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  1. been on Keto for 3 weeks, have had a period early but I have the worst headache and feel really sick, Im not dehydrated and keeping my salts up but I wake every morning with a banging head, will this pass and can I remedy this?

  2. Hello,
    Thanks for sharing the info, I will be very happy if you answer my question. My periods started 12 days ago and I am on Keto diet from March 11,2019 (Lost 28 lbs). In this cycle, I am having longer periods and is there anyway to stop them. Little Worried.. please advice

  3. what the doctor said about PCOS happened exactly to me. Yet I have never been diagnosed. I started OMAD intuitively when my weight stalled. Now I have lost 30lb since February. Still can’t do fasting longer than 24 hour though

  4. The same like mine, im in keto diet for almost 3 weeks and my period is stopping, i bleed yesterday and id thought this will continue of having a period but its giving me a drops of blood is this normal i dont have pcos…

  5. I have PCOS and started keto 4 days ago. I know I'll stall at some point. Where do I get more info on fasting when I hit that stall but also stay in ketosis?

  6. Hi Dr Boz. I dont have pcos however after I had my daughter I had a lot of female problems. I went back on my old Bc pill and I had cycles all over the place, it would come and go constantly. So I had a dnc and they switched me to a very high dose of bc because they found I had some endometriosis. Will going keto make those symptoms worse? I noticed wonky periods so I'm worried about what it could be doing.

  7. I feel so good on keto butttt I hate pms😢. I’m moody, depressed, hate the way I look. I swear I actually look different and I notice others do to. What can I do? Are there any supplements? Should I try to raise my estrogen or lower progesterone? I’m really trying to figure it out. I’m miserable 😩

  8. what is the affect on men? I have seen a big change in my husbands moods, to the good side. we do need talk about men on this diet.

  9. My morning blood sugar is 100 or so but the rest of the day it’s 80’s even after food. Do I have the morning dawn effect or pcos?

  10. thank you for this! I'm day 3 or 4 of Keto and just started spotting. not "scheduled" for a period for at least 2+ weeks. been on BCPs non-stop (skipping placebos) for a few years so was quite surprised by this! <3

  11. I'm 9 weeks into keto, and am 5 days late for my period, I know I am not pregnant. My periods have always been predictable to the day, almost to the hour. I find this very concerning. My first period on keto was very normal as usual.

  12. I started on the Keto diet in January 2019 and noticed for the last 2 months that my periods are heavier and last a full 7 days. Also, once my period is over about 2 days later I start spotting again for a couple of days. This is very odd as this has never happened until I started on tge Keto diet.

  13. This video although helpful did not address periods. Wish you can do one that answers all the questions on here thank you.

  14. I was wondering if KETO can have an influence on my birth control intake? I've been doing keto for more than 3 weeks now and am having some mild spotting while on birth control pills?? Is this normal?

  15. Fuck me man legit my 10th day on keto. Plus lm irregular usually so this diet is a blessing for me☺️

  16. Dr.(are You?)
    1) Why so many woman on YouTube claim that they lost period on Keto? Some off them even for year or longer. Some get them back after getting more carbs back in. Why? Is it safe?
    2) why cows in ketosis reduce reproduction twice? Isn't it warning sign?

    You are woman and say you are doctor.
    Please respond with full responsibility.

    P.s. usually authors off channel do not reply uncomfortable questions not making money for channel so I hope someone else with real knowledge about it will respond. Please.
    Thank You.

  17. I didn’t have a period for 416 days due to pcos. Started keto and five months later I got my period!!!

  18. I want to know what to do to make sure hormones are balanced. I’ve heard that fasting a week leading up to
    Period can be very harmful. Losing weight is one thing but I don’t want more insomnia and anxiety and less hair and dry skin. God it’s complicated being female 😳

  19. Dr. Boz, I’ve been on Keto for 2 months, I have PCOS with mild physical symptoms. I don’t ovulate very often though. My last two periods have come 2-3 days early. My biggest concern is that I have had terrible mood swings! I’m generally a very even tempered person, but not the last couple months. Also, I’ve only lost 3lbs. I do IF 3-4 days a weeks and keep my cards under 20-30 a day. Any advice on the mood swings and not loosing weight?

  20. I started Keto avout 10 days ago and my period or what I thought was my period one week earlier. It hasn't been a normal full period. Instead I have been spotting every day. Is this normal? I have never had this before. My periods are very regular because I take birth control pills.

    not sure If i should quit Keto. I have lost 5 lbs so far even though I failed on Christmas eve dinner.

  21. I have pcos and my menstrual cycle started after not having a period for 5 months and it was on for a whole month straight.😒. I ended up stopping keto a little after that from not being focused. So I just started the keto again and my menstrual cycle started again after two weeks from my last period. I'm irritated what do I do?

  22. I had my period 2wks ago, I’m shocked to see that I’m bleeding again. I’m my my 3rd week of Keto, is this normal? I’m worried!

  23. you are absolutely right am 10 days into starting eating keto and here they are my periods about one week early and also much more fluid than usual..

  24. Hi Dr Boz Thank you for your videos I have been wondering whats happening to me too As I hv allways had good regular periods short and sweet mostly 3/4days My last period lasted 13 days mostly spotting arfter 5/6 days and I still see a little 14 days now and I feel sore ,drained and not real well I have been mostly eating keto for a while now a year but not 100% Lately I have been more consistent I do IMT regularly I am fit and only hv a little pregnancy waight that I am trying to fix 5 kgs is all i need to loss to be in top shape I am healthy otherwise I am 48 nelly and was thinking my problem could be menopause symptoms Thow I felt fine before Taking keto more seriously and don't hv any other medical problems or menopause symptoms 💗😁😎 I would appreciate any further information you could give on this subject Thank you Ps can keto bring on menopause

  25. I just started keto and just like you said, after about 10 days I got a pretty heavy period. BUT the problem with this is that I'm in the middle of my active birth control pills. Where as before the pills regulated my cycle to mensturate during inactive pills and for less than 5 days. I loved that! This, my first keto period, is like my old, 7 day long, heavy period. I'm also worried now that the pill will be ineffective as far as contraception while in ketosis! Is the only option to change my birth control? I keep seeing studies about women with PCOS but I'm at a healthy weight only 10lbs away from a goal weight and just want to have an easy time with contraception and ketosis, but there seems to be no information for this type of situation.

  26. My wife has low progesterone and does not ovulate we have already bought the food in and are starting today. We are not obese but we are a little overweight. Hopefully this helps, thanks doc 🙂

  27. Dr. B. can you talk about cramps in between cycles? Is this normal on Keto and will it go away? Like having PMS & period cramps all the time, rather than when it should happen which is right before or during the period.

  28. I am concerned about the effect on fasting for women. Hormones, overall metabolism, etc. Would it be possible for you to do a video specific to women. I find that keto is so different for women!

  29. I just started keto 10 days back.. Am supposed to get my period i did not ..Will menstrual cycle changes while you are on KETO?

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