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  1. Omg Janelle is just white trash. I didn't have a dad. I raised a kid on my own. Stop blaming that crap. And Kailyn needs to stop having kids so quickly

  2. I hope that when the babies of each season turn 18 they have them all together, now most of them are turning 10.

  3. Stop making excuses for these people MTV didn't give a s*** about these kids they saw these kids at their most desperate I capitalized on it they made millions and millions of dollars on these stupid kids and they gave them a tiny piece of the pie all these girls right now should be millionaires but MTV it's corrupt trash Studio mainstream media garbage don't watch Teen Mom

  4. This is why fathers should be around fathers don't take this b***** they won't let this type of stuff happened to their little girls parents need to learn to say f**** know if stop giving these kids whatever the f*** they want or they grow up like Janelle

  5. This video is so full of crap if she had her baby at 17 then waited 5 YEARS LATER to have another child… means she didn't learn her lesson? and lord all this "research" and you can't pronounce the names right?

  6. I got pregnant at 16 and I kept my daughter, she is now 12. I also have a 10 year old, 2 year old and a 2 month old. Me and my husband got together when I was 16 and he was 20 and were still together. We'll be celebrating our 14th year together on November 1st.

  7. I was a teen mom… My oldest daughter will be 13 in April and im 29 now. I was 16 when she was born. Shes absolutely the best thing to ever happen to me. She showed me what it was to love and how to care for another person and not just myself. To this day i have 4 other child a 10 yr old 7yr old 6 yr old and a 2 yr old

  8. not every teen mom is like this 🙄🙄🙄 i got pregnant at 16 had my son graduated ON TIME and went straight to college, five years later I STILL HAVE ONLY ONE KID and im going on my second degree smh

  9. mistake to get pregnant at 16, but get pregnant at 20 and at 25 with different fathers and no marriage that is irresponsible.

  10. T.V makes having children young look like a mistake and it sends a message that could freak out teens who accidentally get pregnant. My cousin got a girl pregnant at 19 and they split up about 3 months after having the little bundle of joy, Evee. My cousin, Noah, has a girlfriend who has a son who is 4. Evee is now 2 and Noah is now 21. He didn’t get into alcohol or drugs. He finished college, got a job, and bought a nice house with his girlfriend. I don’t like how t.v sends the message “If you get pregnant, or get a girl pregnant then your life is over”. Noah handles Evee well, unlike the girls from 16 and Pregnant. If you do get pregnant you have a choice of what you want to do. Abortion kills a child, I don’t appreciate that and do not suggest it. You could always go for adoption! It’s a good thing for the child. And another thing you could do is keep it. Raise it. It might not grow up with a father in the house but, it knows it’s mother. I’m not judging anyone. Or at least don’t mean to, I just don’t like the message those shows give.

    Please leave a like this took forever! 😊

  11. LMAO, THESE COURAGEOUS WOMEN. Hey, props for not having an abortion, but aren't we getting a little crazy here dubbing them courageous…..

  12. Janelle was hell on wheels. I use to feel sorry for her, as her mother didn't help the situation, but at the sametime Janelle just put more and more stress on herself, and than continued to have babies. Babies are beautiful and they are meant to be brought here as you jump from man to man making more babies and not offering them any structure at all.

  13. I am a teen mom! I got pregnant at 16, gave birth at 17, to a BEAUTIFUL baby girl. Her name is Maddlyn. She is 3 & a half now, will be 4 in October. I am still with her father, we have been married for 3 years now and been together for 5 & a half. It has been and is really really hard sometimes, and stressful. You get angry and want to pull all of your hair out….but I wouldn't change anything! I finished high school, and now working in the beauty field. I love my life. I wish I would've waited longer to have a child so that I could live my "life". But in reality, my daughter gave me life.

  14. Don’t feel sorry for Jenelle one bit. Every bad situation she has been in, she put herself there. She has gotten a get out of jail free card for far too long.

  15. I was a teen mom at 17. Graduate high school on time and went straight to college while working full time to support my daughter. I graduated at 24 with my bachelors degree and my second baby. I am now a high school teacher. Helping encourage young minds that no matter what struggle you face in life, you can overcome it. Yes I had a absent father, yes I was uneducated about protection. But when I became a mom I decided I was going to be the best mom I could be, and I am. My now 14 and 10 year old are doing fantastic. Both in gifted programs and both very much loved. I own my house and my cars. Don't doubt a woman willing to do anything for her children, no matter what age.

  16. Whoever reads the autoprompter is terrible 😑🤦🏼‍♀️👊🏻 she keeps misreading the “script”. Because I’m reading along, it’s confusing. It’s also totally wrong. For Lori’s story, she says “Lori felt like she was concerned”. No. It actually says CORNERED and that makes sense for the context. 👊🏻 Not only are they not reading the script, the person editing it is leaving it in. Jeeez

  17. I got pregnant at 17 with a baby girl. I kept her it was hard cause her dad wasn't around but I did it. I'm 20 now daughter is 2 and I'm pregnant again with a boy. I'm with my sons father and he is claiming my daughter as his own

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