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  1. This is my first time watching you. I hollered everytime you called Winslow Commander Stabler!! I’m subscribing and coming back for more!

  2. I just found you tonight and your personality is hilarious! Im ready to pre order and everything I wish I could watch these with you your so funny😂😂

  3. Lol, I am glad I wasn’t the only person yelling at the tv about June’s horrible do nothing stare at the camera ❤️

  4. I don’t think June had any other choice but to lie to Janine. Cause Janine has no chill and would have probably made a scene if she knew her baby was dead. The best thing would have been if June could have told her in private but that’s still risky.

  5. I agree with all of your points and this makes it frustrating watching this show. Still enjoy it very much, but some things make no sense and unbelievable to the story.

  6. I think the timeline adds up:

    A handmaid is stationed at a house for 1.5 years or 18 months. June and Serena said that she'd had 1 previous posting.
    Janine was at least 9 months pregnant when the series began as evidenced by her giving birth in the 4th episode of the first season.
    Serena convinced June to sleep with Nick after she'd already been there for a few months.
    June fell pregnant right before or right after Janine had her baby.
    9 months of pregnancy.
    1 month of her being in the Red Center postpartum.
    A few weeks of being back in the Waterfords.
    ~3-6 months post baby-duction including her time in the hospital.
    I can believe that it's been 5 years.

  7. Once I heard ur opinion on June lying to Janine, I agree…I didn't have an opinion b4 that cept it felt bad when June lied..

  8. Elinor says she has bipolar in the episode where June try’s to see Hanna at the school , she also says about mood stabilisers in witness

  9. harriet was smart and connected to the underground railroad. she also took care of herself by running away and healing enough to go back into the south and get her people out. you cannot help others if you are not doing self care. june should have gotten on the truck and healed in Canada then went back as a spy /infiltrator to get the kids out. she would have had a better shot at getting hannah out then. june did not learn the 1st rule of flight decompression when the air masks drop you put the mask on yourself then your child. I hope what i am saying makes sense. not sure how to write it though. I know this is all over the place. please forgive me poetry if you are reading this. I like your reviews. I dont always agree but I respect and understand what you are saying. it makes sense the June is selfish but suicide is a selfish act. suicidal people dont consider anyone else's feelings at all. there pain is central and that is june all over the place. she is now suicidal like s hijacker is suicidal with a political purpose. I hope that makes sense.

  10. 5:30 I’m too opinionated to take someone else’s I have too many of my own. lol but yeah that’s pretty common with review channels

  11. please learn about harriet Tubman other commenters.. she was the 1st American woman to lead a American military operation where she freed 770 enslaved people. please learn the history about harriet Tubman. june is suicidal. harriet was smart and had a plan to get her family members out that's why the current white supremacist administration does not want harriet on the 20.00 bill. harriet was a warrior in the truest sense.

  12. I dont like the white guy reviewer who wears the hood and wears an eye patch. that bothers me I have to talk to him.

  13. I read the Harriet Tubman reference on a message board the other day. Steve's channel and the Red All Over podcast seem to drop as soon as the episode is over. Now I wonder how many people on message boards are stealing commentary from them?🤔

  14. The Beethoven Symphony 9 song you referenced being symbolic of an ending, it COULD be the END OF JUNE as a character on Handmaid's Tale… Maybe she'll be a part of the production and or directing team for the series now and it'll be about a new character, whether it be a handmaid or a Martha or a Jezebel or an Aunt or a wife or a commander or an eye or a guardian or child…
    I was under the impression Lawrence picked ppl of special value???
    Not sure where I got this from, but my GUESS was that be picked June bc he knewn she's capable

  15. I was glad June lied to Jeanine. I was thinking that girl's been through so much trauma and misery that finding out her son died might send her off that bridge she almost jumped in the first season. You have a point though that it's not right for June to expect Jeanine to be helping get other kids out – probably hoping to save her own one day – only to find out later that her kid had been dead the whole time. That's f*cked up.

  16. The case of Irena Sendlerowa would be more fitting for what June wants to do. She was a Catholic Polish nurse who snuck out 2,500  Jewish children from the Warsaw ghetto during WWII. That's more than Oscar Schindler with only 1,200.

  17. Lol “play some spades…slap some bones” I love your videos they picked up this show for season 4 so we will all be together next season singing and laughter

  18. I think where they screwed up with the timeline is Hannah. If 5 years have passed, why is she still looking and acting like an 8 year old? To compensate, I bet the next time we see her, she'll be played by a different actress. Hannah should be looking more like that girl, Rose? (the one that spoke to June in the hospital) in age and appearance.

  19. Let's peep game, I think we sleeping on Fred Waterford. Fred playing chess, not checkers for what he wants most: Power. Fred knows good and well, Commander Stabler wants him (*wink*). Fred is going to bust Stabler and use it to his advantage. He is going to make Stabler his puppet or Fred is going to take Stabler's power and his position. Fred is playing the long game and he is moving pieces for the power check mate. PS..I think Janine may have drank the kool aid…

  20. Thanks for the shout out, I got the feels. When I was watching and Janine volunteered to help, I thought, 'well, Poetry's gonna love that!'
    Is Melissa McCarthy or Tiffany Haddish the one you don't like?

  21. She had to have sex with him because they were checking for sperm and I like that she lied to Janine because she isn’t strong enough to know the truth

  22. I mean comments cannot be copyrighted. It's completely possible for multiple people to have the same thought regarding the show. There's a big difference from similar takes on the show to someone grabbing an entire paragraph from a written or spoken review and running with it. The first time I saw "the white Harriet Tubman" was here and I read several reviews on this show. However even before I saw it I would have called it white savior complex so not the exact term but a term meaning something similar. The criticism of this show has been consistently the same everywhere I look because everyone mostly agrees on this it's flaws.

    This show has always embodied white feminism. It's a show where most of the leads are white females. June started out a finely crafted character and morphed into someone that embodies white privilege. The issue is she embodies it in a world where people lose a tongue for speaking up. We were told the rules of this world and then we watch June smugly and systematically break them with no consequences. In addition June has placed herself in the role of savior of Gillead but she's inept at it. Honestly if any should be offended, it isn't you but Harriet Tubman. Harriet would like everyone to stop associating June with her.

  23. We all know how unstable Jeannie can be. She tried to commit suicide with her baby in her hands. I feel like June was trying to protect her mental state. I didnt feel like she was being malicious in not telling her the truth. I saw that scene totally differently.

  24. it was so odd that they made EVERYONE gather together and both of the Waterfords walked up to June to have private conversations in front of EVERYONE.

  25. Hi Lady Poetry, always a great review. In regards to commander Lawrence I believe he's conforming for the sake of the one thing he loves his wife He need to keep EYES off her. Especially now that she can't get her meds. Plus all the shedyness that goes on in his vicinity. Fred bringing DC's EYES to there city… (big fish little pond) That's a whole other level of Gilyad.
    Have a great weekend.

  26. Great review as usual Poetry. I was highly confused with Serena Joy giving Fred that two way radio. Like how is that man going to help you bring a child back into Gilead when he was trying to get you to escape Gilead. I' remember the guy offering Serena the phone but I can't remember Serena accepted the phone or he slipped it in her bag and she found it when she got home. I don't think that was wise of her to let Fred know that she had this phone. Fred could have seen her accepting this phone as betrayal or treason. That was Serena Joy's life line and she just gave it away.

    Fun Fact: The actor who play Commander Lawrence and the actress who plays Mrs. Mackenzie got married a couple of weeks ago.

  27. Yess June does get away with a lot for some reason. I thought that the Aunt's was going to figure June out to be the bad seed when they were sitting around try ing to pick a home for another Handmaids. I can't remember who they figure was the bad seed. I think it was commander Lawrence. I will have to look at that episode again and find out. I hope that next season they will explore more storylines except the ones that involves June. And maybe we can see the relationship between other commanders with their Handmaids and Martha's. And see that maybe June is not the only one to get free passes.

  28. JUNE HAS BEEN BEATEN UP. The slow tone, whisper-she is wounded…ever been around war victims, victims of trafficking…seductive? I don’t think so. It’s a sign of trying to keep sane. if she was in front of us…she would be re-victimized based on some of you all’sreaction. What i think is amazing is her not being caught when she is looking suspicious, and what’s so annoying is the long looks to the camera. At the same time-She has to be conspicous because we are watching and a story is being told. You are being way too picky and not nuanced.

  29. YYYAAASSSSS! Come thru with the books. I'll wait for my signed copy since my other book isn't autographed. 😁

  30. I think lots of the Commanders are “friendly” with the Handmaids. That’s why I don’t think that the Rings are going to go over too well.

  31. I’m glad they added a Baritone part. Gloria was one of my favorites to sing. Along with Hallelujah from the Mount of Olives. ijs

  32. The only worry I have with Janine is that she is too honest. I could see her giving away her involvement to Aunt Lydia or even saying “ I’m going to see Caleb one day. He’s in California.” And Aunt Lydia will say, “No you’re not. He’s dead.” Then Janine will lose it even more.

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