45 Replies to “The List of Fetal Tissue Flavored Products in the Market Today – Deborah Tavares”

  1. Everyone of you are fuck8ng retarded if you believe this. Tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theory. You need to be put into a mental ward

  2. Crazy no wonder we are getting diseases I had no idea they consider Babies aborted cells as a Flavor ingredient

  3. If you label food with healthy and natural it is usually very bad!! The food stores like LIDL,COOP,JUMBO and so on in The Netherlands makes constant advertising with the necesarry stars to affect the health of citizens!! The food industry is also part from the evil plan of globalization!!

  4. Like I said, us in the U.S. are spoiled. Visit other countries where even the rich have veggie gardens on their balconies in planters and wooden boxes.

  5. zionazi satanist pedophile network. how else can they dispose of all the murdered children.
    politicians must face the NOOSE.

  6. I make a paste of aborted fetal tissue and liberally apply it to my feet, and my nutsack. Then if there's any leftover, I use it in various sauces. Not unlike MSG, it enhances the flavor of turpentine, and latex paint, which can also be ingested, after the appropriate amount is added.

  7. They say they use fetal cells to test the taste receptors, but not add it to the pepsi, never understood  this, I am pro life and pro informed, and it kills me to see the horrors they are doing with babies.

  8. they use cells from the fetus . Probably why they chose to kill babies more .

  9. i recall a few yrs ago some food analysts found human dna in hotdogs.. thank fuck i never eat them.

  10. I just called Nestle and lady answered saying no fetal tissue in products but when I asked If they were pursuing litigation against against these claims she didn’t know so I asked for supervisor he said no, and then I asked to shoot me an email with his info.

  11. The original fruit from the original tree of life was Adam's, and Eve's, offspring; I am wondering lately whether it is cannibalism that was the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. Perhaps Lilith ate her firstborn and offered some to Adam in a dish, saying it is good, try it.. I'm guessing.

  12. The weirdest thing that ever happened to me was when I was offered a drink by my then flatmate. I took it and was delighted because I used to observe her drinking it with such pleasure that I thought to myself, this drink ought to be delicious. However, to my horror when I opened that canned drink, a wicked thought came to my mind telling me"do not drink it, this is mixed with human blood" I am like to myself, girl you are crazy, but funny enough I couldn't drink afterwards and 2 years later I heard that particular brand does just that! I don't want to mention that particular brand, I am too poor to be sued. I have never touched that drink since.

  13. Why abort a baby and only to feed to people? How sick and deprived is this? No wonder the Human race have been so morally corrupt lately. And what is the end game? Turning us into cannibals with no sense of morals and thus advance their agenda?

  14. there is a lot of conflicting information regarding this on the internet; one source says no food actually contains the fetal cells but that some used the cells in the development process during research and developement.

    MAY God forgive us All for NOT knowing.😔💔

  16. for those still in doubt, this is the deep rabbit hole of "Sin-of-Mix" and beyond:

  17. 1:17 that's incorrect. Mad cow disease comes from ingesting sheep that had been infected with scrapie. Not from cannibalism itself.

  18. As this has mostly been taken from cogforlife.org. It is NOT true, they do not use fetal tissue IN the food products. However, they DID use HEK293 and such to TEST different reactions to come up with a formula that successfully tricks the tongue into thinking something is sweet when it's not. More info:


    I'm not entirely relieved, as I'd rather them NOT use any stem cells. Besides, why are they trying to trick our tongues anyway? Why are we not allowed to taste what things are meant to taste like? Do we really need products to appear sweet when they're not?

  19. So consuming humans causes kuru disease not sure of how it's spelled but it causes shaking weakness and other problems until death. Maybe this is what is causing so many people Parkinson's or these neurological diseases and they aren't telling us it's really kuru disease.

  20. This is HIGH LEVEL TREASON by the food and drug administration aka the FDA. Is this why food does not taste the same as it once did?

  21. Disgusting, vile practices. Why is this not on the news? No wonder all major outlets are pro-choice: Aborted fetuses fuel a whole industry full of money and deception.

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