The Perfect Chocolate To Satisfy a Pregnant Woman’s Cravings, Day 38 Video with Greta Campagnolo

hey if you have noticed already I just like got off another little hangout video that I I finish it wasn’t so little um it just it had to it had to be a little bit longer because I had so many awesome products to share and and then I totally forgot like the best part well the other stuff is just as good but today I was like oh seriously I have been looking for the chocolate and here I go again coughing uh the chocolate that was going to satisfy this ever so picky craving that I have had I am I mean I have my number one my number one like optimal chocolate I just don’t have any right now and I can’t buy it in the stores so it just it is what it is at the moment like when you’ve got it craving especially when you’re pregnant you know you gotta have it you’ve got to have it and you know it’s funny because i’ll just tell you this story before I share this this freaking awesome chocolate that I found today again I give thanks to my girlfriend Diana because she just totally made my day with this chocolate it is like so perfect i’m super picky and I’ll get into that once I share what it is I again oh my gosh baby brain jpg have been happening a lot lately maybe it has something to do with this cold too or maybe this baby and my fella is just take from all this juice in here so um oh my gosh I wish I could like rewind it and and play where I was ah that’s terrible um do I actually have to reveal what that chocolate is or am I good oh that’s I got it I got it yes so oh my gosh this is hilarious so I um I’m cracking myself up today I am must have been cuz I got out you know I don’t always get out and that’s just mm I go crazy so um uh oh my god okay there it is ah one of my pregnancies I was craving I don’t know if you’ve ever had it before growing up as a kid especially the thing the day that I remember the most about having this because there was no way in heck that my parents were gonna buy this and feed it to me at home um sports day sports day at school I had you know we had ice little ice cream cows with those those those little wooden spoons and um what else like probably carton of juice or I don’t know maybe I don’t know chips and you know just crap and another one that we had was a jelly donut and it’s like I’m pretty sure it’s like raspberry jelly it’s got a raspberry jelly so it’s like this jelly doughnut that has this like hole in it with this raspberry jelly squirted in there and you can kind of sometimes see on the outside of the doughnut like you know it’s like a you know normal blonde donut that’s like covered in sugar it kind of looks like um like a like if you were to take everything out of the mcdonalds burger which i donate mcdonald’s um and you took everything go and you just had like the fun kind of reminds me of that or like you know that the burglar like dude I don’t know why anyway she so um uh Hamburglar nothing anyways so this is not a mcdonald dad by the way I definitely do not promote McDonald’s um I don’t know somebody might get me for that one um so anyways I was craving this jelly doughnut when I was pregnant and it was like four days I I searched far and wide and we just draw with your driving and I was walking and I went to all the bakeries and it was like I could not find this jelly doughnuts I just couldn’t find and finally finally one of my local grocery stores I walk in you know I was waiting in the vehicle I keep running in and out of these places trying to find this jelly doughnut it just wanted one jelly doughnut even if they just had a bite I wanted it they wanted that jelly doughnut so I go in to the store I find it it’s like oh you see like the jelly donut Greta finally gets her jelly doughnut so I run and I grab my jelly doughnut i was like i can play it slow motion in my mind throw it in a bag only to discover once i bought it got in the van it was blueberry i love blueberries blueberries are my friend I just wanted that rat you know it’s still you know I took a bite and it was just like after waiting for three or four days for this oh my kids are all I gotta make this quick I gotta share my my favorite chocolate but it didn’t satisfy that craving and it just tasted like crap honestly it just was not what it was when I was a kid it was disgusting so you have that craving for a jelly donut you know you can do whatever you want you can go and get that jelly donut if you want I’m just telling you you might be disappointed so are you ready are you ready to fly back for my kids getting hit um do do do do do I’m showing you the rapper even though I haven’t I haven’t actually eaten the whole bar yet I only ate eight pieces and I gotta hide it moving else what’s up ah no go away there we go oh my gosh can you see it all right it’s camino it is milk with sea salt i don’t know if any ink made with raw raw raw cane juice crystals awesome awesome awesome I just had I had a craving for milk chocolate I love dark chocolate normally that’s all I want this time I wanted milk and I don’t know about you but during pregnancy it’s like I either want sweet or I want salty I have sweet and then I Ron salty or I start with salty and then I have to have sweet this it’s like all in 1241 baby go get one I don’t know where you can find it it’s a super awesome fair trade chocolate I’m gonna go now click the link there’s gonna be a link below find out how you can make you know talk about your favorite chocolate bar and make money from your own kitchen as well awesome see on the map on the next video bye

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