The LaBrant Family Official Labor and Delivery

this is it are you ready yes okay guys I think this is it I think this is it baby is this really it you think is it like Furillo Furillo I can you feel like this is it yeah this is what if I go that really 10:44 those like Bronson Hicks but like times do time soon all I got to call my doctor and he said if they're five minutes apart then just come on in so we've been timing them in there five minutes mark so we're gonna go in it's been for like the past like 45 minutes so dilated at all we're probably gonna get it going because I'm already 39 weeks so he's like fully yeah so it's it's helping you you don't pranking me right this row cuz I got the camera set oh my gosh I forgot are you ready for this we knew it would like any day now what if we get there and they're like no like you're not ready you don't think so it's not like so much of a rush thank you I always thought that there's no it was gonna be like pretty panic I have one right now we feel good okay so put your mask around while you're you know hey gotta look good whenever you're a block family and you're pushing that baby out you gotta make sure the hail the hairs are curled and good thing is I already had the hair cruel so kind of thing but I guess I'll uh you know make sure that baby doesn't think her dad has stinky breath it's time I heard a knocking down there I'll break out okay oh okay what do we do do I die you gonna get it back we just got hospital yeah okay what about Everly luckily my family's been in town for Christmas this whole time prepping for the baby Savannah's völva staying with us like everything when I see like it's like all of our families here we've been prepared just like fingers crossed like she would come and nobody knows yet the most terrifying thought right now is that this is baby peas room we're gonna be leaving this house with an empty crib and come back with a baby in that crib crazy bag this bag and that's it okay already I'm ready to go this is amazing I don't feel her but this is the process what the camera in my face I got a little padding in there just memories babe hey memories I would honestly be doing this even if we weren't Bobby you said no rush you really did because this could take this could be a really long labor process it's not like crazy jock contractions right now but we will see that back two pairs of underwear so I'm ready for two nights yep actually four nights reversing all right everybody are you ready I'm ready just a good idea we're going to the hospital we're gonna go get your baby sister we're gonna go get her out Gigi's downstairs in the end cc's downstairs and everyone's thumb starts to just go back to sleep even though you're super excited I know your last night as a single child do you believe it until my mom has a great time her hair on the shot because the man is terrified of an epidural good night okay if you are going into labor then I'm sure you will be happy we're gone to the hospital get this baby now Oh Christmas baby okay how are you feeling right now knowing that whenever we come back to this house yeah we'll be coming back with a baby that's here for you yeah I'm terrified all right here we go now the elevator instead of two – remember we walked in there a savanna if it was her first you think no a second and then Everson dude stuff on my back it's so cold outside and I'm sweating right here I guess huh oh they got a little baby praying Jesus over there okay thank you birthing suites that sounds nice I don't think it's weeped okay he did get in to have a baby there's not even a person that is insane okay oh my gosh these are the beds it you push your baby out on it our baby hey freaking kidding me you bring nothing on you have your baby nothing I know my god it's still weird so why do they only give me big why why did they give they gave me what are they putting you on the couch over there Martin what are you thinking your ID is it's 20 of us just got one of her shots and she's well IV she's traumatized from it she shaking so bad they checked her cervix and she's for sit for those of you don't know what it means you have to be 10 centimeters Tyler stop pushing right but a lot of people I come in or like one to zero because y'all ready for that means that you're because I'm not in like more pain than you my four-seamer is pretty far off or 72 here but you rock you guys okay baby I'm just can't be right there update 2:12 am savannahs having contractions is he just had a big contraction that I guess it was three minutes long and it kind of constricted the baby right and so slowed her heart right down so they brought in a bunch of other nurses and it's kind of like a scary panic and they put her on I guess oxygen and her heart rates back up and good now but and it's kind of kind of scary a bunch of nurses came in and they're about not to give her some kind of shot like stop the contraction and they said it's common kind of scary feel good here a precious baby yeah 4:30 7 a.m. and Savannah just had another one of those she's having contractions all the time but she just had another contraction that kind of was too long those four minutes this time and was constricting the baby for too long so they had to give you the oxygen but this one that had they had to give you a shot what was that shot I started with tea but yeah pretty much it relax my contraction yeah I relaxed use your uterus so that it stops the contraction but it makes you feel all weird huh I said that that makes your heart flutter like crazy and are you shaking right now unfortunately this keeps happening we'll have to have an emergency c-section and we can't really move forward with anything until we get this under control right so we just got to kind of hope that the next couple hours go a little more smooth and that the baby cooperates this is like 10 minutes later summer with each other 20 minutes later oh the time the nurse just came in and they said that they think they are going to break Savannah's water they're gonna come in and break Savannah's water and what that's going to do is it is going to speed up the labor process and it's gonna make your contractions more back-to-back and more in a rhythm which will do one of two things it'll either help relax the baby and help get it into a more rhythm and she'll go to taking attractions or she won't be able to and they'll have to go to c-section so those are the two options it's either she'll figure it out or she won't but with that being said they're going when they're wanting to come in a brick of water in the next hour and they want to prepare Savannah and that she might get a c-section so they might come in and give her an epidural sometime in the next 30 minutes to an hour not going quite as gonna be expected but okay you feeling okay hey baby what vehicle sir pressure now how is it baby you know that you done yeah you're worse here you know you're then that's bad you thought was gonna be nothing but I said you look really cute in here now favorite huh did you feel it Savannah's water just broke the baby's not here yet but she's getting close I got my dad here two Krauts go see mama is a 40 am a WaterBrook she has her epidural but not the too much progress other than that since her waters broke her stomach has deflated so much I don't know how the heck there's there's a baby there and they're saying that the baby is gonna be like normal we'll size the big size I think knowing another camera I can see if I click assign it fairly even like Rises yeah so Savannah's having a lot of contractions I was making a bit to where there are long contractions like five-minute contractions and it's slowed the baby's heart rate down it's supposed to be like 120 130 140 but it slows it not like 70 80 she keeps having them so I think they're getting ready for a c-section of course that's scary not what we planned on and prepared for but they want the baby to be healthy and Savannah's the strongest mom in the world you little nervous all right it is 12:39 savannah is currently having a lot of contractions these are strong ones the actual doctor is delivering Savannah I wanted to postpone the c-section try one more time to see if the baby will get used to the contractions it's only whenever you have these five-minute contractions that the baby can't take it you haven't had one in a while so we really don't know what's gonna happen Savannah's hasn't eaten in like 18 hours she hasn't had anything to drink she's looped up on so many drugs no sleep another contraction yeah just call backup good news Savannah's a 10 centimeters dilated and the doctors on his way here and she that's our question no c-section I don't know I sound like I still happen while she's pushing but it worked it worked out it is currently at 157 so in sleepy enjoy gonna be right here okay this is it are you ready yes at least get with the money I got you and now you're just gonna wrestle next yeah [Laughter] he's just awesome someone have another baby yeah this is awesome ten good and I can write back into it till your turn back now right okay thoughts midway through pushing baby's halfway there this was probably the most pg-13 oh that's so weird this is so weird this is so weird

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