14 Replies to “The deadly risks women and their babies face at childbirth in the United States”

  1. but mfs keep having kids for niggas that isnt worth you carrying their child..fucking idiots..u can die..all men is not worth u carrying their seed..but they keep making bastard kids everywhere

  2. My first baby was a c section he was 2 months early I had very high blood pressure I had I don't remember it much I was out of it I remember the next day he was with me such a sweet little boy we were in hospital for weeks he's 20 years old now almost six foot tall

  3. This is a bunch of BS. Race doesn't matter…. All mom's are at risk. STFU. You should be a shame of your gossip.

  4. I had my second child, my daughter. I knew that I was not carrying her right. I was about 7 1/2 months at the time & I was sitting in a chair at home & I felt alot of pressure. I thought I had to pass gas I tried & I knew my water broke. I called an ambulance because I was home alone with my 5yr old son at the time. I was terrified because I knew I wasn't to term. I ended up getting to hospital & being told they were "extremely busy". The doctor talked to me for maybe 15mins. I kept telling the staff I did not think I urinated on myself. They took the swab test & said it came back positive for urine not amniotic fluid. I was told I could go back home. I did. By the morning I had woke up in a puddle of sweat. I was feeling delirious. My mother was not home so I had to call my grandmother & aunt to come get me & take me back to the hospital. At that time I had almost passed out in the back of the car. The nurses saw me & started rushing me back & putting IVs in me. They told me that I was infected from my sack being ruptured all night. They made me sign papers & at the time I didnt know what I was signing. I had to have an emergency csection that's all the nurse kept saying. My grandma said she had to leave because she was so scared for me. I told the nurses I had came in the night before & they acted like they had no record of it. My fever was 107° internal. A simple error in a test for ambiotic fluid & a surge in child birth that night & it seemed like a lack of staff as well could have cost me or my daughter's life. Should I seek legal advice? My daughter is now 6yrs old & has had more medical issues than my son who I carried to term & had a vaginal birth.

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