The Handmaid's Tale – Season 3 Episode 10 Review – "Witness"

okay so we have hit season three episode 10 of The Handmaid's Tale witness please bear with me during this review I might start sweating I am doing this during the heat wave in New York and I'm wearing an eyepatch on my face so props Elisabeth Moss just even at the beginning of this episode because she takes that extra effort to keep it realistic with her body motion and having a wonky leg so they're keeping the consistency from all the abuse she took in that month and a half of being of watching off Matthew in the hospital and that kid stayed consistent the whole episode and you rarely see shows take that extra effort so props to the director as well for doing that and you see again like I like last episode mines are in here that mean more than what you see so I like how just from a start Lydia's walking her into the Laurens house and she's just like one step at a time almost there and that kind of sets the scene for the direction Jun is going and like finally getting hope in this show and that there is a baby step mindset to it but she's so close to having this huge thing pulled off with the children so I love here when she gets back home to the Laurens household you see everything's redecorated and cleaned up so we see Lydia informs Jun that commander Waterford wants all the residents here to live up to DC standards so this is a huge red flag right off the bat to drop in this episode because when you hear DC standards immediately are gonna think the rings in the girl's mouth so I like that it raised the stakes here and made it more interesting and what's going on in gilead I'm also happy they addressed here that she was gone for a month and a half and that she would miss her ceremony because of this sticking true to the customs and making it more realistic because the show sometimes likes to cut corners but this episode felt very consistent in that department of just being true to what this story is set up and what this world is like and how the ceremony comes back into play here with Lydia saying it's time for it now and you see our Jun says Dan Lydia I believe my time of Prayer has led me to see my true purpose again what she really means by that is through everything I want on last episode she came with this revelation that she is here to save the kids and you see Lydia it's her obviously she's not really seeing what June really means by this but it's a little bit of a hard sell here for me that anyone would trust June at this point especially aunt Lydia she's a little dumb in that aspect to not get insanely suspicious of what you and meant by that and that she's totally being fake but you could also read it that n Lydia's just in such complete denial about some of the things going on that she doesn't want to touch it and turns a blind eye like she really does so we see Beth the Martha here and it's a homecoming for June now she's catching up with everyone and we learned that the network communicates about what food they send back and here she informs June the scones mean no and that is in reference to not having medication for Eleanor here so you see Beth was hurt in the ear by Eleanor cuz Eleanor's throwing stuff she's losing her mind and it's showing you how much this is just affecting even the wives in gilead and how they handle things I have to give a special shout-out though to the lighting department in the scene where the light is just perfectly glowing on the Martha and they do this again in the following scene with commander Lawrence and the lights just glowing on him while June's talking to her and it's to me just showing that June is showing these to the light now in their darkness in this house that they've been in that she has found and it just looks great it shots so well and it's such a complicated difficult thing to light so lighting departments don't get enough props but they nailed it here but you see June says to Beth you know anyone who can help me get the children out and Beth's like you're gonna get yourself killed but this is great because if you're gonna get already in this episode that come full circle where yes she does help her get those people and that's when we'll get all the muffins at the end so you get your payoff so you see commander Lawrence is also losing it like Eleanor here and his hair is all disheveled and I think it's pretty funny that he puts all his stuff just in his office just like a messy person water in the basement it's not actually cleaning his place like hiding your stuff in the closet and you can tell Lawrence is just over this whole thing that he's created and how bringing DC to this area now is kind of just a wake-up call to everyone involved here including people like Serena joy and Commander Lawrence that this is even past their standards and the is how bad it gets what you've been feeding and it's not good so you see though this is when June proposes to commander Lawrence to leave Gilead with his wife and get her out of there and get her the help she needs and you know this would be Lawrence's breaking points to do something bold because he loves his wife like June says and this is wrong that she's not getting her meds but we'll learn later on this episode that makes us so complicated and what he's clearly thinking about is that he would be a war criminal if he crossed the border and we'll get more into that at the end but a great little writing here was when he says what do you know about how much someone can take and June says everything and June will literally put her money where her mouth is later in this episode because she's literally gonna be guiding commander Lawrence and Eleanor through what she's been through which is for sex rape the whole nine yards and that's where the writing so strong is episode because it had such a focus to what it wanted to accomplish and how it would pay off and it's all set up in the beginning so well here and I like this little scene with June asking Alma how many the handmaids kids are still in the district so it's showing – she's owning it and her friends and The Handmaid's and helping them doing it for them as well she's like I'm gonna get them out but almost like you'll be put even on the wall just for thinking that she's like are you okay and Elizabeth moss the place is perfectly where she's like I'm not f in okay so good doctor insists they're keeping that consistency to where she's still kind of chaotic at the moment but leaning towards a positive goal now I think Elizabeth Moss should really be praised and how she just portrays that in her face and everything she says it yes this is a chaotic state and she's not fully hopeful but she's just at this point doing whatever she can she can do now to just get something right in this cruel world so we see now there's this inspection time that has to happen and I love the aerial shots we got here of all the hand maids on the stands outdoors I love when TV shows make it effort like this I think we have to appreciate that because it feels like you're watching a movie there's so much work that just goes into a shot like that and it's just like a painting it looks so good but this to me where fright is back was great and having commander Winslow come here was awesome it was just bringing the DC environment here which I liked in that episode specifically feels the most fresh and having it come down to an area that kind of feels dull was a great choice and you see Fred the evil fred we really know is back and he has that pet back in a step and we were so overdue for a creepy fred moment here where he says to June you're looking well I may be able to transfer you to DC June just says the perfect thing or she's like your wife is here it's just kind of like a moment you would see in normal America sneak in now in gilead that kind of conversation with this guy the wife's just creeping on her again he's on his high horse right now and I start getting chills just from commander Winslow this whole scene saying things like interested to see what you have here your girls have quite the rep and I just got so nervous when he saw Janine's eyepatch and Lydia really had to sell that one hard to Winslow and why she even had that was allowed that and you hear in the background real quick Winslow says wiser no vales no rinks talking about the mouth rings and Fred's like we're rolling them out slowly damn that's just upsetting and scary I can't imagine Janine and Alma walking around with rings that made me so mad but it might just be the show also to getting us to that breaking point and I like how that DC standards is just again shoving the true hards of this whole new world to someone like serena joyce face and Chris Meloni is just absolutely killing it here as commander Winslow he is such a horrifying vibe to him his screen presence is just dominating and I really in particular liked his delivery of the lines how do you find Khmer to Lawrence and James like treats me with respect and the way he just says respect back concerned and kind of appalled was perfect just hit that feeling where like you say the wrong answer to a teacher in class and you're like oh no that's not the reaction I wanted it all just clicked so well and another points everything clicking here in this scene is just look at Fred's facial reaction here Joseph finds the actors brilliantly just betraying him thinking about this is an opportune out for him to show his worth even more to Winslow and it also kills two birds with some one stone for him because he's clearly a little bit jealous of commander Lawrence with Jun this just sets up the dirtiest move arguably Waterford has done and it's been a long time coming and you see so rina Joy's facial expressions also very important because she's obviously very disgusted by a lot of this it's just so unfortunate because if she wasn't so obsessed with getting her baby back maybe she would actually face the reality of all this and not be in denial but June stills reads that and you seen June's face there's still something in there and Sarina to pull out so she's not giving up on that so just spectacular directing that whole scene everybody's on the same page you just plays so tight so we see now Jun snooping in commander Lawrence's office looking for the records on the kids of The Handmaid's and then Eleanor comes through here gonna help her out brings her to the basement it's just chilling seeing something like June's profile shows her height her weight her birth records and Jun here takes the opportunity to now get the idea into Eleanor's head to leave Gillian and she plays the write cards here saying commander Lawrence loves you so much you want you to be safe but here we get the problem revealed by Eleanor that he would be a war criminal and he would be jailed for the rest of his life and she's like he would deserve it but this all just sets up so well the motivations for why someone like commander Lawrence would want to take these kids out and give him kind of one heroic moment to try to any point redeem something of the horrible thing he's creating in gilead so I really like this scene we get now with our main villains or you have Winslow Serena and Fred and winds was like if only the fringe cities would be so quick to get their houses in order and Serena's like has there been pushback on the policies the way Winslow glances at her for even just saying that and being suspicious of why she's even asking that and sounding a little almost excited and the way Fred looks at her like what are you doing are you crazy but she recovers quickly where she's like oh well some men are just set in their ways and now we see Fred makes his big move here and what I loved about this was this episode was the biggest case for June actually being smart in the show and making a smart decision because this episode to me was like a chess battle between her and Fred and that in the end she would eventually get to say checkmate to him and a lot of June's decisions have been questionable throughout this show and how smart she actually is but this was her most brilliant episode in decision made and how she had to make them on the spot and they were all right and she outplayed commander Waterford and this just was such an interesting conflict to set up in one episode and resolve it but we're getting to see Fred's endgame here and what how he plays and how he eases on everybody comes in slow and then he like goes for the kill he's truly a snake and he's playing the card oh he's had four hand mades Lawrence and none have produced and it's so hypocritical because he could not have his hand may produce he can't actually have kids and he had to have Nick do it for him so it's such a sleazy move especially from someone like him and you see Serena's very worried but the best here is Rita or she's just absolutely disgusted at this point but it's very important that she heard that transaction happened I think that will be huge for June to know later on and you see Fred's like there's mechanisms in place to make sure he does this and he's winning over Winslow that's what Fred is a good at but Serena's like he isn't that even a little extreme but Wenzel's already sold by Fred and he's like hey if you can't lead his household he can't lead Gil yet so back to June here looking at these pictures you learn now it's been five years since they've lost their kids and it's really sad just her reading that Janine's kid died in a car accident four years ago so this is old news so that they just haven't known it and I'm happy they address this because I saw a lot people commenting the last episode what's the deal with Janine's other kid they haven't mentioned it in forever so they did not forget about it but just like that June's caught off guard and it's ceremony time and this was edge-of-your-seat stuff and I haven't felt that in Handmaid's Tale in a while I forgot the show is capable of doing that and this really felt like that so now the whole gang is here Lidia Winslow the waterfords and they're here to witness title the episode but you see June has this narration here where she's like they used to do this in the beginning of Gailey ad when people would resist but then they eventually deemed it unnecessary all these kind of lines make me really just want more backstory to the first days when Gilead was forming and what was really happening but I have a feeling because they're trying to stretch everything out with the show like shows that get popular do I've gone over this a million times but this is something where I feel like they're not showing us that because they're saving that for your first spin-off series fear The Handmaid's Tale where they'll show you everything that happened when it all started chiliad they don't want to blow through all the juicy stuff and this is the unfortunate part to me of just business of television it still is a business and these things happen when money starts controlling a lot of decisions not saying that's exactly happening but a lot of shows go down that route especially when it gets very popular but commander Lawrence gets the line of the episode for me the funniest line maybe the whole season when he says to everybody are you gonna sit in the bed with us too because that would definitely make things more interesting and I love Joon smirk here she even laughed at this and knows that he was on the same page with her and to me this episode was just the Lawrence I remember from season two and felt way more consistent with his character I know he was frustrated with Joon's behavior when she first got to the house in the beginning of the season but again I still think it was way over the top for his character where this felt right in line with who he was and who we knew and actually just wish they kept him like that since season two and not make him look to tyranny in the middle there and I guess got to give a shout out to Bradley Whitford the actor of commander Lawrence here who just actually got married to the woman who plays the mom of Agnes from earlier this season that actress her name is for is left in my head because again I'm in a heatwave and an eye patch but congrats but the real credits because his acting was so good in this episode is my favorite episode he's ever done the show and because him and Elisabeth Moss showed that next level of acting where they have a rhythm together and this goes to the director as well because this whole scene played like a band where everyone's got to be in sync with each other shooting a shot like that with so many big characters but especially Bradley and Lizzie here they're so good at dramatic pauses and just letting things breathe so it's a treat to watch them together and such crazy scenes like this and you see I was almost shaking when you realize Lawrence isn't even really remembering what the lingo is here and what to do and just wenzels like his old man forgotten how to do this kind of thing that was just scary but what was really interesting here is what makes June realize what really needs to be done is when she sees the doctor at the steps knows they're going to check her it's sick it's twisted and you could see Lydia these kind of things deep down knows that too but just again turns that blind eye and it's AGA's you see Lawrence is sitting here knees pitching all right we'll just sit quietly for 20 minutes maybe we'll play like a card game but jundj is down how it's got to be right away because she informs commander Lawrence and Eleanor the doctor is gonna check there's no other way out of this and what was so good about this scene was it was showing you now exactly how messed up those scenes we saw on season one and two of Fred and Serena raping Jun but then making it look so normal and that it was nothing too bad and now seeing people who are more in the same state of mind towards things like that with the Lawrences and them just being appalled and really showing you how messed up this really is it's like night and day the reactions and I thought that was really just brilliant and June's like to Lawrence look man like you created this how long you think you're gonna run away from you having actually do this he's got to face the music now he's paying the piper facing the ugly truth and June's like look you guys are gonna be hung if you don't do this and Ellen was like you know what we deserve it at least it'll be all over it's our sin and she's like at least you'll be fine so at that moment I think Eleanor and him were willing to do that just kill us we've screwed up but it's not so easy because Jun informs her that her and the martha's would even be hung for this so everyone be punished and that would be on Eleanor as well so this makes Eleanor clearly snap so there's no easy way out of this for any of them and it's so sad but again so smart on Jim's part how she played this because if they didn't do this everything would be for nothing and the Winslows would have been killed and we know Jun wouldn't have been hung but commander Waterford would have got his win and took her for his own in DC you know something like that would happen and then nothing would have progressed these kids wouldn't get out of here so she's playing the cards that just have to be done to see the ultimate goal in the end and it's so sad she's like treat it like a job detach yourself you're not you I'm not me this is a transaction this is just very deep thematically it's very very heavy stuff it's sad as hell it's getting you into the mindset of what the way rape victims have any sort of defense mechanism in the moment just delving into those mindsets like you'd see in like documentaries or the show the victim looking out the window just focusing on something the tree whatever it's likely body and I thought they wrote this so well because it's like her showing that to Commander Lawrence and in that way he's facing it and just all showing in his face and that he even himself has to do that now and it's a huge wake-up call and I just thought it was so well done and just man it's like this is handmade still doing its job in a sense for us as people and I thought it works so well and I think for anyone who can relate to a story like that man it's it's it's heavy in it but it's it's deep and it's got so much lessons here and you just got to take it for how it affects you and what it does for you but I do think that it wasn't shying away and it was trying to kind of I don't you know explain it but just it's there's no words for it but hit where that would affect you watching from wherever angle in life you've come from an experiences you've had and this was just wow like when he's like are you sure and he says this to June and Eleanor's just behind the curtain sobbing and I think it was all so smart they didn't show it happen here it might have caused confusion at first like well did they do it or not but I think it would just have been too much we've seen too much of that it wasn't necessary I agree with that just imagine like how crazy this is because you have the waterfords aunt Lydia and Winslow just sitting downstairs just waiting making sure the rape is complete just so twisted and again he's just showing you like Serena's just totally redeemable at this point and just seeing though that again you see in her face she still realizes how messed up it is but she needs to finish her selfish needs first it's one of the things she always calls out Fred for but she's so hypocritical too because that's what she's doing to all the woman in gilead she's putting her needs first and she's completely selfish but I do think them constantly reminding us about like her realizing how messed up stuff are that she would be someone when her story ends in this she's gonna get I believe her brutal Karma but I think it will come in a way where she actually does something good it's just like I think that's just totally how this characters gonna go out and you see – she's just seeing how mrs. Lawrence is her friend they're the same position here as wives and he's culpable to her watching her husband to have sex with June it's like come on wake up here and you see Lydia's trying not to break – you cease Creepo doctor comes in to check June but Lydia's face is even off putted by it so there's a reason they keep showing that but Lydia can just turn on the happy thing right after successful ceremony praise be she tells everyone I love that Fred's face drops completely here and he just says praise be mission fail for Fred and it looks back is now you're just wasting Winslow's time and fred has the audacity to ask June are you alright absolute filth and June says the best thing she could say to him was at least it wasn't you she knows his buttons and that hits that jealousy part here that fred has always about June and this one talking about with the chess game thing going on here this is her checkmate moment like yeah I outplayed you here Fred nice try his idea of that how this would all go down is that the Lawrence doesn't mess up they get hung and he of June again as his hand made it and he get favored obviously the biggest reason with Winslow and that's not the case do you outplayed him so June and Lawrence have this nice moment here at the table and you see has contraception pills for her and he's like these are collector's item here and they talk about punishment for contraception as being torn apart by a dog good lord and she's like that's not a be the last time that happens you know that right and he's like I'll get you a truck and you please get my wife out safely and in my mind Lawrence here was just thinking this is all he has left get his wife some justice and hope here and get June out and I believe cuz he you know thought the only option was him for him to either go to jail forever if he crossed the border and I think he would have just stayed there and probably killed himself in gilead I think that was his plan but June gives them another option says hey you can get out too you just have to bring something something important kids brilliant this is such a believable and interesting way they're doing this whole getting the children out story to bring Lawrence into the fold here I think it's a really good touch and kind of gets all the parties involved and also just doesn't make it like too cheesy either where it's like a happy June thing getting the kids out just for being for good but also it's like a political move too you know it's something that would maybe get some kind of forgiveness towards Lawrence from Canada and maybe work with him and get info from him and him just totally ever dump Shin Ark and get as many people as possible to take down Gil yet and then you see here powerful seen now at jeune talking to Alma tells her about her kid Dylan and his new name is Joshua and Alma didn't even know this shows you two how much almonds you need another Hammond's didn't even know about their kids anymore compared to June and she's like how long will we let Gilly I'd keep him and this is gonna light a fire in almond Janine now and clearly the good guys it's a great motivation for them don't want to risk it all so this is where it got really heartbreaking where Janine was asking Jun about her son Caleb and Jun did completely the right thing here if she was told Jeanine there in the store about what happened to her son Jeanine would have done it off Matthew times 30 and that would just you'd basically be killing Janine there was no other choice and she did it the right way saying like he was far away so it wouldn't make it seem like he was near but he was happy and I loved them looking at the two fishes in the loaves and fishes store which is referencing a Bible story and just to sum that up involves Jesus there's a bunch of hungry people twelve thousand hungry people there's only two fishes like we're seeing in the scene and five loaves and he's able to feed everybody it's kind of like the water in Hawaiians story and a miracle was presented through that and I think this is just showing you them looking at the two fishes is like yeah they're in a dire situation but miracles can happen and that's what's gonna need to happen for them to pull this off but it is hope and we see Serena now confront Fred calls him out for being selfish dragging his feet wouldn't a call with Nicole that's been months and she says you're prioritizing yourself and that's enough now she's like I thought gilja as channels are the only way to get in a call-out but they're not I met an American in Canada who can help us mister Hawaii and she says to him you just have to offer your cooperation so she's putting him completely on the spot and by her saying the line she's basically saying look she knows he's not gonna be down for this but do this for me for the child and he just got to be cool about it but again him just doing that Fred knows risks everything he's worked so hard for and his his goodwill with Winslow and it risks his life it's complete treason so Serena don't get your hopes up and this is where I think setting up well how they did this with her keeping that get out of jail card with mr. Hawaii and we're getting revealed why they did that it makes sense because this would be I believe the leading the start of obviously the undoing to Serena and Fred would shake we're setting up in DC but there's no way Fred's gonna be cool with this and there's no way Serena's giving him another shot after this as well so it's just destined to be chaos for them so now we see Beth is like June I spread the word about getting the children out I thought the network would say no but a bunch of them said yes and there's all these muffins that's the sign and a ton of muffins and June's like we need a bigger boat so they're gonna needed more trucks than just the truck she has if it's 10 people gonna be huge mission and that line we need a bigger boat obviously referencing jaws with you're gonna need a bigger boat so exciting stuff happening there so let me just say again this episode was directed by Dana Reed she also did last week's episode which I liked a lot but in particular she did Holly last season the episode where June gave birth and the episode postpartum a season where Eden dies both great episodes so she has really just become the director for me of this show where I see that name like me see Craig knee guitarra for walking dead it's that or you're like okay this is gonna be good I'm sold on her directing her focus as a director and little nuances is excellent and she's consistent in tone with this story period and to me this was a very good episode I know everyone's antsy right now but to me this had very tense scenes it moved the story forward and it's set up for these final three episodes to be crazy I really just like how it let the actors breathe here too and work off of each other and again the lighting looks great and it still felt like classic handmade sale to me so I'm giving this one a 9.3 let me know what you thought of it down below I'd love to hear your thoughts on this episode I read every comment and try to respond as many as I can and please be civil with the comments and be civil to each other for being a jerk your comment is going to get removed please follow me at Steve are the one on Twitter and sanera for more of me please make sure to check out my reviews I'm doing a big little lies I'll also be reviewing euphoria so stay tuned for that thanks for tuning in praise be I'll see you next time

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  2. Ok. I just watched the episode. Waterford is such a deliberate smarmy prick. Omg. I didn't understand the depth of his pettiness from ur review till i actually watched it. I can't believe his lust for June wud drive him,to this end. He's gonna sell out Serena, and its gonna be his Undoing. Serena is gonna double cross him, with Mr. Hawaii. Her even thinking about leaving him, is gonna be the straw that makes Waterford turn her in. She shud have never mentioned that the giy met w her not 1x but twice. The fact she kept the number, is the proof Waterford needed, to go full ahead, w/o her, to go get June. This is gonna have a bad end. I feel it.

    Great review. I didnt realize how on point U were till i watched it. Kudos!!!!!🤘🏽

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  5. I’m pretty sure that the war criminal comment for Lawrence is foreshadowing for the Waterfords contacting the American. They think it’ll go smooth, but really they will be tried as war criminals and hopefully start wrapping up this damn nightmare.

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  8. Great review Steve.
    I think Serena may have a surprise for Fred. She’s evil but she is no slouch in the brains department.
    The ceremony was such a psychological twist from what we are used to. Although I felt somewhat bad for Eleanor, she didn’t have to watch. She didn’t have to hold June down, and frankly she wasn’t on that bed getting raped. June having to tell everyone what to do was a just crazy. But the worst was the examination after. Two violations within a few minutes. Too much!

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    They show her hand repeatedly to remind us how Fred betrayed his wife.

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    I don’t quite understand the idea this season with having rings in the hand maids mouths/lips. It’s not realistic, I guess they did it more as a statement of control. I feel like it would interfere with a lot of their rituals, especially with the births. Also with the strict diet they have to follow outlined by the Aunts, if you did an all smoothie diet it would not be sustainable. Also, simple things like breathing when your nose is stuffy? Maybe I’m over thinking this show. Now the idea with the red mouth collars/covers, that’s not as far fetched, but rings on lips?

    I feel like Aunt Lydia is starting to question the direction Galiad is going.

  14. A couple thoughts: 1. I'd love some more backstory on Lawrence. Knowing his personality now, how is it that he was so integral to the development of Gilead?? 2. The ceremony scene was SO twisted! I get all the reasons it went down that way, but the bare bones of it was a woman talking her rapist into raping her. Gilead is super warped!

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  18. Found the time to watch in-full yesterday, surprisingly, (life with a one year old!), and then went straight here, as I do, to get a good Steve take on the episode! I can honestly say this is an episode, that while it pushed the plot forward in so many ways, I don't feel like I can watch more than just the once. The panic that came to live inside me as the Lawrences and June deliberated on what to do in that moment of conscription was honestly too much for me, almost to even sit through, and as you mentioned, what happened next is a scene I'm glad they let pass in the night.
    I definitely wonder where the Lawrences will go as characters from here, and I hope we get to see the plot involving them, moved along from A to B to C within the next hour or so of content. It would be refreshing to see an upcoming script continue to stick with the storyline shown here, if not share a tad bit of the spotlight with wherever we seem to be headed with content aimed at Canada. Excited to see where we are next Wednesday…

  19. Watching this episode, I really started to think about something that’s been bothering me for a while. 🤔 When it comes to how many executions go on in Gilead, considering the incredibly low birth rates of their world, they’re going to run out of people. Is this manufactured faith based ignorance of “the Lord will provide” or is this a plot device I’m not understanding? 🤔

  20. So…. did I miss something? Wasn't Fred about to be forced into, ahem… "service" to Commander Winslow? Didn't he totally make a pass at him back in DC? I mean….now they just dropped that plot point? I was looking forward to Fred finally getting overpowered, possibly raped, the same way he has raped so many women in the name of "religion"…. Did I miss something that would explain why they totally wasted that exchange in the pool room at the Winslow house?? Help!

  21. Thank you for your commentary, I like following you . I watched a few episodes twice after hearing your views on the cinematography. Yes Washington was so powerful . This is a brilliant episode and you see the desperation and courage on June when she knows what is going to happen .

  22. When June tells Winslow that her commander ‘treats her with respect and she is happy to serve him,’ she was saying it as a slight towards Fred…I don’t think it was a slip, but she realized afterward that perhaps she shouldn’t have said it…hence why Serena gave June a disapproving look as Serena knew June’s intentions. Serena doesn’t want the handmaids to be hog ringed and veiled and June isn’t helping the issue.

  23. Also I find it a bit far fetched that they would leave files about the handmaid's children in a commander's home. Surely they would keep all that information in a secure building or computer database…it's all a bit too easy for June…

  24. Major plot hole for me this episode(among so many): there is NO way a doctor can tell if a woman is having sex, or just had sex, other than testing for semen…a Dr. Can't just look up there and say "yep, she's been screwed recently" haha it's absurd, really! The show is really insulting the audience's intelligence, or just plain being lazy. That said, if the show WAS actually implying the Gilead Dr. Was testing June for the presence of semen, then she and Lawrence could have easily faked that by Lawrence simply producing a sample and June putting in the appropriate place! Hence–no need for them to actually do anything. Ugh! These writers this season😣

  25. I don't know why June had to have sex with commander Lawrence. He could have just jacked off and given some of his spunk for June to put in her fanny. The doctor wouldn't have known any different and Commander Lawrence's wife and June wouldn't have to be traumatized….

  26. Poor Janine – she is like the garbage disposal of the show. She needs some wins. I predict Fred is gonna lash out since he is discovering that he is not much of a man in anyone's eyes. Lawrence should have prepared for any tactic. June should have reminded him that they have to play the game. It may behoove him to collect his sperm and keep it on ice for his household safety.

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