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  1. I swear there are only so many times she can escape and end up back there. The writer's need to get her out of the Waterfords'. It's tired.

  2. Lol all these people just complain and complain… this is a story about how people keeps fighting in the most hopeless situation, even if it is seemingly a loosing battle. No happy ending is guaranteed. The world doesn't become a better place just by you whinging about it. Honestly if one doesn't have to stomach for it why bothered keep watching.

  3. Wow! this video is 3:22 seconds long. Interesting.

    Abrahamic Religions = 322
    Ancient Mystery Religions = 322
    Synagogue of Satan = 223

    Don’t mind me. I’m just thinking out loud.

  4. I wanted 2 watch this "web series" ever since it "premiered", but I wasn't very convinced; nd till now I got convinced which I recently watch the very "1st episode", but I see that since most of the "characters" r women; then the "web series" MUST b directed 2wards "women" nd shouldn't b watched by "men", correct?

  5. I still hope that June escaped. I know, I know this is impossible. But just for the record, I'm hoping this is just a really cleverly edited promo and Nick and June are somewhere new and…I'm just holding onto that hope until I see the next episode.

  6. Legit spoiler page says June will be shipped off to Jezebel’s at the end of thisbeginning of next season. Worry not, her time there will be short as she will be saved by the resistance!

  7. Surely now she's had the baby June will be punished by Gilead. Other people have in the story, and for things less than trying to escape.

  8. So disappointed in the comments. What a world. Too depressing, to slow, not realistic enough, nothing ever happens. These kind of comments are made by people who need instant gratification in this instant real world. Gilead is a hell hole. And this is it's story. If you don't like it, don't watch it. I wouldn't miss one episode. No matter how difficult, because I see dystopia starting in the real world right now and we should all be paying close attention.

  9. June isn't Wonder Woman, but it would appear she is for the producers, I mean. Almost all the time in each episode is about her, aren't there more storylines??? Where is the rebellion? I do not see it. Don't get me wrong, she is an amazing actor, but I want to see a story! What about Rita, aunt Lydia, Janine, Emily, Luke, Moira, and so on. As soon as they kill Nick, I am done with the show!!

  10. June giving birth alone and miraculous was so intense. I loved those scenes and her back story. Perfect cast and crew. Great show.

  11. i think June realized she had no choice, she tried all the means available to get out and escape, then it became a full stop, I am going to give birth to my child here and now. When she fired the shots in the air, it was hey I am here. I need help, in the hope she was wishing for the partisans, but she knew also she was revealing to anyone else around her location. So if a happen the car, the garage door etc, all led to a chance. She tried all alternatives, nothing was going to work. So no she did wish to go back to the Waterfords, the place of hell, but if Serena had treated with kindness, the thoughts would be a little different. Because in the Bible the handmaid was given the husband if the wife failed to give a child. Going Back to Abraham and Sarah, she could not conceive and gave Hagar to Abraham, not much different.

  12. serena is my most hated character i have ever known ever since episode 10. pure evil. i don't know if i'll be able to stand episode 12 when she gets holly.

  13. I get that this is meant to be a dark show and painful to watch, but this is honestly just starting to feel like torture porn. If something permanently positive doesn't happen by the season finale, I'm not watch next season or any of the other seasons afterward.

  14. Best exchange of the series so far “Go fuck yourself” “It’s okay, I love you” “I love you too, but go fuck yourself”

    The things we say in labor 😎

  15. Elisabeth Moss is a phenomenal actor, but there are only so many times I can see an extreme close up of her face tortured in anguish

  16. I want to like this series, and a lot of the time I do, but every little thing takes so long to happen, the action and dialogue go by like they're trapped in molasses, and 65% of the time the screen is so dark I can see nothing. Seriously.

  17. I hope June can get out of that horrible, terrible "country" I only feel sympathy for June, Emily, and other Handmaid's. No sympathy for Aunt Lydia, Serena, and none at all for Waterford..

  18. They keep showing us past Luke June and Hannah scenes and not reuniting them 🙁 I'm too emotionally invested in the three of them now.

  19. I so badly want June and nick and Hannah to get to Canada…..I almost can’t watch her torture and heartbreak any more

  20. Ok, so the garage doors, motor and tracks are made of adamantium and walls lined with foot inch steel or the car had the power of a foal instead of a mustang… fuck me this show is doing my head in. If I didn’t love my wife so much I could not be paid to endure the torture of this show.

  21. Really? There is hope?? It seems there is no hope. Every time offered gets away from that house, she is always back!

  22. Si vabene tutto ma adesso avete rotto il cazzo cioè o scappa o che due coglioni, dopo un po' è frustrante vedere questa che ha tipo 2.000 possibilità di scappare e rimane sempre li, dai cazzo svegliati!!!! Nella 2 x 10 Nick poteva sparare alla Marta e alla guardia prendere la macchina la figlia di June e June e scappare tutti insieme cioè figa dai era la cosa più semplice del mondo…sveglia!!! Anche perché ve lo dico sono stufa di vedere stupri e oppressione ha rotto, o scappa o che due palle!!!! Se la terza stagione è così non la guardo.

  23. I enjoyed this last episode, especially that tense scene w/ the Waterfords tearing in and blaming each other for who was the bigger fool for the daft idea to create the Republic of Gilead and ruin Serena Joy's dreams of becoming the world's 1st boring housewife. 😏 Man, when Offred got out that shotgun and aimed it, I need a bottle of Wine and a Xanax. My nerves were on edge! I liked the flashback scenes as always. Was this episode "filler"?? Was it "bottled"?? Yes & Yes. You get 13 episodes, and budgets will be cut somewhere. I could have done w/out her Royal Highness Oprah "Messiah Complex" Winfrey as the DJ of America. Give me a freakin break! 😑 * smh

  24. It's so upsetting to see these comments of people saying the show is "too boring" or "too depressing." Well yeah, it really is. I am shocked. I am disturbed but I am thankful that Atwood created this. I am so thankful for her creation. And because of her, people are warned. But half of the viewers don't pay attention. This show actually has a great quality. It wouldn't be nominated for 13 Emmys and wouldn't get the Golden Globes if it hadn't a great quality. The visuals, the writing and the performance is phenomenal. How could people say it's too boring for them or a waste of time? But it's more than that. It's not just a show, it is our reality now. It is a warning for the future generation. It is something that is important and is in need of attention. I've just heard that this has already come to be in the U.S. and international politics. America's scary but slow transformation.

  25. I truly feel like they can't end this season on a bad note because of how many parallels can be drawn to real life. I don't know if we, all the women that watch this, can cope with this ending badly. It will fuck with women's heads because it feels like we are on the edge of a cliff and at the bottom is Gilead. I'm mentally begging the writers to give us an ending that is at least hopeful because we need to keep the hope in real life. If they can't keep it hopeful in a tv show with writers how are we supposed to in real life?

  26. 9 second mark

    *Maybe* Isaac or Fred: "See Eden around?"
    Nick: She was gone when I woke up this morning.

    Any thoughts?

  27. What's the point of bringing June back into the Waterford's house? is she gonna stay there for more seasons, watching her baby raised by these monsters and… what else? is she gonna get pregneant again? this show better not be going in circles.

  28. It was a BEAUTIFUL and POWERFUL episode, Elisabeth Moss got another Emmy tape for herself and the birthing scene was just spectacular. But all of this beautifulness doesn't change the fact that the plot NEEDS to move further! Nobody can take another season of almost getting out/almost escaping, it's just too much frustration for the viewer and it eventually wears everybody down. I'm sad that the number of viewers are dropping, but this is the result of making a story that is just plain sad with no "light at the end of the tunnel". Everybody needs hope and joy and victory and a chance to see the bad guys actually getting what they deserve. Still believing this season's finale will bring us something good and positive!

  29. Something I love about this show is it’s realism. It wasn’t dragged out. They showed exactly what would happen had she been left there alone. I thought it was compelling,suspenseful and intense. Especially the birth scene. My gosh!

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