The Line on My Ovulation Test is Faint

The line on my ovulation test is faint. What
does that mean? It could mean a lot of things. Such as? I want to know specifics before I
go buy a six pack of them. You didn’t want to get your hands dirty, so
you barely peed on the test and now it barely shows positive. That means I might be ovulating right now. Or your ovulation hormone is starting to go
up and you’ll ovulate tomorrow. If the hormone goes up, it will go down. Sure, so a faint ovulation test followed by
a blank one tomorrow means you ovulated today. Or the test isn’t working right. The ovulation test is looking for that hormone
that the body only releases to tell the ovaries to release an egg. If it is positive, the
test either picks up the hormone weakly or it is really defective. How can you tell if the test is defective? If the ovulation test is showing a positive
line and the test line isn’t, the ovulation test is defective. That is the second line that should darken
even if the ovulation test doesn’t. Yes, and if the control line is blank but
the ovulation test line is faint, the test is bad and you should re-test. I never thought this was a test you could
fail. You could also have it faint because you didn’t
use it right, such as only getting a sprinkling of pee on it instead of a full dousing or
only letting it get damp in the pee cup instead of soaking a good five minutes. That would mean the ovulation test would have
shown a strong solid line if I’d waited long enough. You can wait another hour or two and pee on
another ovulation test. First of the morning urine is supposed to
be best. Sure, because it is the most concentrated.
But as long as you aren’t drinking five liters of water a day, you can try an ovulation test
in the afternoon, and if that one is equally faint, you know you are ovulating. Plus or minus a day. If the ovulation test this morning was faint
but tomorrow’s ovulation test is really strong, you know you’re ovulating then. And if I want to get pregnant, activity toward
that goal needs to start soon. Sperm lives a couple of days, so having sex
tonight and tomorrow night is enough to nearly guarantee conception as long as that’s what
you want. Can an ovulation test ever show positive when
it can’t positively be true? If your boyfriend pees on it and gets a positive
result, he’s got a major problem. I heard of a positive pregnancy test for a
guy meaning he had prostate cancer. And if you have a positive ovulation test
for days on end, you may have polycystic ovaries, or ovarian cancer. No matter the reason, it becomes a reason
to see a doctor. Just test for another day or two, and if the
faint line fades away, you know that’s when your eggs were prime for delivery.

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