The Guys Find Out All 3 Women Are Pregnant | Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse | OWN

So baby, what brings you by? Well, uh– well, Leslie
has something to tell Joseph. Honey? Uh, um– Leslie? Tell them, Leslie. I– that– Tell them. –Jennifer has
something to tell Richard. What’s going on? Y’all are some chumps. OK, um, baby? My beautiful,
handsome black man– I’m pregnant. Wha– wha– wha– wha– Yeah, we– we
gonna have a baby. Baby? Ba– Baby?
Baby? [LAUGH] Hey! Well, I’ve heard of deadbeat
daddies, but he just dead. Baby! Babe?
Babe? You know what? You know what? I told you, Angela! He can’t take it! Baby? Richard? Can’t take it. He might as well get some
rest now ’cause he’s not gonna get any when that baby come. [LAUGHTER] Ha, ha, ha, ha. Uh, Leslie? Why don’t you tell
Joseph the good news? What’s up, baby? Baby. Joke’s on you. I’m pregnant, too. [CHUCKLE] Oh. Babe? Baby? Joseph?

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