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hi guys welcome back to my channel today at my little girls joining me because she wants to be held apparently studios video is going to be all about the first 48 hours after birth for mommies mostly and I haven't seen hardly any videos if any about this um and going into it I had no idea what to expect after birth as far as mom goes people didn't really talk about it they didn't really tell me because you're focused on the baby and you're focused on so you're known you're so happy but a slap of reality that hits you in the face after birth Tom still goes through some things but no one seems to talk about them so the video is going to be graphic in a way like I'm not gonna sugarcoat anything we're going to be talking about bleeding blood clots and poop and boobs I'm definitely not going to hold back my sure my honest first four year was after birth so if you guys are interested and want to know kind of what to expect for yourself keep on watching and give the video a thumbs up don't forget to subscribe share follow snapchat Instagram all of the above um all right so let's just jump right into it if you guys are new to my channel are not subscribed I did have a natural birth my daughter is six months old I've been wanting to film this video for ever since I did give birth I don't know I don't know why I never got around to it I'm just kind of remembering that I wanted to film it basically I had a natural birth it was very smooth very easy births I miss birth Briscoe and I only had a couple of stitches so I can't speak for c-section and can't speak for you know terrible deliveries or I don't know anything like that so this is just my experience basically after birth you bleed a lot and I knew that I would bleed but I didn't really realize that I would be buckets of blood in the beginning and that's I mean your body as you're pregnant creates I think it's like you have 50% more blood volume flowing through your body so your body has to get rid of that naturally and you have blood clots upon blood clots and then blood it's just it's a lot that's basically why you're wearing an adult diaper and mesh means in the beginning obviously if you have like softball-sized blood clots or anything a little like above that that's complete to other things like hemorrhaging that's not good but as far as bleeding normally ends up robos you bleed a lot and then that leads me into the mesh panties so here I was packing my helper bag packing like cotton hip-huggers from Victoria's cigarette thinking after you know the first few hours I would just put those on with them a pat on no you wear I wore mesh can use the entire time went to the hospital which was what 48 hours and then I brought a couple bare home and I wanted to wear much panties at home to for the first two days I think I wearing mesh camis album take as many of them as you can from the hospital they're actually super comfortable they're like boy short mesh panties and then you put this huge pad it's almost like an adult vapor without strap fastening you to the side huge diapers on and believe you me you need them for the first 48 hours for sure one of the most beautiful things was ice pack like ice pack pad or something they like twist it and it turns super cold it's like an ice pack and that's hope so so amazing and then the squirt bottle so you're going to be able to store down there because you just burst the baby so yeah I just put her down for a second just like plan can't end on around for probably like five minutes you're probably going to get stitches you're probably going to be a little sore down there anyway I only had two stitches but basically before you pee squirt the water bottle right right down there huh and it feels so so good and plus it kind of cleanses you a little bit and it feels awesome so I definitely expect that yeah so after birth I got stitches I got two stitches and I didn't really hurt it like when they were putting the numbing novocaine whatever it is it pinched a little bit but that's I mean you're getting a shot down there but it wasn't that bad you honestly I couldn't even good would feel anything and then I went to the bathroom to get my mesh painting on and my adult diaper and my ice pack on I mean you're basically you literally have like Patapon pads on and my labor nurse she's helping me go to bathroom I miss squirting water on me as I'm going pee because of course I had to pee within like two hours after giving birth or not even because you have that big bag of IV fluids going through you and then she's like pulling blood clots out of me to help me out it was it was kind of mortifying but at the same time you just you just witnessed me give birth so whatever your dignity and your life humility is just out the door you don't you're walking around naked with an adult diaper and blood cloth hanging out of you sorry it's a little much for you to but pushing a baby out of everybody's things that are going to happen then okay so then they put the baby on you and they want you to nurse within like well within the hour half hour after the baby's born and basically you have to hand Express if you never breastfed before you're you're like squeezing the colostrum out of your crust you start from the top and you're pressing down like this and you're squeezing and colostrum does come out and it's really cool um if the baby doesn't latch swell or the baby's underweight like my daughter was basically you're probably gonna have to hand express into a spoon and you're have to squeeze and squeeze and squeeze and that can get really exhausting and kind of hurt a little bit make them pretty sore but they have these like silicone kind of nips breast pads I don't know they're called sue these they had them at the hospital I think they sell them anyway you put them in the refrigerator and they stay nice and cold and you can wear them in your nursing bra and it's awesome it feels amazing I will I say luckily I got to use the nipple shield because she didn't really latch well to me so I didn't have proud nipples but expect for your nipples to hurt most women go through the cracked and painful nipples because your baby is trying to latch on you're trying to squeeze colostrum out when I was going through I'm trying to breastfeed I had never breastfed before I didn't take a breastfeeding class didn't really know what I was doing maybe that wasn't the most smart decision ever but you have the lactation consultant and the nurses coming in and they're watching you breastfeed it was mortifying for me because I almost felt embarrassed I didn't know what I was doing and I thought ooh she's latched and they were like now she's not so they basically make me nipple sandwiches out of your breasts the whole time so they're coming over to you watching you breastfeed and you're like out like this and they grab ahold of your boob and they squish it and pull the baby in close they call it quick and close get ready for people and all people to see your boobs squish your room all of that I didn't know this at all but this is really uncomfortable they have to press on your belly to squish your uterus down to get the blood to come out so that you don't hemorrhage I didn't know that they had to do that but they literally take you there Fitz and like dig them into your belly and it's pretty uncomfortable I mean it's not like it's not so painful but it's pretty uncomfortable and I didn't expect it and they do this every like two hours I think it was a little it felt like a lot and then I luckily it was not constipated but I know 95% of the woman bearing children population they get constipated while they're pregnant and also afterwards because you kind of hold it in you're afraid to go for me I like within the first like 12 hours after giving birth I couldn't it just happened but you're scared Seamus no one intended but you're scared to go so we'll probably get constipated so you might have to take stool softeners and for me I mean I don't know if I'm rare a few other women didn't really mention that they had this problem but for me when I went to go when I had to go pee because I had to go so much because again the IV fluids and then you're so thirsty you're drinking a ton and you're starting to my breast milk you have to drink a ton so when I would go to the bathroom I would literally pull my mesh panties down and as soon as my woman part like felt the air it was like rush like I myself I basically would pee myself I couldn't control anything my bladder was just was out of control I couldn't stop the pee from happening that definitely have in the first 48 hours were the worst and then of course you know it gets better and you can strengthen and do some cables and whatnot didn't expect that your bladder literally you in your kegels is you can't hold anything in I always said I couldn't so I brought these fuzzy socks from home from Target I think they were in my hospital bag that I thought I was going to wear around the hospital and I put them on like before I gave birth I think Sydney's death with them on me and the my labor nurse came right over to me took them off and put the hospital socks on and basically that's because the hospital thoughts are meant for swelling so my ankles I thought they were stolen during pregnancy know after birth the swelling is insane again it's probably from the IV fluids and I don't know what else but you're going to have just tree trunks for legs they're probably going to be worse than during pregnancy it does within the first 24 hours go down drastically and by the time you go home it's probably you're probably going to be fine but the swelling after birth on your legs is insane it was for me and then one thing about the baby the first baby poop it was like black like poop ball like a jiggly sorry football and that it's meconium and they're getting all of you know their breast milk in and through their system and everything's coming out of their system so that is the first baby and expect to nurse often and be absolutely exhausted you don't sleep you're worried about your baby there's nurses coming in checking on you checking on the baby pricking the baby taking vitals all the time that's another thing they take your vitals like every three hours or before sometimes you're going to be starving you're going to be searched okay so my daughter clearly needs my attention and so I think that is all I wanted to mention for the first 48 hours again as always please check the description box because I always write blurbs down there if I forget anything I always link things down there and don't forget to subscribe to the video a thumbs up thank you so much if you guys had any time that you think that you need to add other mothers to know please put them in the comments leave me suggestions for other videos to do in the comments below thank you so much for watching mwah

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  1. Gotta learn to let the baby latch properly, not just the nipple but a big mouthed grasp of the breast

  2. I didn’t know the pushing on your belly thing omg that’s terrifying.. I’ve watched tons of videos and no one has said that

  3. Thank you for making this video! Im expecting my first and it’s comforting to know what to expect and that I won’t be the only one dealing with all that!

  4. this is really accurate- gave birth 8 1/2 years ago and pregnant again. Came to your channel hoping to remind myself of what it is like to give birth

  5. I'm due on Monday with my 4th! All this is super on point and so helpful, cuz noone talks about it! I've only delivered naturally without an epidural, I found that for me the pitocin that they give you after to contract your uterus back is way more painful than the minute sof contractions during labor. Especially with every additional child. That's my biggest fear! Another tip I want to add was to take a sleeping pill when they offer it. Those 48 hours at the hospital will be the only sleep you'll get for next few months, so take advantage of the nursery overnight option.
    Good luck mommas!

  6. I'm due Early August with my first! We may even get to meet her next month! Thank you so much for this video ❤️

  7. Lol sexy mess undies. I think they give them to you to ward off boyfriend/husbands. They might as well say "under construction"

  8. Hmmm…this could be a little misleading (buckets of blood???) and could prevent women from seeking appropriate help when they go home. There is a lot of bleeding but one shouldn’t be soaking a pad per hour. Also, women don’t bleed because you’re getting rid of the excess blood volume gained during pregnancy. Probably not the best advice video. If I didn’t have experience caring for delivering and postpartum moms, I’d be pretty scared.

  9. Thank you for being real. I'm 23 and pregnant for the first time (completely unexpected, of course). I've been anxious, nervous… I don't know what to expect, which I think is what scares me the most. I've been watching YouTuber moms for information, and you are the first one I've seen who wasn't afraid to talk about the unpleasant parts. Thank you, so much. I look forward to watching more of your videos for insight 😊

  10. Thank You for this video! I love that it's so Real. I'm 8 weeks pregnant and slightly terrified now but in a good way because I can at least prepare myself now xo

  11. I gave birth on 12th April this year. My legs swelled 2 weeks after birth I had to go and have scans on them. Turns out it was oedema. For me it was like a massacre after I stud up to go shower and blood just pored from me and she’s right when she said your dignity goes out the window lol I had nurses help me well I was covered in blood. Also my boy pooped inside me just as I was giving birth then he pooped on me when he was born 🤦‍♀️ so o was covered in body fluids and my som’s shit then he pooped on his nanny just after 🤣🤣 .Because I ripped deep and it was a weird shape I had to be stitched with one long thread.You struggle to sit after as well because your so sensitive down there. There is so much going off. A couple of days later my boobs swelled they were massive so sensitive I bottle fed so it may be different if you Brest feed. First thing I said to my mum was I THINK MY BUTT IS GOING TO FALL OUT INFACT I THINK MY VAGINA IS GOING TO FALL OUT TOO 🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♀️ everything feels strange down there

  12. I know this question has been asked but there's so many comments that I can't find the answer. You said that women are REALLY REALLY REALLY afraid to poop after delivery in the first 48 hours. Why?

  13. Oh yeah definitely a LOT! Had 3 kids and thankfully don't remember much of the feeling from the first two – I think I must have subconsciously blocked out the trauma.. Emergency c sec with first, episiotomy, stitches, two bags of blood and electric shocks from the hips downwards with the second.. And then! The 3rd! Got stuck needed to be physically twisted around by the doc, episiotomy and 2nd degree tear, electric shocks once again, my insides having got stuck above my womb as they were positioned whilst heavily pregnant and needing morphine just to be examined as to why I was so so swollen. Heavy painkillers and not being able to take myself to the bathroom for about 4 weeks.. All the while very very heavy bleeding which lasted about 5 weeks non stop! I could go on forever!

  14. "Basically you're walking around naked with mesh panties on and blood clots hanging out of you" …. Yup. Exactly. I was a c-section mom but the after math is pretty similar here.

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