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  1. So if some women experience good births in hospitals does that mean that there are not women out there being bullied, non-consented, and poorly treated? Because I have been a doula for over 10 years and I can tell you just by the name of the care provider and the hospital exactly the likely birth scenario each mother will have in our area..

  2. Never have and never will get the chance to plan a home or natural birth.
    My c-section saved my life as well as my son's life but I can't have another.
    I envy those who have a choice.

  3. I pray this doesn't happen to me i am overweight and am trying my best to stay away from a C-section because i really want to be able to breastfeed my baby as soon as she is born.

  4. OBSTETRICIANS see pregnant women as "FETUS CONTAINERS".

    The fetus is their overriding primary patient while the mother is a secondary consideration.

    60 sec of late decels? FUCK O2, repositioning, etc. "LET'S CUT!"

    That way they won't sue ME–they'll fuckin sue ANESTHESIA for aspiration ! Baby doesn't grow up & get into Harvard? Sue anesthesia !

    FUCK you OB dipshits.


  5. The following entry displays low IQ reasoning. "Don't bash OBs b/c they trained for years to help women…" RE-tard. The ISSUE is their liability SHIFTING. 1 min. of late decels? Hell, STAT c/s! Sue Anes! Sue peds! Oh, and the APGARs were what? 8 & 9, again?? NO lawsuit has fucking EVER been filed against an OB FOR deciding to cut (suits may be filed for bladder injury, etc, but that's NOT the issue). The decision to cut is made by those OB BUTTFUCKERS to shift liability TO others.


  6. love love love this video!! i am a midwife and an RN. I worked in hospitals for years, now I help deliver babies at home where it is much much safer. People have no idea of the ramifications of CSections, and interference in the birth process in general. The real info is just beginning to trickle out, and watch how the medical community will fight it! But with the ACOG recommendations of this year, things are going to start changing and people will get the facts!

  7. This is soo true.. I am not even pregnant yet but what I would like to happen when I am is to go to the hospital but not have ANY medication at all. NO epidural and certainly no pitocin. And to have the cord not cut till it stops pulsating. And to have the freedom to move around if I want. Not just being stuck on my back because it's easier for the doctor. And I want to breastfeed. I didn't know about the fact that sometimes they give babies formula without asking?! That's not ok.

  8. yes Dr. I have been paying attention, that is why I had a home birth with a midwife…is she trying to tell us something…

  9. @annalise61107 I also don't know what you mean by am I always "this way." Always what way? Pointing out what the scientific research indicates? Lol….if you made your choices in childbirth then good for you. If everything worked out in the hospital then good for you. But that doesn't change the fact that the C-section rate is too high, and it's directly related to factors that take place in the hospital. Is there something wrong with wanting to fix that and making it better for mothers?

  10. @annalise61107 If you know what a correlation is then why do you keep bringing up "I had an epidural and I breastfed just fine!" "I had my baby in the hospital and everything went just fine!" Lol…like I said, I just want women to know their choices, and that certain choices may increase the risk of problems. I don't know where you got the idea that I'm "angry." You are the one that sounds angry when you accuse your midwives of "lying" to you over and over.

  11. @annalise61107 You just don't get it. Obviously there are lots of women who have epidurals and C-sections and can breastfeed fine. Do you not understand the concept of a correlation? Hospital interventions increase the risk of c-section and sometimes breastfeeding problems. You are the one thinking it is cut and dry, I am point out what the research shows. I am not going to judge any individual woman for her choices. I support women being fully informed of the risks.

  12. @annalise61107 And since you brought it up, were you aware that some hospitals will feed babies formula without asking, having a c-section or an epidural can hinder breastfeeding, and hospitals sponser formula companies? Lactation consultants aren't going to fix all those problems. And yes I know it may not have been your experience, but these are common issues that women should know about.

  13. @annalise61107 I don't understand why you are so offended by people discussing some of the not so good aspects of hospitals and OB directed birth that contribute to the high C-section rate. Women should be informed so they can make their own decisions. Honestly your question about lactation consultants was ridiculous. Seriously? Of course I know they have lactation consultants. What exactly is the problem? What does your experience have to do with there being too many c-sections?

  14. @annalise61107 What misinformation and scare tactics are you referring to? Of course you're not the only person who had a good experience in the hospital…I'm sure lots of people do. But looking at the big picture of birth, you can start to see where things could be improved.

  15. @annalise61107 And you don't? You obviously have something against women who don't want a typical medical birth. Do I want to live in a world where women are taught that they already have a natural instinct to give birth? Yes. Do I want to live in world where women aren't given unnecessary harmful interventions and taught to fear birth? Yes. I guess that's an agenda! As if you don't have any beliefs that you feel strongly about…because that would be called an "agenda."

  16. @annalise61107 Oh for god's sake, it's a video commentary on the current situation of high intervention and high c-section rates. The fact of the matter is that after the advent of doctors taking over birth, the c-section rate shot up from about 5% to 30%. It has nothing to do with how your birth went. In GENERAL though, doctors are pushing too many interventions and it's causing a lot of unnecessary c-sections. Geez!

  17. @annalise61107 Your midwife was trying to explain to you what happens in a typical hospital birth. Just because it didn't happen to you didn't mean she was lying. Sorry to break it to you but nowadays the good experiences without interventions are rare in the hospital settting.

  18. @annalise61107 How do you not understand that just because it didn't happen to you, doesn't mean it doesn't happen in most cases? Hospitals are starting to get better, for instance babies are usually kept in the room now instead of taken to the nursery. How do you think that happened? Because women decided to speak out about the fact that they were unhappy and the hospitals had to listen. Even now most women are encouraged to get a bunch of unnecessary interventions.

  19. wow why are the comments on this video so heavy people need to stop taking themselves so seriously geez

  20. @annalise61107 Maybe your doctor didn't have a golf game to get to that day? Or he already cleaned his car? j/k. I'm sure we are all glad you had a good experience with your hospital birth. There ARE ob/gyn's out there that have seen the statistics and gotten a clue. However a c-section cost more money and doesn't take 15-36 hours. Never mind that many of those labors are due in part to giving women too much pitocin and epidural alternatively, too painful contractions or not feeling.

  21. The authors of tins video have no personal agenda. They have never had a c-section. They are simply a midwife and doctor sick of US obstetrics and it's indifference to women and science.

  22. @annalise61107 there are reasons the breastfeeding rate is low in this country. One person's experience does not speak for the many who didn't receive the great care you obviously had. So sad that more women don't get the support they need, but good or you.

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