The Funniest Labor Vlog You'll Ever Watch …

something crappy what good brownies my time oh and contractions right oh no don't throw up coming out oh she will come out soon that's that feeling I mean she's so pretty okay so I'm freaking out I don't really know why I'm freaking out because I'm so much more ready this time than I was last time except for a fact that I didn't have my hair up last night because I didn't think she was going to come and now my Chuck all frizzy and whatnot so you know there's that when you come in here it doesn't look like organized it kind of looks just like chaos but our bags are ready you know saying I got a list of things to just grab to make sure that I don't forget anything Sheena's bag is ready and then over here the kids bag are in there with food in there their tablets their headphones to go over their tablets just in case they're too sleepy to be to pay close attention and I threw some rice on go with the dinner that's in the food bag so like everything is pretty much ready yeah I think this time my preparation game was like a 1 but I got the kids on the on the couch chilling out because I think they're a little bit tired why are you sticking your tongue out my what I think the new babies come in they're crazy coming out girl sit down Joe shoot on my couch okay calm down sit in your square sit in your square all right I need you guys to relax talk to each other relax you can you can do that yes you can baby you okay okay this is my contraction timer Sheena was a time and it rights had to start over with the actual Tom's but with proper measurements this is how far apart are contractions are that's 3 minutes and 57 seconds nice tummy Allah like oh snap y'all need to hurt me get to the hospital we're not going to a hospital warning we're going to a birthing center but – we don't have to like speed off right right now just because her pregnancies and Labor's kind of work that way you know she's gonna be you know in yeah I'm right here baby I got a tissue mm-hmm she's gonna pretty much be in this stage of labor for you know at least 2 hours a couple of hours but her Labor's are super fast we don't anticipate her being in labor any more than 4 to 6 hours before seeing the new baby is my fandom okay alright baby you're already doing such a great job hey you can never be back yeah okay what's up talk to me what do you need I can't remember you know your makeup all over daddy how do you want Daniel to CPAP oh you need it right now no I need to be portable oh no get your paper bag the trash is gone okay yeah my nose ring will go here hangout time okay I need those makeup wipes cuz they don't get on the CPAP machine he's got this in the bag yeah can I walk out that did you look at her god she's coming up bitch right about there anything oh right people I think the baby's coming out you excited time babe oh yeah I wanna win a lot ah push the button oh that's positive when you start a truck Kentucky yeah yes now what did when I wish it you press it again another one starts in ten I don't understand I don't have my eyelashes also I look crazy but I've changed outfits I've changed so many times and I hate cold like the doctor when I'm having contractions cuz I always think they gonna send me home although that never happened but y'all I think it's time Batman today is like a super emotional day which cuz I'm emotional and I'm gonna cry but I will tell you're like why today's an emotional day and like a day that I didn't want to have her own so we're gonna tix once my midwives come finally hey you're in labor I'm gonna take my family other than that here's the common bank for baby girl I'm tired I'm tired so tired I've never been this big yeah I was 125 and 135 I weighed 175 or 180 I gave so much money this time but it's all in the booty I guarantee out it okay we got paper towels in here I'm sorry hello hi this is birth center hi I think I was um I was trying to try to get the on call number my wife is going into labor I think she is having contractions yes ma'am there about about 2 to 3 minutes start to start you guys ready to come in yes ma'am we're all packed up and ready to roll okay perfect I am about to see it'll take me about 20 minutes to get to the birth center so that would be about 10 after 3:00 is that okay yeah all right wonderful thank you okay yep see around back in 20 minutes hope we wouldn't falsely do you need me to do anything hey joke over here talking about we need to stop and get a snow cone yes if you need if you want yes just keep breathing like that no places we are we have to get guys first you're doing so good you're gonna get out okay you got a back end up he might do this buy back their labor I thought that they say boys shaved ice all right I don't want that Domo you need to stop playing that's gonna get out like don't look at my three guys really I'm saying you'll have to if they had naps they was gonna be there anyway no lime tripping so I went inside paid for the gas got Sheena her pickles sausage came back out and got in the car and started you ready to drive over like int the gas hey guys slushy – about the weirdest burp log y'all never seen it in slices laughing are kinda crazy I don't understand what's happening look cheering those you want to ever cross on the house yeah I don't know I almost be a hands that listen okay oh no you might have some competition I know right you guys said he'll be here all summer that's not nice community size Dave this is ice okay yeah it just looks like ice cream it's just regular ice like when Daddy makes mom I got you baby yeah I know I got you girl [Laughter] we don't need you no no baby come around the car now you stick it back in looking like a rifle to the you realize you can't play this in these people establish I do okay Travie better you got a traffic is back there oh so that means I'm gonna have this baby in the car oh my goodness we should be halfway to the hospital already oh my goodness this is crazy oh excuse my tuna sandwich what are the odds of traffic is death backed up this is a friggin highway yo I'm trying to get out of wall I'm f—ing the whole sign now let's say going in labor we on the way we're on the highway are ma and yeah we we're going probably like 10 miles an hour oh yeah I think y'all gonna make it Oh we'll make it but oh that's a bad car to the event whoa I hope they're all right Oh No let me not look cuz imma cry a showboat they all right there was kids and of with 18-wheeler just crazy yeah yeah I didn't eat the plane my contractions I've been in a car that hasn't been like it's strong because they were at home even when I sat down so I'm gonna get there and let her confirmed and I'm in labor first before y'all come here they still hit him but they're not hitting as hard as they were before we got in the car so okay so she want to make sure that she in labor before y'all had to come on him Sam come on like a hockey puck oh yeah be careful love you love you too you don't think it's real nothing is real you're doing some dead I left my house you're sitting the house we're disposable you ever see no Dex's lab where they met that kid who shooted too much gum and got stuck in the back of the bus his toenails grew super long he could reach out and grab and stuff with his toenails and bring the food my hair to the chair I'll struggle they get free my shoes I broke the legs and my toenails could grow out and then when scraps of food we drove to the back I could tell you you kids eat the worst jungle you're gonna see our new girl Sam you doing so Oh mystery for me mmm-hmm you've been doing this for about two hours on they don't have to know Amaya just because they also Sheena has been adamant angle it oh so Cena has been adamant that she's not going into labor right so she got this special app she's counting the contraction in the absent of alert was like hey bruh bruh you need to go to the hospital in peace just like Buddha you cannot handle just waiting till Jessica comes muffled you know i legit don't know what to do with myself I don't know we're here already and normally we like labor at home and I'm running around trying to grab stuff dumbest stuff all over the place kicking royal thank you as a celebrity right now okay I need you to help me okay help me take care of my meat rubber on the hand I am say you're doing good mommy say I'm proud of you see I'm excited to be mommy my sister don't be me to meet my sister tractions I feel good I'm waiting to feel words that's how I know it's real she waited for so long that my braids look old but it's like super peaceful here and it's like I don't know it does it just like it don't feel real kind of feel like a dream how different it is from being at a hospital like I'm so happy that we made this choice they want me to eat something so I'm in snacking on his peach they check to see if I got any rest last night which I did and then my sister is bringing me yeah I suppose he did a burrito to burritos is she bringing me done of us and I've no doughnuts so I bet y'all they haven't seen grapes look this good huh and a contraction call myself she's comin could you imagine what she gonna bring the camera we're talking a few alright yeah so I'm back in this dress it means I'm gone for one minute so um I'm in the early stages of labor I've been having contractions since like one but they having gotten worse so I'm gonna go home I'm not tired or whatever whatever I'm just not hurting more now she come out in the car than this rabies news I'm gonna do with it come out of the sink not to sink the tub there's my business oh okay my mom is ma she coming out in the tub what would you gonna do oh yeah we should we forgot the car seat anyway all right you guys so we're getting ready to head home after I go get some food and a slushie I don't care about these jokers in the Morosini thrown out who can you food okay more food who can you from huh what you that's why you don't get it from we didn't go into labor because we clearly forgot the car seat when ready yeah I don't understand we went into labor and forgotten the car seat that's that we have false labor monsters gonna say would have you strapped gas deflating for the day it was gas the Last King of Scotland Nikolas please come the president is very sick they want to be technical ask hey I'm just I need to do this okay I think I know what this lied out and see you guys in the next video thank y'all so much for tuning in hopefully the next one will be the real deal thank y'all for going on this journey with us we love y'all and we out

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  1. YOOOOOO! Brownies You can't imagine how excited we were! I'm pretty sure that's why we cut up so bad in the video. Let us know your favorite part! Mine is, " I got the Booty in the Back …" You know the rest! LOL LOL

  2. Just found your channel and so glad that I did !!!!! Congratulations Beautiful Brown Family it has been so long since I have seen this Beauty. Love Love Love this Beautiful Family.

  3. This is the first time I've seen yall. I havent laughed this hard in a long time!!!!! Your family is so beautiful. The love and laughter yall share is beautiful! Yall cray cray with a splash of hood! LOVE IT! YOU GOT A NEW SUBBIE! much love and respect😘

  4. I just started watching your videos and I LOVE your sweet family already! Subscribed 💕

  5. God got you to have the baby on that day so you Will not remember it as a bad day you Will remember it as a special one💕

  6. I love you so much I follow you from Iraq I hope that your wife will give birth to his safety and you will have a beautiful child like his brothers🥰❤

  7. This is is literally the only in labor vlog that I’ve ever enjoyed and was entertained. Much love, good luck with your new born 💗

  8. Such a great family. Dad had the food and tablet ready for the babies, I hope I’m ready when I’m due next month. And I hope I don’t forget anything lol great job 🤗

  9. 🥰 awwww… congratulations on your bundle of joy 🤗 I’m having a baby girl next month and can not wait. Any small you tubers want to support each other. My favorite part definitely was when you were singing lol 😂

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