21 Replies to “The Silent Scream [high quality] (The ultrasound of abortion)”

  1. 35 year old video, and this is the first time I've seen it. Powerful, irrefutable evidence of the brutality performed on the most vulnerable humans among us.

  2. This not only grossed me out…but PISSED ME THE FUCK OFF!!!
    You stupid WHORES out there who keep getting pregnant by these sorry ass men need to keep your legs closed.

  3. Abortion pills don’t always do the trick. The poor baby survived the pill and was dismembered and it’s body was mutilated and killed. Sick!

  4. The problem with this is there’s no sharing option. Not even my phone can share this by recording it. Stupid idiots pro abortionist. You’ll all burn in Hell for being unrepentant.

  5. I couldn't even watch this, but I am completely against abortion, except if the baby dies in the Mother's womb. If God chooses to give me a child he will also help me raising him or her up. This saying: "my body, my choice" is simply sick. Because a woman who is aborting is not deciding over her body, but over an unborn child. It's tragic when poor woman goes for abortion because her partner, family or doctor compelles her to do so. Unfortunately she will suffer pretty hard consequences… It's also tragic when some doctors are performing abortion against their will, because otherwise they might lose the job, or even face legal charges, if the woman sues them… And then we talk about "freedom of speech" and "freedom to chose"…

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  7. If i was in charge i swear I'll burn them alive
    Any whore who abort her baby for no reason and the doctors the nurses I'll fucking burn them alive

  8. In order to understand the reality and to be able to make truly informed decisions this should be shown as part of the high school health curriculum. Might make people more motivated to be diligent in using birth control so they don't have to even think about this even if it remains legal. And it would be a big help if the money that was directed to supporting abortions would instead be used to fund adoption services and even decent orphanages. Trying to adopt a child should not take thousands of dollars and mountains of red tape while having an abortion is quick and a tiny fraction of the cost.

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