The Impact of Labour Interventions on Breastfeeding / Nursing & Postpartum

hi and welcome back to my channel and if it's your first time here welcome my name's Simone I make videos every Wednesday at 6 p.m. GMT time and if you are new here I'd love it if you can subscribe to my Channel today I'm going to make a video on breastfeeding and interventions I've been thinking about making this video for quite a while now and because I come from like an academic background I always want to make sure that I get all the research and the right information and so I was gonna do it in a more formal format but what I was trying to do it it was just it was just driving me crazy so I thought what I thought I would do is just but have a little chat about it and then put links below if you want to read any of the articles that I'm gonna talk about anyway I just want to say that I'm not making this video to make any mums like feel guilty or anything if they don't want to breastfeed or if they struggle to breastfeed or don't want to breastfeed I just wanted to make this video for other mums who like me struggled with breastfeeding and maybe felt guilty about not being able to breastfeed or topping up with formula or you know like maybe feeling like it's their fault that they struggled with breastfeeding I just really feel like there should be more information out there on what interventions can do to breastfeeding journeys there are obviously going to be lots of incidences where it's a medical necessity to have say like a c-section or maybe the baby needs to be induced or you know like a mom decides that she wants to have a certain drug but I just feel that there needs to be some kind of dialogue with moms about at what certain interventions can do you know when it comes to a woman's breastfeeding journey so the reason why I decided to make this video was if you've seen my video before about my but my breastfeeding experiences I'll put a link above if you've not seen it I struggled to breastfeed with my first child and second and third was a lot easier and I also trained to be a breastfeeding peer support worker so I have breastfed my first half two and a half years second child two and half years and I'm currently seven months into my journey with my third child so when I had a really really difficult time with my first child I didn't understand why I thought it was you know it was me that there was a problem with me and then it wasn't until I was pregnant with my second child and also when I was doing their training for the breastfeeding course when my first child was about nine months old that I realized that you know what breastfeeding a lot of people can think oh it's just easy just put a pot the baby on the boob and that's it you're fine and I found that actually it's a learned skill and I also found that the more you researching you prepare and you look at all the different things that could potentially go wrong and also you know find groups just you know just I suppose just getting as much knowledge as you can when it comes to breastfeeding it can just make the journey a lot easier and with me I found that with each child it got easier and easier as well so what I was really shocked to find out was there was an article written by a woman for UNICEF and I think it was November last year that it came out and it talked about a big study that they've done which found that certain interventions such as if you have the you know the trip I think it's called Sint Olsen you know if you get induced and you have to have the trip to bring on contractions or that can cause issues with breastfeeding if you have Devon tubes or if you have certain opiates to help with pain management they can all affect breastfeeding so I thought how many consultants or midwives of anybody did we talk to people about that because they never spoke to me about it so what this article says like I said I'll put the links below it said that in some instances the babies can literally forget how to breastfeed the studies which show that certain chemicals and things can get a go through the umbilical cord to the baby so I'm assuming that that's what happens in this case so it can affect them being able to latch on also obviously if you have in the Vaughn tubes or any suction or anything when the baby's being pulled out there could be injury to the baby's head or it might be saw on the neck or something like that so that might be difficult for them to latch on as well also I don't know ever they do it in England but I've seen it on some videos where they use the thing to suck the fluid out of the baby's mouth if they don't be careful it can hurt the roof of the baby's mouth so when the mums trying to light the baby on it can be really painful in the study as well it said that the woman's nipple smells like the amniotic fluid which I thought was amazing so that's how it helps the baby you know to find the nipple and if Mama's had my opiates well I'm not sure what type of drugs they are I maybe peppered in or something like that then that can obviously go into the baby's blood stream and then affect the baby when the baby comes out and then it makes it more difficult for the baby to be able so in my case I had an emergency c-section and I found out like the epidural medication it can impact breastfeeding and I was also allergic to the morphine as well so my my journey I felt like my milk wasn't coming in but I've read that if you've not had a vaginal birth sometimes it can take the body a while to recognize that you've had the baby and then it can take it can delay the milk coming in so obviously it's like you either will be and if your baby starving in everything and so you know you might top up with formula and then if you don't know about it then if you're topping it with formula then it your milk supply might decrease so there's all of these things that the healthcare providers I really feel should be talking to moms about so then obviously can make the best informed decision and also obviously if you are needing to top-up if the milks not that if they can have provider like a breast pump in the hospital or explain about what happens with the milk supply if formula is introduced or if baby has a pacifier that can impact it as well I have really hoped that you liked this video and if you did please give it a thumbs up and if you new here I would really appreciate if you could subscribe to my channel if you want me to make any other videos about breastfeeding or anything please just leave a comment down below and I will make a video about it thanks for watching and I'll see you next time bye

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  1. I missed you Simone I never got to see this video until now I’m sorry for being so late ! Love you 😍 you look beautiful as always super gorgeous

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