The Four Thoughts–Precious Human Birth

Tashi Delek. I would like to say a little bit about general meaning of Ngondro, Ngondro means foundational practices. And this practice
the foundational practice is like when you want to build a house first you need good foundation. So, without foundation, even if you build the house… that is not become nice, you know?
Not become stable. This way, for the practice, Buddhadharma, If you want to have a good realization, good meditation experience first important is the foundation practice And this foundation practice, is really understand about, your true nature. And also, to understand the nature of relative, and how the Buddhadharma, helps you to bring to your life to help the others, This way, there’s many aspects of the Dharma. By example: Appreciation about what you have, to understand the nature of reality is impermanence and the karma
which is interdependent, cause and result, and the suffering of samsara, There are many aspects. So, to practice all these things, to step by step, with a clear guide, and step by step, and this way we have this foundational practice specially in Tibetan Buddhism And, when you practice this foundational practice, is not like just like ritual, no like a system, Not just system, not just ritual, is really connecting with your true nature and nature of you and nature of all beings. And through that, what we call, you liberate from samsara Samsara meaning: The circle of illusion and delusion always comes again, again, and again. This way, we want to… break the circle of illusion. How to break it? You have to need the wisdom to know how to break the circle. Though the foundation practice, if you start practice the foundation practice, step by step, then you will have the full body of the wisdom wisdom complete, and you can break the circle of samsara. And this is the general important points of what is the meaning of foundational practice. What we call four thoughts. Another word is Four Turning the Mind. It turns, turn to the other side. So, what they mean? The meaning is We have a lot of attachments, grasping, fixation about our life. about what we call samsara. And, samsara meaning is the circle of suffering. Is continuous circle, like wheel. You doing something again, and again. Habit. Like habit, habit of The habit which is produce the problem, and the suffering which is samsara. So, you have to fix with that. Your mind grasp with that. And, many important of this practice is turn away from the grasping, fixation of mind. The great master Tilopa was teaching to Naropa, “Bu nang we mi ching shen pe ching.” The meaning is: “Son, the appearance is not bind you, not tight, not caught up with you, and who bind you? The grasping
fixation mind, will bind you.” So, the practice of this four thoughts practice is to turn away from fixation mind. That is the main important. In the foundational practice we have two things: One is common foundation practice and the second is unique foundation practice. Now I will like to tell you a little bit about the common foundation practice. There are four things, four thoughts. Sometimes we call the four thoughts.
The first is: Precious human life. So, meditating on precious human life. And this is what we call the style of meditation here is contemplate, meditation with contemplate. Contemplation, meditation, and alternate with the resting meditation, without contemplate The main focus of this practice, the first thought, which is precious human life is appreciation And to realize your what we call freedom and endowments Freedom means: as human beings, we have a lot a lot of freedoms, we have lot and lot of opportunities. we have lots of potentials This way, you see this, realize this, appreciate that, This way freedom, you realize freedom. And second is endowments Endowments means, not just free at the same time, you have a lot of good things, good qualities, For example, we all have wisdom, we all have love and compassion, we all have capabilities, skills, we all have powers, we all have awareness, we all have knowledge, everybody have this good things. But we don’t know, we don’t see it This way, of course, we have a lot of good things, Why we don’t see it? Because, we are so much taking from granted. This way, in this practice, even we try to appreciate basic things. For example, there are ten endowment practice, ten qualities of endowment, what we call. Ten things. And I will give one example. One of this is Just appreciate been life. Being as human. “I have breath” Be aware of your breath. Be aware that you have life, and you have senses. But normally, we don’t see this, We don’t note this. So, this is very important. Appreciate what you have. and to appreciate your opportunities your freedom, your good qualities, And through that, then you can practice Dharma, or meditation, and everything becomes well, because you know who you are. That is the main important point of this practice. Precious human life. And this appreciation like a precious human life practice, after that you can really practice dharma, because, you know who you are. Otherwise, you may think “I’m not worthy to do anything” “I am bad, so I cannot practice Dharma” “I cannot do anything” Then you don’t see the potential, you don’t see that you are worthy, to be free. You are worthy to be happy. You are worthy to achieve the enlightenment. You are worthy to help to all sentient beings. All the good stuff, you don’t see it. This way, just appreciation. about this practice. then you’ll see everything is meaningful and you see opportunity and at the same time you’ll see this is a rare opportunity such… How to say? Precious, rare. So, you are having, very important time. and you feel that. And from this way, when you practice Dharma, very easy, with joyful, with happy, and you can practice Dharma effortlessly Yes.

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  1. I need advice on meditation. I meditate nearly every day for a few months but I get easily distracted and I get bored quickly. I wonder, is there any way to stop this? I'm 15 and have been meditating for nearly a year, so maybe the fact that I'm young may make it difficult but Mingyur Rinpoche was a teacher near my age. Granted, I haven't been meditating since I was 7, but I just want to stop getting distracted. Also, how can you tell a deep state of meditation from a light, distracted state?

  2. I knew that was my whole reason for being here is to appreciate things even the bad Peace Brother..sad wat de ka

  3. this is really really good. Combining this with metta meditation and vipasanna and samatha meditation, makes the day so much better!! amazing to have people like Mingyur Rinpoche sharing this information. Thank you very much.

  4. Years ago I had the experience of realizing that everything that I thought and felt about life was something I had made myself by making choices about everything without being aware that I was making choices. The decisions I was constantly making defined who I was, what I wasn't and why, all my relationships, how I viewed myself and how I thought about everything. I was totally completely free and happy for maybe the first time in my life. Then after around 10 years later I went right back to that type of thinking all over again. I became attached to other people and situations that I decided needed me to invest in ideas I didnt want. I told myself I had to in order to understand these people and to be like them and not be superior by lacking understanding of their pain by refusing to feel it myself. Otherwise I would have found them intolerable. At least thats what I told myself. I sacrificed clarity and freedom for enslavement to ideas. Most of them very negative. I am glad I discovered Mingyurs videos because I can see now where I went wrong before and then after too. Its a constant process. You have to always clean out your room to be free of these nonsense ideas that keep you occupied with concerns that are completely unnecesary. I was born with a brain that collected ideas and worries. I should know by now that this brain works best unburdened by illusions and trouble. Cleaning time and my God, what a reminder of what freedom and truth look like. Thank you for being here.I just remembered what happiness is. Its truth without ideas to make it truth.

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