The nonsense of saying "Abortion is Freedom!" #prolife

you you you you good morning friends thanks for joining us father Frank Pavan here from priests for a life let's begin our morning broadcast with some prayer from my book pro life reflections for every day today we read from Luke 10:31 a priest happened to be travelling along that same road but when he saw him he passed on the other side reflection perhaps the priest and the Levite walked by the victim on the roadside because they thought the robbers were right around the corner waiting to attack them they asked if I stopped to help this man what will happen to me but the Good Samaritan reversed the question and asked if I do not stop to help this man what will happen to him let us pray Lord may I stop calculating the risk to myself and instead ask what will happen to the vulnerable if I don't help them amen well this of course from the parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke chapter 10 this is the passage that Reverend Martin Luther King jr. preached in his last sermon the night before he was assassinated and he made that very same point that the reversal of the question when we're facing in justices that we need to uproot from society in justices like abortion we have to stop asking what is going to be the cost to us we have to stop counting the cost are we going to lose friends or gonna lose popularity prestige position titles but of course of course but what will happen to the unborn if we don't protect them if we don't stand up for them what they stand to lose is far more than what any of us stand to lose and did not the Lord tell us that we have to be involved in self-sacrificing love not love that doesn't cost us anything but precisely love that costs us everything not only in the cross of the do we see the example of love but as st. John declares in his first letter we are called to love one another and to lay down our lives for one another so for the unborn abortion is freedom in Waskom Texas the city declared itself to be a sanctuary city for the unborn and this is the kind of assertion of our pro-life convictions that really every city should be doing across the nation and various pro-abortion groups that got them nervous you see they try to have it both ways on the one hand they say all that declaration is meaningless and it's unconstitutional and abortion is still legal throughout the state of Texas and across the United States it seems to me they're protesting too much of course it's legal so why you're getting so upset you see when we take a stand when even small towns and cities take a stand to say we're going to protect the unborn when states take a stand like Alabama and others saying we're gonna protect the unborn more than they've ever been protected the other side goes crazy no don't they they're not as confident and secure in their legality of abortion as they would have us think that's point number one point number two is abortion has nothing to do with freedom do you think that the people who put those billboards up the pro-abortion groups did this they put up these billboards abortion is freedom you got to wonder how many people they talk to who are actually undergoing abortions day by day we talk to them all the time because first of all we reach out to help them whether it's on the streets in front of abortion facilities or over hotlines for pregnancy centers or in the pregnancy centers we deal with them all the time and we deal with those who have had abortions and tell their stories are Rachel's vineyard retreat program the largest ministry in the world for healing after abortion are silent no more campaign the largest ministry of those who are speaking out about their abortion experience we talk to these people all the time one thing is very very clear and let's make this clear and let's make it clear to those who would say abortion is freedom women don't get abortions because of freedom they get them because of despair people don't get abortions because of freedom of choice they get them precisely because they feel they have no freedom and in no choice that's the reality of the situation of those who have abortions that's the reality and brothers and sisters no slogan can undo that reality they're doing it because of despair they're doing it because they feel there's nobody to help not only is it not freedom in its motive and its inception it's not freedom in its results first of all for the child since when do we seek our freedom by trampling down the lives of others you don't kill your children in order to get freedom and since when and in what way is that freedom for the child it's the opposite you're taking away the child's freedom you're taking away the basis for the child's freedom you're taking away the child's life that's the antithesis of freedom but secondly even for that mother that abortion does not advance her freedom let me give you a simple website abortion testimonies calm read the actual words watch the actual video footage of those who have abortion and they will tell you and they will make it very clear to you this is not freedom for me this devastated me I started out with despair and I ended up in deeper despair the people who have abortions tell us a bortion testimonies dot-com you will see listen for yourself to those who have had the experience you know where do these pro-abortion groups come off telling the rest of the world what abortion is it's not the Advocate sitting in their comfortable air-conditioned offices with nice carpets and people coming into dust and wipe everything clean and shiny what do what do they know about abortion you want to know about abortion go into the clinics where it's happening see the grief-stricken faces with the tears running down see the bloody parts of the baby coming out of that mother and then being reassembled in the in that in the tray afterwards you want to see what abortion is you want to know something about abortion listen to the cries of anguish of these women and they'll tell you this didn't lead to my freedom read it again abortion testimonies calm this didn't lead to my freedom I went into a spiral of despair I went into a spiral of self-destructive behavior increase of substance abuse increase of risk-taking activity increase of suicidal thoughts and actions studies have been done that fill books of just bibliographies this thick about all these devastating after-effects of abortion loss of self-esteem ability to enter into and to maintain relationships loss of appetite for sexual intimacy inability to make decisions in life to advance one's job in one's career these are just some of the after-effects of abortion this isn't freedom it's the opposite of freedom inability to have another child physical problems infection sterility you know brothers and sisters what a what a heap of lies abortion is built on whenever you hear a person or a group proclaiming abortion is freedom keep these things in mind again to summarize very simply people don't get abortion because of freedom but because of despair it's never freedom for the child whose life has ended and it's not freedom for the mother either because of all the devastating effects that this procedure has on her physically and psychologically that's my simple message for today because in the news were hearing about these signs out there in Texas from the pro-abortion groups abortion is freedom that's a lot of nonsense abortion is violence abortion is born out of and leads to despair listen to the voices of our silent no more campaign abortion testimonies calm you'll even be able to search for the different kinds of testimonies you want to find under different circumstances and then the overall website for the campaign silent no more calm it is a joint project of Anglicans for life and priests for life and we are proud to be conducting this project all around the world so blessings friends I hope you have a wonderful day and may the peace of the Lord be with you may you protect you may answer all your prayers make you strong and effective witnesses for life and may he bless you the father and the Son and the Holy Spirit amen father Frank Pavone here a priest for life have a great day talk to you soon you

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  1. The freedom to violate freedom!

    Our individual DNA process is a continuous process, unfurling from the moment of conception. There is no later stage of our existence that is not dependent on earlier stages of our existence, as a continuous entity in space and time. Our DNA process is continuous in both space and time from the moment of our conception, to the moment of our death.

    Acceptance, rationalization of the termination of an already unfurling DNA process, once invited to unfurl, requires the irrational acceptance of a temporal bias. In the continuum of space/time, that continuously unfurling DNA process is not a complete individual human 'yet.' That is because we are not regarding that human over the complete time-space continuum that it exists in. But, the only thing required to see the complete individual human is the passage of time.

    We are of course much more than our unfurling DNA processes, but whatever we are, the basis of our life, cannot exist without the unmolested possession of that unfurling DNA process.

    The fetus is a concrete example of a new individual DNA process, unfurling. There is and has been a conflict to define the most fundamental aspect of an individual — the term of its existence. The resolution of this conflict — between the newest individual and others — is resolved by others, based on whatever philosophical or moral guidance they bring to the conflict. The rationalizations in support of abortion boil down to the convenience of the others, based mostly on a shaky temporal bias that is permitted to stand, unquestioned.

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