The Reality of Abortion – Aborted Babies for Sale

picture yourself if you can reaching in with this instrument and grasping blindly anything you can and pull hard and when it finally pops free out comes a leg that big which you put down on the table next to you you know you did it right if you crush down on the clamp and white material runs out of the cervix that was the baby's brains then you can pull out skull pieces if you had a day like I had a lot of days sometimes a face comes back and stares back at you congratulations you just successfully performed a second trimester DNA abortion you just affirmed her right to choose I remember I was on my day off one on my laptop in and popped up and they were working and I saw a message saying that doctor had aborted fully intact penis fully impact some Express was sending it straight to the lab I literally have had women come in and they look at the oh our and they're back out at three minutes on our going on oh yeah the fetus is already in the bad don't now but ever the just fell out I've been doing it for a few weeks so kind of knew what I was doing but kind of not and it was really busy and one of the doctors came in and she looked really frustrated the medical assistants were with her and I almost might feel don't listen and see what's going on and doctor says if she can't calm down I can't do the abortion quick and I can't medicate her the doctor went in to confirm perform the abortion takes a little while and I'm in the hallway I see the door come out so then I hear her calling him they all like come over here I want you to see something kind of cool he's kind of neat so I'm over here and this is the moment I see it I'm just flabbergasted this is the most just dated penis and closest thing to a baby I've seen and she's like okay I want to show you something so she has one of her instruments and she just taps the heart and it starts beating now I'm sitting here and I'm looking at this penis and it's heart is beating I don't know what to think is there still circulation in the heart once you isolate it it's like you know why that's happening I knew why was happening because an electrical current was this the nodes were still firing and I don't know if that constitutes it's technically dead or it's alive it had a face it wasn't completely torn up and its nose was very pronounced it's it had eyelids and it's mouse pronounced and then since the penis was so so in tact she said okay well this is a really good fetus and it looks like we can procure a lot from it we're gonna procure brain so I did the molineres like that means we're gonna have to cut the head open we're gonna have to come home so it's like okay so what you do is you go through the face I'm thinking no I don't want to do this and she takes the scissors and she makes a small incision right here and goes I would say to maybe a little bit see the mouth she's like okay can you go the rest of the way and I'm like yes and I didn't want to do this so she gave me the scissors and told me that I have to cut down the real I can't even like describe like what that feels like and I remember picking it up and finishing going through the rest so face and Jessica picking up the brain and putting it in the container with the media prepared filming it and she left and she's like okay you can clean up and just I'm just sitting there like what did I just do and that was the moment I knew I couldn't work for the company why yeah that was still it was even if it's gonna be good in fact that have been the cure for some kind of disease then I wish even if it was I wish I still wouldn't have done it I don't want to be that person and I remember picking it was a male they were picking them up with the gloves because it was too it was too heavy the pie dish was this and he was big like the pie dish and I couldn't like take it and put it in the strainer and put it in like I couldn't it was just too big and I open the biohazard container and it's almost full that gets almost oh I'm holding him in my hands like oh my god it's just what am i doing and I take him I put him in and I remember he got stuck on the lid and it turned around and his buttocks was in the air and his two feet were like dangling out and I remember having to pick each one of his feet up and put them in the container and close the lid and that was the hardest experience I've had there I remember holding that fetus in my hands when everybody else was busy and started crying and open the lid and put it back it's just really hard knowing that you're the only person who's ever in a holding baby it's weird because I always think of all these scenarios could happen like I held on my commands this could have grown up to me and I always did I would think about things like that like if this could be a Lawrence could be a firefighter this this could be the next president like I wonder what because you can tell the sex sometimes like I wonder if this like what it would like like I can't imagine like wonder at age 3 if you know she would like to color first things like that you know wonder what it would look like her mom or her dad or things like that I feel like it's a waste of life I think and it's sad that so many people view it as a mistake you know because it's not I mean life isn't a mistake we getting pregnant it should be an accident but it's not a mistake these are intact kidneys yes if somebody needed five stars there was like three or four samples we could have taken out of the eleven six so that would be you know if we were doing like you know fifty to seventy-five percent then that would be like gender three hundred in Brittany we'd be comfortable with that but I so it's like stuff like this like we don't want to be like just a flat fee of like 200 and then I think that per item thing works a little better just because you can see how people do they want Britta so brain what you can do is is is with brain day oh yeah yeah although I was they generally weren't more developed than this McHale there was there was there was brain in here yeah they got blasted out with the water we ate a lot of times especially with the second trousers we won't even put water because it's some babies in America right let's pick it up war-torn yeah war-torn heart the stomach the heart and new kidney and adrenal there yeah all right I've been bored I've been an opposition gynecologist for 33 years and the early part of my career I performed over 1,200 abortions over 100 of them in the second trimester up to 24 weeks of gestation a 24 week baby that we're describing here from last period is the length of your hand and a half again from head to rump not counting the legs a second trimester abortion at that stage is a blind procedure you can't really see anything everything has to be done by feel picture yourself if you can reaching in with this instrument and grasping blindly anything you can and pull hard and when it finally pops free out comes a leg that big what you put down on the table next to you and reach in with this again and grasp and pull hard out comes an arm about the same length which you cut down on the table next to you and reach in with this instrument again and again and tear out the spine the intestines heart and lungs head of the baby about that age is maybe the size of a large plum again the procedure is blind you reach in being careful not to perforate the uterus and you a pretty good idea you have it if you have your clamp around something in your arms your fingers are spread about as far as they will go you know you did it right if you crush down on the clamp and white material runs out of the cervix that was the babies brains then you can pull out skull pieces we had a day like I had a lot of days sometimes a face comes back and stares back at you congratulations you just successfully performed a second trimester DNA abortion you just affirmed her right to choose it's just amazing 14 another we have to does it matter if their partner is the same age younger whatever 14 and under we have to report includes being 14 yeah on 14 that you know once it gets at 15 then there's a little bit more flavor so as long as they just lie to it oh he's 15 they don't say 14 and as long as it's not too much of an age gap then we just kind of like then we just kind of almost they do say the 14 can but you know then from there it's just really watching what they say what if any of them work for them oh that's a cotton that's a completely different story yeah at that point it's to leave it's to be you never got this from me just to make all of our lives easier okay here 14 yeah yeah just send it right there if they need an abortion okay every week so like that's about six months okay so I mean is it like is it like pretty bit like do you know how big it is like it's like oh it's fully ground yeah okay so you mean it has like all the parts and stuff yeah okay so how are they how do they like remove it it's not my suction it's a sucking to date they just hold and it sucks it in and then they put it in a in a solution and they send it out to the lab so they can measure everything to make sure that everything came out of you oh okay so it doesn't like come out because if you said it's like kind of help it doesn't come out like one piece like okay so I'm just trying to think how does it they start oh okay oh okay oh yeah yeah just don't yeah if it did come out in one piece it's very small yeah like what if it was like twitching or like something like that like okay okay now I'm gonna be moving around in those jar okay the solution would make it like okay so like if it looked like it was like like breathing or something like that it won't be it okay so I'm not even gonna see it yeah so okay so I mean like if that have to sleep they pick it out and it goes into our lab where they do this stuff with a jar and cleaning and all that okay so what is the solution it's just like something like toxic or something okay yeah so they keep it clean and you know cause by the time you get stead of lab it still needs to be freshly you know yeah so so they could weigh it so could be proper weight to make sure that everything came out of you like there's no pieces less than you

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  1. Abortions are one thing. I think each case is different & the choice should belong to the future parents. But the pathologists messing with the fetus & selling it is some straight up devil shit. doing god knows what, like weird alchemy, cloning & other cia testing for scientific gain. They tell us the fetuses are used to help stem cell research but there’s more to it that they’re hiding.

  2. Anyone that would wait that long to have an abortion has issues… I can't believe what I just saw the little foot moved how could anyone do that you wait that long to have an abortion an embryo is just a cluster of cells it looks like something someone coughed up… but this is a baby

  3. Ok, so woman does not want her baby…why are people shocked about selling the same unwanted baby for science??? By a clinic.. she aborted her baby it is not hers anymore!

  4. Stop breeding. Go vegan. Is it true that Hillary Clinton had several full term abortions? Did you vote for her? Do you trust Trump? Jesus?

  5. you are the sickest people I have ever seen I hope and pray you see the rite way witch is god not murder of children if you don't stop your ways you will pay threw god u can't hide from him I actually threw up when I seen this I hate everything about you guys you worship satan ya you will get a good deal from him in hell gave fun with that pineapple up yo ass you rep what you sew fuckers

  6. Pregnancy don't come natural for some my body entered in preterm labor at 18 weeks and doctors stopped it . Again at 21 weeks I stayed in strict bed rest until 27 weeks when my body delivered my child . Now this was my choice . My child. Was planned and loved and I had support I wasn't raped and leave alone with a pregnancy at 16 that I didn't asked for , as a NICU mom I am expected to stand up against pregnancy but after I went through I became aware of how hard it is not just for the mother but for a baby and being borned into a family that didn't want you in the first place must be horrible so yes I think every woman should have a choice deciding what's better for them !


  8. How can I download this? It needs to be saved and spread. I assume most people have no idea this is what they are advocating for. This is not OK. Never will be.

  9. Our constitution was for life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We protect its citizens from selling body parts, but yet the government allows selling of aborted baby body parts. Just plain evil.

  10. They seemed excited when they said 'another boy'. Sacrifice. Also, noticed that they pointed out the adrenal gland.

  11. Why does she want us to feel sorry for her. She cut a babies face in half took its brain out n shoved it in a jar. No excuse she could of said NO, nobody holding a gun agiast her head.

  12. this is beyond awful. this world is sick and all these people deserve to burn in hell honestly. don’t @ me. this is fucking wrong.

  13. This is fucking DISGUSTING. Reepers standing over a torn apart baby talking about how much money they can get! WHY do you think politicians are pushing for full term abortions? MONEY. You have to deliver a full term baby..

  14. At least there are people who have actual emotions in this comment section. The jerks, however, are ridiculously devoid of such emotions because they desensitized themselves and justify their stupidity. You who have the wrong, cruel mindset need Jesus and possibly medication to have some sense knocked into your brains

  15. Planned parenthood saved my sisters life with care and procedure of breast cancer so PP is saving lives!

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