3 Replies to “The Fertility Doctor: Conception, Pregnancy and Fertility – Video”

  1. What about costs of seeing the specialists (My wife and I have Medicaid/Medicare)? I don't even know if I am fertile or not. We've been trying for two and a half years. OH, and we're both 25.

  2. @cXtotheXj hi there me and my bf are having the same problem but have been trying for 1 year and four months. what really helps me is opk tests which they test lh hormones right before 24-36 hour before u ovulate. if the women knows her body it really helps too, like cervical mucus and such . i also write down my first day of my periods then the last day it stopped .i also do ovaution calenders which can be found online which give an estimate on when ur gonna ovualte next .hope this helps

  3. If you or your partner is infertile, give the “Sοkοpο Wοzz” (Google it) a shot. I was dissatisfied by the outcomes that I was received from western medicine. However, my conception was a success after getting a healthy diet and considering planned acupuncture therapies for a few months. the scene of my twelve months old daughter wandering around the home is very enchanting. To find out more about this awesome method, visit Google.

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