The Gift of Future Health – Pregnancy Exercises & Nutrition – Aptaclub

From the moment you know you’re going to be a mum you want to give your baby the best start in life. Incredibly, your genes only play a small part in the amazing person they’ll grow up to be. The rest is in your hands. As you feed yourself, you’ll feed their future, supporting your baby’s development and laying the foundations for a healthy life. Talking to your bump will give their language skills a head start. They’ll even recognise your voice from the day they’re born. A few simple exercises will help reduce your baby’s stress levels during labour. Then, as you touch for the first time, the love you share will actually make their brain grow and help them grow up to be calm and caring. Your breastmilk contains antibodies that will protect your baby and can reduce the risk of allergies in later life. The safe, caring environment you create will give them an enduring sense of security. One day, you’ll give them a taste for adventure – even broccoli – that will stay with them forever. And as you play together you’ll give life to their imagination and communication skills too. Every day from conception to toddlerhood you have the power to give your baby the gift of a brighter, healthier future and we’ll be there for you at every step.

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