4 Replies to “The True Cause of Postpartum Depression”

  1. I tried confessing depression to my doctor..he saw me tear up, & said nothing, but quickly reached for his priscription pad to prescribe me antidepressants..glad i refused!! ..
    It was so difficult to get a doctor..i went home & dealt with it on my own..was & still is not fun! Plus im a single parented mom…
    Why cant all doctors know what you know?

  2. YES , I am currently in the recovery process of severe postpartum depression and anxiety which lead to insomnia I saw many doctors and by Gods grace found a holistic doctor who has me in natural progesterone. It’ll be a month on it next week and every week it’s been gradual improvement. I wish I would’ve found out about this sooner. NOBODY talks about this and it’s absurd. Thank you for this video!! I will be spreading the word as there are more and more moms suffering from postpartum depression and have no idea it’s lack in progesterone

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