The Microwave Miscarriage Epidemic

alright ladies and gentlemen this is Joe and Brianna the Fullerton Informer coming to you live from the streets of Orange County California you know folks we've got a situation on our hands today where the mainstream media is pretty much normalizing miscarriages folks that's right not too long ago on the Today Show they were actually talking about how miscarriages are the new norm folks you hear that they're telling us that miscarriages are the new norm ladies and gentlemen you know a lot of my broadcasts are riddled with satire entwined with truth folks but this one really has me going you know I had a great childhood I grew up on the street where we would be Abbas Abbas and third-stage smog alert so we wouldn't come in until the streetlights came on and our parents were yelling for us right and nobody wore helmets all the cars burned leaded gas I grew up by the freeway right nobody had autism and everybody kept getting pregnant right all these moms kept having all these kids and you know the dads were all drinking and the moms were all smoking right everybody was smoking and drinking I still get pregnant and they they were they were spraying DDT in their yards and using pesticides and eating hot dogs and hamburgers and barbecue and stuff and put lighter fluid all over everything right how come we didn't have all these miscarriages back then how come now miscarriages are the new norm ladies and gentlemen well I want to tell you and I submit to you that we are reeling from a microwave miscarriage epidemic votes you know I really get a kick out of these people that tell us that uh oh well you know the Wi-Fi is safe right like that knucklehead that had the big happy party for the school district officials in his living room telling them how Wi-Fi safe and then he ends up with a freaking brain tumor right or this other knucklehead that spent his whole life in a microwave resonant cavity cutting people to pieces that he comes back in a wheelchair from a camping trip from a mosquito bite right you know don't tell me microwaves are safe folks because if you live your life surrounded by microwaves sooner or later you're gonna have some sort of an effect and it could be cancer it could be a child with Down syndrome we breast cancer can be a brain tumor could be testicular cancer I guess I might as well go over all this folks you know one of the best ways to get thyroid cancer is to put those those Bluetooth things or whatever those things are called right here right those wireless transmitters right you can put your transmitter right on your thyroid so it just kind of goes right down right a great way to get brain tumors to keep that phone up to your head all the time or you know sleep next to a cordless phone on the nightstand right you know a great way to get testicular cancer is to play with that wireless gaming controller between your legs young man and for you older man who think hanging out at City of Hope and pop and cialis is the future for you keep put that laptop on top of your prostate okay all right and after all you ladies out there that think it's cheap to stick that phone in your chi Chi's let me tell you something they're gonna be cutting those things off pretty soon unless you want to be part of the Susan komen walk for pinkness right look you keep your phone on you're probably gonna get breast cancer trust me I'm not a doctor now for those of you who really want to double down on this disaster and you're a female of the ultimate persuasion keep that wireless device in your lap and direct proximity to your eggs right in direct proximity to your ovaries and I get a kick out of these people that say oh that the the Wi-Fi is really low power it doesn't penetrate can ask you a question how the hell does it go through the walls how the hell does your cellphone work inside your house and if it goes through the walls you think you could go through your your skin how about you think you could go through your skin if you have it right on your lap you think you can go into your ovaries if you have that slot antenna right on your tummy below your belly button why do I laugh because you laugh at me and then now it's the new norm to have an autistic child and a miscarriage right what the heck is wrong with everybody oh yeah there's nothing wrong with Johnny right Oh a just up talk to anybody beats his head against the wall oh he's eight now and he's still diapers right I'm not making fun of the children folks this is a disaster we didn't have these problems growing up I remember barefoot pregnant with long hair and and Beach Boys music and you know big v8 sand smog alerts and block parties and and ice cream machines and fireworks and m-80s and all the teenagers smoking pot out of the gas masks and everybody got pregnant let paint on the cars lead paint on the chairs Emmy case solvents in the factories and the women were smokin Winston said and drinking wine and the men are all drinking you know Jack Danielson and and everybody was having a family and now you got people wearing helmets and 15 15 point harness seatbelts and strollers with roll cages on him and nobody can get pregnant right well it's because of the non-thermal interaction of non-thermal microwave radio frequency emissions affecting morphological changes in sub cellular components of the human egg specifically morphological changes to a sub cellular component of the human egg called the smooth endoplasmic reticulum now for those of you who don't believe me Apple's corporate headquarters in Cupertino California just confirmed the camera replay with the pit-boss as they double-check the hand right folks look at the landscape architecture plans of Apple's Cupertino headquarters on the Wi-Fi dangers comm website and then you can also look at the studies including the Defense Intelligence Agency report for 1977 that clearly states that morphological changes in the smooth endoplasmic reticulum were observed by exposure to non-thermal microwave power levels that's right ladies and gentlemen so now we have the Today Show normalizing miscarriages ladies and gentlemen ah yes that's right you know I remember back when I was a young man I when I didn't have any wrinkles my on my forehead didn't look like a road atlas and I didn't have all this gray hair coming out of my eyebrows right and you know back then getting the gal it was quite a quiet quite an adventure you know and to actually have met someone and have a successful marriage and have the finances to not live on the streets and raise children it's quite a feat in today's day and age as it has always been because the devil has done everything he has been able to do to keep a man and a woman from falling in love and starting a family because he hates the creation of eternal beings and eternal souls that can have it eternity with God that's why he wants everybody to be a lonely depressed depraved pervert right and do you Swan dives off of parking structures right well that's his plan is to make us all corrupted and kill us right that is his plan but you know lo and behold it doesn't work because what God has instilled in us is far stronger and what his wildest dreams and intentions for us can manifest into and so lo and behold here we are right a lot of my listeners are married right you have a family you have a wife you have chilled now you're raising children you want them to have a family but what if I told you they're not gonna have a family folks and it starts in the classroom that's right the infertility pad has been deployed in all the elementary schools throughout the United States did you know that Apple sold its first computer for 600 $66.66 back in 1976 I'm not making this up did you know that their logo was an apple with a bite out of it a symbolic of the fall in the garden and there's even some of their advertising symbolizing Adam and Eve where they're naked and Adam is covering himself up with the computer and then there's another piece of artwork where there's the tree and then there's the apple on there's a guy sitting underneath it right and then they go a little further a few years later and they put the rainbow in the in the logo of the apple with a bite out of it and then another one of their logo is take a bite be yte out of an apple right and so forty years later they wind up in the laps of every school-aged child in America where they patented slot antennae right on top of their ovaries and what do you do I don't know what are you gonna do what have you done well so far the schools have a full classrooms all the kids got these things in their labs and the chickens are coming home to roost and let me tell you something they're taking a dump all over the Cooper okay because all these children that have been raised with these weapons in their labs are gonna find out the hard way that miscarriage is what the new norm we know that girls are born with a finite amount of eggs and we know that these these eggs mature over time and we know that the eggs are the target of the microwave agenda why how do we know this well I didn't spend five billion dollars developing a corporate headquarters up in Cupertino California now I didn't file landscape architecture plans with City Hall in Cupertino that are exact replicas of cross-sections of the human egg right out of a Harvard biology textbook they did I didn't design the device that has a patented slot antenna that delivers a penetrating microwave beam that will go through the abdomen and into the eggs and I didn't design this weapon that operates at a frequency and power level that has been shown to affect morphological changes who sub cellular components responsible for the zona reaction control in a human egg they did that's right that's right ladies and gentlemen and so as they do this to us now they tell it to us then miscarriage is the new norm right ladies and gentlemen if you do not wish for your family to participate in the new wave of the future which is miscarriage is the norm may I submit to you may I suggest to you may I implore you may I humbly request of you may I demand of you that you get these damn microwave transmitters out of the laps of your daughters before they burn up all their eggs and you two are ending up on the Today Show lamenting with a tissue in front of millions of people succumbing and submitting to the satanic agenda of the destruction of human fertility folks that's right I don't know what else to say except we are in trouble but once again we can stay two steps ahead of these agendas with knowledge your children do not have to have radio frequency weapons aimed at the reproductive organs although the school districts in Fullerton have doubled down and chosen to ignore the warnings and have proceeded full speed ahead and refused to warn the parents or the children about keeping these things in their lap or even possessing them in the first place now you can go for a walk in any neighborhood and as you go down the street you can pick up a hundred Wi-Fi signals right down the center of the cul-de-sac right as all these people are inside their homes with their blue lights blazed in a way and the daughters are burning up their eggs right and the Today Show tells us right that's right that miscarriage is the new norm you want to know something I sure have grateful then my mom wasn't stupid enough to put some weapon in her lap when she was a grade school girl and that the egg that was produced in her by Almighty God when she was in her mother's womb that turned into me wasn't damaged by these demonic scum that are intentionally destroying our future and make no bones about it folks they are demonic scum anybody that prices their product for production and distribution for six hundred and sixty six dollars and sixty six cents number one either needs to get knighted as the Grand High pooh-bah of the Church of Satan or they need to have their freaking head examined right and either way that is somebody that you don't want anything to do with much less a corporation that has anything to do with your children but nonetheless as of the time and hour and day that we speak right now they have everything to do with your children folks because that corporation is monopolizing music educational instructional material delivery and even communication and soon to be ecommerce that is right you see when you make a deal with the devil like they did he has some Lea rewards for a season now we know the fate that some of those people have met from that company we also know some of the offshoots of that company like a gentleman named Steve pearl man who has patented the Artemis technology corporations 5g weaponry phased array systems and Artemis technology if you go to Wi-Fi dangerous calm is is a company that's an offshoot of Apple Computer headed up by gentleman named Steve Pearlman and he has a company logo that is an inverted uterus folks you can see this on Wi-Fi dangerous calm or you on Apple 666 org and he's chosen to name his company after the goddess of fertility right so we got a technology offshoot of Apple Computer that sold his first computer for 600 $66.66 that's in the laps of every school-aged child in America with a slot antenna on the reproductive organs beaming out a frequency and power level that according to the how do you wanna I don't wanna I can't even believe this is happening I can't believe it still happen I can't believe for years I've been explaining this I think I'm going on my sixth year of explaining what is being done to these school children once again an offshoot of Apple computer company I can put a company that sold its first computer for six hundred and sixty six dollars and sixty six cents which has now found its way to having its weaponry deployed in the laps of every school-aged child in the United States and perhaps the world with a patented slot antennae delivering a radiofrequency microwave beam into the abdomen and at the eggs of young girls at a power level and a frequency that has been shown to according to the Defense Intelligence Agency report from 1977 on microwaves has been shown to affect morphological changes in a subcellular component called the smooth endoplasmic reticulum that is the subcellular component of the human egg that runs the zona reaction that's the part of the fertilization process that literally hardens the egg once one sperm gets in and now an offshoot of Apple called Artemis technology run by gentleman named Steve Perlman they've named their company which is integral as integral role in the 5g beamforming phased array antenna systems his company's name Artemis technology which is the goddess of fertility and the goddess of the hunt and he's chosen to make a logo of his company to be an inverted uterus so all right that's it right there folks father in the name of Jesus Christ in the name of Yeshua HaMashiach we come against these these dark spiritual forces of wickedness in high places and we know that the armor of God is no match for these demonic entities that control the hearts and the minds of the men and women that seek to be the continual inventors of evil things and we know that no weapon formed against us shall prosper in the name of Jesus Christ and we know that no ill will or evil intent will not be allowed to manifest its intended purpose unless it is so allowed by you Almighty God according to your will and good purpose that you will allow it and so in the name of Jesus Christ I ask and implore and plead with you Lord to protect the eggs of these young girls whose parents are literally clueless about what is being done to them or whose parents are literally the victim of the cowardice that befalls them as they become aware of what is being carried out in the name of progress in 21st century education and I asked this and all of the aforementioned in the name of Jesus Christ and through his infinite wisdom and power with all glory and honor being his as he's seated at the right hand of the Father in majesty and honor right now we ask these things in his name that's right folks that's right and as I close that prayer there's a car in front of me that has it three sixes on their license plate you see how it all works I'm not making this up I wish I had a chance to turn the thing right he's already made a u-turn I want to thank you for tuning in ladies and gentlemen and I want to implore you to open your eyes and understand that what we face is an enemy that it has a lot of weak links folks and you know the weaponry cannot be deployed unless we allow it to be deployed namely and specifically with respect to our children you know I know people who have done a lot of things in their lives that's right that's right ladies and gentleman I know a lot of people have done a lot of bad things I know a lot of people have done a lot of good things and let me tell you something you know what the difference between the people that did the bad things and the people of the good things is nothing because they're all sinners folks they're all sinners and you know a lot of people have no idea what they're doing you know I look back to the the the days of old when these people they did these horrific deeds and they repented and they became some of the most on fire believers for for the Son of God that the world has ever seen and let me tell you something there is hope for everybody no one is beyond the pale and beyond the reach of the forgiveness and the power of the cross but while those people are being sought out and hunted down by God because he does seek out the lost that's why he's sent his son while he is in the process of attempting to redeem these people assuming there is hope for them we need to stay clear of their weaponry folks that's right that's what I implore you to do and that's why I come on every day for a half hour and I tell you about the weaponry and their dastardly plans and how you can stay two steps ahead of the pit that they have dug for you to fall into that's right that's right folks all right and that's enough for today and I'm hoping that you will have no part of this miscarriage disaster that is befallen you manatee and I would also hope and pray that you will come to know the truth because the truth will set you free and he who is free is free indeed folks because let me tell you something of all the vile addictions and and horrific depression and horrible things that we go through in life the only one that can save you from that is Jesus Christ the only one that can free you from the bondage of the sin and the desperation and the guilt is the forgiveness that was given for us through the shed sinless blood of Jesus Christ on that cross and you know a week ago we celebrated what a lot of people refer to as Easter and the resurrection they celebrate the resurrection I celebrate the resurrection every day ladies and gentlemen I celebrate the resurrection every day because you want I should be here right now because when I was younger there should have been things that should have happened to me that would not have allowed me to be talking to you right now because look God saved me stuck his hand out of eternity and into the present time and he preserved my life maybe it's for a day such as this maybe it's for a time as this ladies and gentlemen and today is the day and this is the hour in the moment that you have to make a decision on this day who you will serve okay and I will tell you right now folks I will tell you right now that most people out there are not serving the Lord all they're doing is watching TV and filling up the toilet after they stuff their face and that's the truth folks and that is not what God put us here God did not put us here to fill our minds full of filth and the municipal sewer system full of excrement he put us here to do his work folks okay he put us here to help others and to make this a better place for those that come after us and we know that our time here is short and that we got to do the most with what we've got all right and that doesn't mean popping pills and Twinkies and you know going through rolls of Charmin and Counting how many zeros you got in the bank okay that is not what life is about I just told you what is happening there's a horrific miscarriage epidemic going on folks and a lot of it if not most of it has to do with microwave exposure and so what do we do about this systematically go through your home and get that crap out of your house all right yes funny the good wheels got cat you know ethernet cable hanging on the racks all the time they got hardwired phones for sale you know everybody's throwing away all the good stuff now right you can go into a Goodwill store and get a hardwired plug in phone for I don't know four dollars an old good one like a heavy one that was made by the phone company that's I got one in my backyard I leave it out in the rain okay it doesn't it still works when it gets wet after it dries out I mean these things are bulletproof right these old GTE made the United States phones from the seventies folks stopped bringing the weaponry into your house that's all I could say right now I'm gonna cut this because it's Friday all right and I want you all to have a great day and God bless all of you and there's some comments on here I see you out there yes I do know Virginia Virginia is a great lady she's been through a lot she lost her son and you want to know something she's fighting the good fight and we all got to fight the good fight folks that's why we don't want to be weaponizing our homes and that's what they're trying to get us to do all right folks I'll see you guys god bless maybe tonight we'll have a live stream depending upon the the pomp and circumstance as this day plays out let's hope it's a safe one for all of us in Jesus name

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  1. They are depopulating us all , look GMO foods fluoride water chemtrails vaccine war abortion drugs alcohol cigs famines economic warfare mind control warfare BPA plastic 3g4g5g radio microwaves radiation wake up sheeple etc. look up stingray and get right with god he is comeing .

  2. I dont think wireless is the only problem, i think theres other things like junk food and microwave food,drs that dont know what they're doing giving kids meth and inhalers instead of solving the problems etc. And i remember kids being autistic before cell phones came out.

  3. Apple is Luciferian. Last iPhone I will ever fucking own Let alone last cell phone I will ever own no S Bueno. Wake up!!!!!!

  4. i just watched this entire video thinking who is this guy, i dont live in crazy california. then i realized ive been sleeping 5 ft away from a wifi box for a year. anyway, i subbed. great video.

  5. Joe, you might consider labeling of your videos as may help your
    What would the benefits, be or not be, satire?

  6. To make a heavy topic a bit more funny, my mother used to only keep her Derringer in her bra! Sad enough though she died of breast cancer but she worked in the 1960's at Rocketdyne in S. Ca. Worst nuke accident in the US, worst then 3 mile Island but not much media coverage about it, happened in 1959 and many of my school friends from Simi have nerve damage and or cancers now… So many residents of Simi have one or more family member who have a form of cancer.

  7. People should be checking out the David Iche YouTube channel..
    He covers lots of similar material:5G, Agenda 21, etc..
    Check him out…

  8. Eat your peach , apricot and apple seeds. It tells you these things in the Bible the first book. They come across a cancer cell the thing breaks apart and kills the cancer. We serve a wonderful God YHVH. Get to know the word he became a man and dwelt among us. Get to know the word.
    It says my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. The things that are in it has a lot to do with the things that are happening now. I hope you and your family are well and I pray that no weapon formed against y’all will prosper. Thanks Joe.
    Woe that was trippy . Guess we were thinking the same types of things.

  9. I am in agreement with your prayer Joe. Thank you for that prayer.

    Full armor of God on you Joe, your family and all watching and doing God's work. BStr

  10. Oh, my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Ponder well, when around the age of 5-7, the broken heart of our Heavenly Father was revealed to me through the preaching of the cross of Christ, who gave His sinless life unto death for each of us to bear witness and become borne in our hearts with the presence of God. These days are no mystery! [Dan 12:1-3 KJV] 1 And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation [even] to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book. 2 And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame [and] everlasting contempt. 3 And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.

  11. My mrs looks like she's having a miscarriage as her ultrasound showed no heart beat yesterday at a 9 week pregnancy!! Not happy! 😌

  12. We use to use analog cordless phones, they all switched to dect cordless. The dect phones cause me anxiety and insomnia.

  13. So I was in Michael's crafts today and seen scented bubbles for kids the kind they blow to make bubbles, smh like they need more chemicals.

  14. Joe watch A call for an uprising’s latest video. 🙀
    It will confirm all you speak of regarding vaccines. 😳

  15. Joe hang in there, it is so frustrating. God bless you for your courage. We do not consent. Fight the good fight!

  16. Joe thank you for keeping us honest! You always seem to call out over eating junk food and pure crap while I'm in progress! Caught in the act, point taken, poignant as always my friend!

  17. Joe, this reminds me of the movie Children of Men where children were no longer being born, and let's not forget the civil unrest, and camps, and violence in the streets. Guys watch this movie!! Its an eye opener, this is exactly what Joe is saying. Please let's all wake up, and do right by God or at least let's try.

  18. You truly are a man of God. Thanks for all you do…….love and blessings to you and yours from Michigan!

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