you impose a a great deal of pain on them that never had to happen in the universe had you not taken that step you have the liability of the actual birth process where you don't know what you're going to get what you're mixing up the genes of mother and father in a big test-tube and you're seeing what happens it's a kind of a Frankenstein experiment we take genes from one person and genes from another one mix them all together and what do you get well you could get something brilliant but you could get a Frankenstein it's just this experiment it's a big spinning of a roulette wheel to see what happens so so you don't know what you're going to get you don't know what's going to come out of the womb when you when you make this big decision and it's like this that could be a significant five or ten percent risk of this the child isn't healthy coming out of the womb that there's something seriously congenitally wrong and and who would ever take that risk you would not engage in a dangerous sport that had a ten percent risk of killing you or maiming you that that risk is too high yet people routine routinely take those risks when they have a baby there's a huge risk is impossible to quantify exactly but there's a huge risk that something is going to rot be wrong go wrong before that child is even born then when the child is born you are responsible for them until they reach the age of maturity which is could be anywhere between 18 and 20 and 30 depending on how you measure it and anything they do anything that goes wrong is still your responsibility if you have a teenager who gets involved in a swimming swimming accident and breaks his neck and and it can no longer take care of himself you're responsible for that child for the rest of your life simply because of the fact that you brought him into the world and the kids hit the teenage years and what happens when the kids hit these teenagers you would you have no control over them you tried your best to raise them through the younger childhood years but once they hit teenagers they start they start doing crazy things they start doing things that get them arrested and no matter how good you are raising that child you've lost control you begin to lose control in those teenage years and but still you're responsible you're the parent you're the one who has to go bail them out of jail so if you add up all of these risks you know the risk of child birth the risk of accidents during childhood the risk of the child going off in a dangerous direction all of that is an enormous risk with virtually no reward for you the only reward you're getting out of it is that you know that something of you is going to be transferred to the next generation which is kind of a vague a vague goal it's not a clear-cut goal so you're willing to take this huge risk of raising a child of having a child and raising a child with the kind of vague hope that they'll carry on after you that's not a very powerful reward so the more you think about it the more you you figure well is this a good idea for me is this a good investment for my resources is this a good risk to take the more you think the more you add things up you have to say no you have to say that the children just start worth it so that's the mindset that the intelligent world is working from and if we want to save our civilization we've got to address that in some way I dress basic first of all the liability issues what if something goes wrong with my child what is my liability going to be if my child comes out of the womb with a severe handicap that prevents him from ever standing on his own who's going to take care of that child and certain countries are better than at that than others it if this happens in Norway where there's a good safety net you have a pretty good your liability is limited in other words if you do have this child that can't function that the state will step in and and help out and limit your liability you really don't have that in America you don't have that kind of safety net and so in America you just don't want to do it so if we're going to save our civilization if you're going to save humanity and keep humanity moving on to the next generation there has to be some mechanism that sets the steps and and distributes liability and that's what insurance is for for example if you if you drive a car which is a risky undertaking you buy car insurance which covers most of the things that could go wrong in driving a car hitting another pedestrian or crash doing damage to property or doing damage the car or hurting yourself all these are covered by car insurance and what we need is some kind of parent insurance a pooling of liability because the risks are too great for any individual any thinking individual to take but they are not too great for a group to take responsibility for for example if you have ten thousand people as ten thousand parents having children there is only a limited number of those children that are going to have physical defects and if we pull all of the resources of these parents then the pool should be able to take care of any problems that happen in in the birthing process and in the raising of children and some societies do that pretty well that has to work better and it has to be convincing enough to parents to parents that they are willing to take this risk of bringing a new life into the world personally I'm terrified I terrified of the cost of parenthood because it would totally change my life he would totally disrupt everything I built of my life and forced me to be a different kind of person that I am now and I'm terrified of the liability the risks of bringing a new life into the world that didn't have to happen if I hadn't made that choice so choice can be a terrible thing back in the old days there was no choice everyone had children rich or poor smart or foolish everybody had children if you succumb to sexual attraction then you had children and today when you have a choice the burdens are so much greater because of that choice because you know that anything that happens after conception is your fault because you made the decision

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  1. Not paranoia, it used to be called common sense but since it's not common anymore, it's intelligent thinking.

  2. Lets make this very simple. You are riddled with deep internal anxiety and fear and way overthink.. 👽

  3. Having kids IMO is way too risky for me. Having one is essentially being extremely optimistic about the long-term future. Also, about birth defects, I heard the standard rate is around 1%. Introduce anything like parents w/ genetic illnesses or anything else & that can do way up, fast. IMO, more people ought to consider adoption, as there exist a lot of orphaned babies out there already. Also, while it may not truly be random as far as what one gets, to us humans, it is experienced as randomness as we can not control for so many variables.

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