The Rise and Hard Fall of Angela Merkel

A terrible natural disaster revealed the largest
engineering mistake in United States history. Not only did New Orleans’ levees flood after
hurricane Katrina hit on August 29th, 2005, but the government wasn’t prepared to triage
injured or evacuate survivors. “I want to get some perspective here, because
earlier” “That is perspective! That’s all the perspective you need!” “Hang on”
“With the convoys there was food, there was medicine, there was water…is anybody
saying that we’re gonna get that was going in there today to the people that you’re
talking about?” “No idea.” “Again I want to thank you all- and Brownie,
you’re doing a heckuva job. FEMA director’s working 24-”
With the US taking measure of its leadership, across the Atlantic 20 million German viewers
were tuned in to the TV debate between their Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder of the Social
Democratic Party, SPD, and his challenger from the Christian Democratic Union, CDU,
Angela Merkel (2). After Chancellor Schroeder made his opening
remarks, a moderator tossed to his opponent. She stumbled
through the opening. She was a force inside her party, but not
among the public. The 2005 campaign wasn’t going well. In fact, after starting with a solid advantage
over the unpopular incumbent chancellor Schroeder, her party’s poll numbers were consistently
dropping, while his were going up (1,194). Everyone expected the charismatic Schroeder
to dominate the debate, and seal the fate of his opponent, the meek scientist from East
Germany. Though born in West Germany, East Germany
is where Merkel grew up and where her political career began. In 1990, after the fall of the Berlin Wall,
and as the two Germanys, East and West, were making moves to reunify, Dr. Angela Merkel
took a job as deputy spokesman for the East German Prime Minister. That same year, in the first unified German
federal elections in December 1990, Merkel was elected to the Bundestag, the German Parliament. But even prior to her election, she was already
being eyed by Chancellor Helmut Kohl for a spot in his cabinet. Merkel had only one demand: no women’s issues,
no ‘family stuff’ (1,134). But when Chancellor Kohl offered her a spot
as Federal Minister for Women and Youth, she immediately dropped the pretense. Merkel would be the youngest ever cabinet
minister, and she would feel it. The media called her ‘Kohl’s girl’, ‘Kohl’s
little girl’ (4;1,166). Chancellor Kohl was using it too: ‘Mein Mädchen’,
‘my girl’ (3). When she brought forward a bill on workplace
sexual harassment, one member told her: “You know, girl, if I didn’t find you so nice
I wouldn’t vote for any of this rubbish,” (6,28). After helping to pass a bill regarding abortion,
a newspaper captioned a photo of her with Kohl on the floor of the Bundestag: ‘gut
gemacht Angela’, ‘nicely done, Angela’ (6,29). Kohl was the chancellor that led Germany through
its reunification- a leader that had bought Germany through a time of crisis. She still had to overcome and to make her
way. As she told a journalist from Der Spiegel,
“I have to be tougher, or it just won’t work,” (7). Perhaps Merkel had flashbacks to the early
90’s during the 2005 debate with Schroeder. When she talked, Schroeder, who became Chancellor
after Kohl, laughed. He rolled his eyes. He even gave an indignant look of fake panic
when Merkel mentioned unemployment numbers (5). To him, she was the new girl on the block;
her party had lost its 20 point lead in the polls, and he-he was still chancellor. But despite Schroeder’s dismissive attitude,
Angela had acquired a considerable amount of political experience between her time as
Federal Minister for Women and Youth in 1991 and her campaign to be Chancellor in 2005. Rather than underestimate her, it would have
been wise to note she had taken a few political scalps to get to that stage. Her first cabinet promotion was in 1994 to
be Minister for the Environment and Nuclear Safety, during which she facilitated an agreement
with wealthy industrial nations to commit to reducing emissions. “The conference president and German environment
minister, Angela Merkel, outlines their mission: to halt global warming.” After Helmut Kohl and CDU lost the chancellorship
in 1998, Merkel became general secretary of the party (8). Though a powerful position among the grassroots
of the CDU, in terms of influence, Merkel was still a couple spots behind Wolfgang Schäuble,
party chairman and Kohl’s chosen successor, and Edmund Stoiber, Minister President of
Bavaria. Merkel’s first move to consolidate power
came in 1999, but started with events out of her control. It began when a lobbyist claimed he had bribed
Kohl’s government to get approval for an arms sale to Saudi Arabia. It was further revealed that this ‘donation’
hadn’t been reported to the financial authorities, thereby heavily implying that former Chancellor
Kohl had facilitated the illegal contribution (1,157). Rather than remain loyal to Kohl, Merkel made
a shocking play. On December 22nd, 1999 she published an op-ed
in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung criticizing her mentor. Helmut Kohl, she said, had ‘harmed the party’. The CDU needed to move on. “…deciding how to begin the new era is
less up to Helmut Kohl than to us”, “The party must therefore learn to walk; it must
dare to take up the struggle with political adversaries even without its old warhorse,”
(9). With this move she wasn’t just elevating
her own standing in the party at the expense of Kohl, but at the expense of his chosen
successor, Wolfgang Schäuble, who himself became engulfed in the donations scandal,
eventually forced to resign as party chair. At the turn of the millenium, Merkel took
over as the first woman head of her party. But members of CDU now saw her for what she
was: ambitious, a merkiavellian on a path towards the German chancellorship. Yet many surmised this woman still wasn’t
fit to take on Gerhard Schroeder in a general election- the pugilistic chancellor could
only be vanquished by someone who shared his likeness. So Merkel’s next rival, Edmund Stoiber,
conspired with a group of conservative governors to stop her from running for chancellor in
the 2002 election. Faced with the prospect of losing the nomination
fight and diminishing her authority, Merkel deferred. She told Stoiber she would support his candidacy
but for a cost: in the event he didn’t become chancellor, she wanted to not only continue
as party chair, but take over as the head of the parliamentary opposition in the Bundestag
as well. Merkel was in a corner, and really, it was
the only play she had. But as it turns out, Stoiber lost the election
to Schroeder by the narrowest of margins. So Merkel’s gamble actually paid off. She was now not only the head of the party,
she was also the leader of the opposition in parliament. With Stoiber, Schäuble, and Kohl sidelined,
Merkel was now the center of gravity in the CDU. To take on Gerhard Schroeder was now only
a matter of waiting. Everyone who underestimated her was out of
the way- with the exception of one. Fast forward to 2005, and Chancellor Schroeder
is relishing the fight with CDU nominee Angela Merkel. When she talked, Schroeder laughed. He rolled his eyes. He even gave an indignant look of fake panic
when Merkel mentioned unemployment numbers. And despite some media hand-wringing over
Schroeder’s behavior, on election night his SPD and Angela’s CDU ended in a virtual
dead heat. The chancellor’s bombast seemed to have
served him well, a bombast he continued, albeit more frustrated, on television that night. Even after losing, Schroeder acted like he
won by a mile. His disdain for Merkel was clear. But she also had choice words for him: Two weeks later, Schroeder was out- pushed
by his own party so they could form a coalition government with his rival Angela, a final
humiliation. Merkel became chancellor of Germany on November
22nd, 2005. Kohl’s girl was now on track to be the most
powerful person in Europe-a ‘political survivor’ (11). She would immediately become the crisis chancellor
the debate moderator asked about. Her job would be to give the people of Germany
the feeling that they would make it through more than a decade of crises. First, when Lehman Brothers collapsed and
the 2008 financial crisis arrived to banks in Berlin, her government shored up domestic
institutions, assured private savings, and contributed to bailouts of EU member states
with acute financial symptoms, though as part of this she also became the face of cold fiscal
austerity, a target for the resentment of southern europeans beholden to western europeans
to keep their governments afloat. And crises continued to arrive- the 2009 recession,
the Greek bailouts and austerity crisis, NSA spying crisis, Russian seizure of Crimea,
the refugee crisis of 2015, potential US withdrawal from the NATO alliance- each contributed to
Merkel’s image as the world’s most powerful woman, some even called her leader of the
free world. Her domestic agenda drifted further into the
background as she handled various crises on the world stage- and yet, she continued to
prevail in election after election after election. Her personal popularity remained high as Germany
coasted to record-low unemployment, a signal of the largest period of domestic stability
since unification in 1871. A big thanks to ‘Please help me pay my bills!’
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“We can now say the decision taken in 1975 by this country to join the common market
has been reversed by this referendum ” “Let June 23rd go down in our history as
our independence day” “…earlier this month, Italian voters rejected
a referendum to alter that nation’s constitution…the vote was seen as the latest instance of a
rising tide of populism,” “The rise of Geert Wilders has left mainstream
politicians reeling. His message is simple: close the borders,
ban the koran…” “The breaking news is the far-right candidate,
Jair Bolsonaro, has won Brazil’s presidential race.” “What would happen under Merkel’s pressure? One of her proteges Macron or Fillon, continue
to accept several millions of migrants” “wait til you see Germany…they’re having
riots in the streets. They’re having crime that they’ve never
had before…no longer a fan. I’ll tell you right now. No longer a fan.”
“…the success of the nationalist, far-right Alternative for Germany.” “The shock result was the AFD, which became
the third-largest party as it polled 12.6%” “The AfD: 13%”
The AfD, which promised to fight an invasion of foreigners, seems to have capitalized on
the backlash over Mrs. Merkel’s decision to open Germany’s border to over a million
migrants in 2015” It’s impossible to talk about the rise of
Angela Merkel’s career without addressing the last few years in global politics. When Merkel announced in late 2018 that she
would resign as leader of her party and not seek further political offices, it was an
expected development after years of walloping in the polls, criticism over her migrant policies,
infighting with her sister party in Bavaria over the same, and the rebirth of the German
far-right. But what are we to make of these changes? Merkel’s relinquishing of power wasn’t
like Kohl or Schroeder overstaying their welcome in the chancellor’s office, it was a large-scale
rejection of the traditional volksparteien that have dominated the German political system
since the end of world war 2. I reported on this channel at the end of 2017
about Merkel’s difficulty in forming a government after elections, and asked this question:
“Is this the crisis, or is this a delay of the crisis? Let’s say Angela Merkel gets her governing
coalition. It’s grants stability today, but that come
at the price of creating the chaos of tomorrow?” Now Merkel did indeed form the coalition,
and even after her announced departure, there’s no chaos, of course. But one thing has become clear since then,
the crisis is here, but it’s unlike any of the crises with which Merkel had to deal
in the rest of her chancellorship. Merkel’s modus operandi is to wait it until
the final moment, then take decisive action. In the global recession, Crimea seizure, Greek
bailouts, these were crises with deadlines- Merkel would hesitate, then seize the middle
ground and forge solutions just before the bell. Even early in her career- she less roundly
defeated any of the men who stood in her political ambitions, and more survived until they deflated
themselves- she just sticks around. And yet global populism seems to be the one
issue which she hasn’t been able to outlast. It’s impossible to know if she’d be facing
the same political doom had she decided against allowing migrants into Germany, but it’s
extremely likely; she’d long been seen as the face of the European establishment, and
at this moment in European politics, there isn’t a single mainstream western european
politician with their head above water. The continent is at a crossroads, and her
party and her country are making turns towards the political wings. It is at this exact moment that the world
needs a leader, as the debate moderator phrased it in the first question to the future chancellor
in 2005, who in times of crisis could give people the impression that they can bring
them through, that they can protect them. And it is at this exact moment that Angela
Merkel is leaving the stage.

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  1. At 14:52 there is a message from me regarding transparency on this channel.
    Would like to have honest feedback -> @williamcfox
    As always, sources cited in description.

  2. Merkel was elected in 2005 and was last reelected for four years in 2017. If she sits out her last term, she'll stay until 2021 which means 16 years in power.

    That's on par with the current record holder Helmut Kohl and is longer than the founding chancellor Konrad Adenauer. Sixteen years is twice the limit an US president can serve nowadays and four years longer than FDR did.

    The chancellor of the Fed Rep of Germany earns a salary of roughly 300,000 Euros a year. That's a pittance compared to what a former chancellor can rake in by selling his memoirs, keynote speeches – or himself altogether (as her predecessor Gerhard Schröder does by working for Gazprom).

    So that's what you call a "hard fall"?? Come off it!

  3. Her Legacy – The self indulgent narcissist who destroyed the most prosperous & productive country in Europe & gave away the family Silver in the form of her EU obsession & insane decision to open German borders to millions if unregulated invaders. She imported the third world & consequently made huge areas of Germany third world with a dramatic increase in violent & sexual criminality. She sold Germany's soul in the pursuit of self promotion & the unmitigated disaster that is the EU. Fortunately the German people are historically resilient & proud.
    The people will make Germany great again. Best wishes from Scotland.

  4. A woman of vertue. The greatest European leader. She is going out to let the proud racist White man fall by his own mistakes. Angela will be back

  5. Why are these 'people?' like Hilary Clinton and Merkel so heinously ugly, and always appear to be made of plasticine? Sometimes I wonder if David Icke isn't right…

  6. The fall of Angela Merkel was letting millions refugees into Germany to solve their aging population.
    She wanted to be seen as some Moral Justice warrior by using the card "Welcome Refugees". in thé end, it backfired.
    She opened the gate that Europe (especially Italy) worked hard to keep closed.
    Her refugees are still on welfare, can't speak the language, aren't qualified for the jobs….
    Crime rise…..if they cut the welfare CRIME RATE WILL RISE HIGHER…

  7. …And Russia loves it. Putin must be very happy that no-one will mind him swiftly taking Ukraine back. Think about NATO is screwed – the USA has a scam millionaire with a brain of a matured pea leading it, making a mockery of American power. The UK decided it wanted to go back to 1970 and has convinced itself that it's SO important to the rest of the world, and that the two party system is completely fine. The EU is crumbling under the weight of populism, anti-immigrant sentiment and a rejection of the institutions dominated by German banks and free market liberalism.

    So yeah. There is absolutely no reason, whatsoever, to even consider any possible relation or involvement of newest prominent figures of reactionism (shared coincidently by the Russian President) to the Russian establishment. None, at all. That has no basis in reality, no no.


  8. Anyone who thinks we've seen the last of her, think again, all ex leaders end up on the commission. She'll have even more power as no one can get rid of her.

  9. Ugly cows always want to destroy their own countries. That's why you should never let them run anything, especially not the country itself. Hollywood has lied to you. Trust your instincts. Ugly people are bad. You should always judge people by their appearance.

  10. This is not how it was or is! This is offensive to me.
    I've never been pro-Merkel, but this is probably engineered by Russia.. Great job You tube

  11. it is sad to see a great leader fall because of one miscalculation

    opening the boarder is a great act of humanitarian, but we cannot fault the citizens to backfire and wanting to secure their peace after a crime committed by a migrant whom they welcomed in their own country.

  12. William, Germany doesn't have any far right parties. Not wanting to see your own country be slowly destroyed by traitorous leaders, is not far right. Please do not dishonestly smear moderates, like the media has a habit of doing. If there is any crisis in Germany, it is because it has been quite intentionally created by Merkel and others. She has sought to permanently degrade and destroy Germany, its traditions and history. If the German people had not been so relentlessly brain washed by their radical left media, there would be strikes and riots across Germany today, similar to the Yellow Vest movement that is currently happening in France.

  13. Don't get smug, many hardships remain. War seems inevitable at this point. Not just a civil war in America, not just a yellow vest protest in France… things are shaping up to merge into a global war.

  14. "The hard fall"… usually that would imply immediately resigning from all offices, not an ordered transition after becoming one of the longest serving chancellors of germany. Look, I never voted for her and I dislike her party a lot, but the nonsense people spout on the internet is mindbogglingly stupid.

  15. Merkel has always been a 2faced evil person, just look at her pictures, those evil eyes, she fooled all and stabbed Kohl in his back.

  16. Merkel is one of the most admirable and trustworthy leaders we've had in Europe. She doesn't jump to conclusions, she doesn't go for knee-jerk reactions, she doesn't sow hatred and mistrust. It is time for her to go, simply because she's been Chancellor too long now. But I hope to God someone like her (thoughtful, humane, not afraid to show integrity and empathy) will fill her shoes.

  17. Frau Merkel, and anyone who comes after her. Listen, we had enough of you Germans telling us what, how, and when to do things. You Germans have done nothing but create Extreme Chaos to other nations and people. And it happens again for the 3th time. If my dad was still alive today he would cry his eyes out. He would say, all that suffering we had in the second WW, his dad, my grandfather in Flanders field, first WW, en now their extreme interference and mad creation again. I sincerly hope the creators are taken to court. They're criminals. We never had so many poor citizens since these last 30 years of European stupidity, spending the people's money like there is no tomorow

  18. Merkel is a EAST German, raised in a privileged family in east germany so she knows a little about the rich losing power.

  19. Germany hasn't been sovereign since the war ended. The BRD is a product of the Allied Control Council that tightly controls German media, academia and political Parties. Today's Germany is the result of 78 years of US occupation and propaganda…

  20. Merkel and Macron are agents of globalists. The targets are to destroy national countries and one-nation civilisation with own government and mix with other races and nations. Melting pot of nations. This is for better control of masses.

  21. Another thing- Merkel has no children so she does not think about future. She does not care about own future and future of own country.

  22. The female chromosome within the human 'genome' has a natural 'blindness' for the male evil, smothered by motherhood, that's why strong women play politics out of idealism, whilst they are oblivion about the evolution in the game. That's what happened to Merkel. Politicians are trained sales men, we allowed that reduction around the late 19th Century, when the newspaper came about.

  23. Thank goodness that Germany as we have known it for the past seven decades. A slow death by their own hands as a result of leftist politics. Leftist politics that belittle the family, support and encourage abortion, monetary greed, and its inability to see that uncontrolled immigration. Encouraging the immigration of Millions of people that hold diametrically opposite views of religion, social, and political views. Good bye Germany. You caused the death of millions of people via two world wars, turned a blind eye to the genocide of the Jewish people, a race that the German people tried to wipe out from existence.


  25. Merkel fucked up Germany, people who worked whole their live for this shit country cannot
    pay the rent, have no food, live in poverty!!!! The shit refugees get
    everything for free, we have to pay our tax for problems in other countries.
    Send those islam fuckers back

  26. She orchestrated the death of Europe through her disastrous migration policies. Europe will be lost to the regressive Islamic hands.

  27. This fugly cunt Merkel has blood on her hands, intentionally flooding Europe with the poison of Islam. History will not be kind to her.

  28. Germany should have SO MUCH financial excess ( like qatar ) that you would bump into large piles of cash from strolling down the sidewalks : bayer , monsanto , merck , seimens , bosch , mercedes , vw, audi , mack truck , volvo truck, dana ? Victor? Spicer? , freightliner , thomas school bus , tour buses , lamborgini , bugatti ,porsche , toy makers ,,,

  29. I have always heard that to see the true ideology of a nation put them in crisis. All the modern world or we call the "first world country" who always defended human rights , equality and freedom has a mindset of medieval human. I am truly disappointed with this amount of hate speech and how your media is so biased. I can't imagine to be an immigrant coming from war zone to hatred environment like this. I don't know how people don't see the truth. The golden era for Europe have passed with no return with or without immigrants the train of change will not stop. I wish all the countries do well for the well being of their own people. Really the nature of some culture will never change!!!

  30. 1:08 To much ways to send the same massage. I can't decide to either

    1) Try to understand the German, I did had some classes and I'm able to understand basic spoken German

    2) Read the English subtitles, but English is not my native languague and I've got severe dyslexia (technically it's alexia since I used to be able to read and then lost the ability and had to relearn it, but I digress)
    3) Get distracted by the sign languague interpreter?

  31. This is not: "the rise and fall of Angela". She just did what the most powerful people asked her to do and now she's done with it. This is why she takes a step back: she fulfilled her mission.

    Source: Kallergi plan

  32. If Merkel didn't let in the migrants, than she wouldn't be dealing with populism on the scale she's facing now. There was left-wing populism that rose as a result of her austerity policies, which climaxed with Greece electing Alexis Tsipras, but almost a decade of growth has lead to them losing their popularity, and Tsipras is set to lose in Greece's next election, plus it never gained a foothold in Western Europe (other than Spain). Right wing populism is based on migrants, and as long as migrants try to enter Europe, or Arabs commit crimes, right wing populism won't go away. In general, the center is collapsing and the generic globalist political idea (liberal on social issues, neoliberal on economic issues) is alienating the left and the right.

  33. deported all lazy shit from EU, muslims' now is time to say: one way ticket to the hell, and never come back

  34. Her end in German politics is unfortuanately not the end of the 4th Reich! I wish she could end up just like Walter, last week. He was another German traitor.

  35. So are they saying that Germany and the EU European Union as the world knows it will end after Dr. Angela Merkel is out of office and nolonger the President of Germany. aka Chancellor as Germans call their Presidents.

  36. Hahaha ….. Lady Gaga Krankela und der "Modernisierungskurs der CDU" …. in den gemeinsamen Untergang :))
    Watt ne Schraube …..
    Die hat sie alle locker, bitte nachziehen! Aber ganz fest!
    Manchmal frag ich mich, ob die im Maststall gelandet wäre, falls nicht von der Bilderbergmafia
    gepeppelt oder ob die ohne Parteibuch heute obdachlos wäre.

  37. > hard fall
    > still the most popular politician in Germany by a wide margin
    > about as popular as her first chancelorship
    > berlin banking city of Germany
    > showing Frankfurt

    Do you even try at this point? Gotta churn out those 10:01s I suppose.

  38. It seems there's a rise of crusaders against the Islamic invasions in the form of refugees in the European continent so theres a rise of nationalism.

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  40. She has already done the damage which is catastrophic, irrevocable and venomous enough to blast the country to many pieces. The millions of peacefuls she brought is multiplying like rodents and roaches and raping the infidels. This old fart will flee to some other country for rest of her life after her term is over.

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