1. It’s very natural to feel sad you can’t conceive children naturally. However it’s a huge blessing that God has permitted science to help couples like yourselves & that you were successful in having your baby. I’m sure you will be blessed again with baby #2! :-).

  2. I can so understand your feelings, Channon. I had my baby through IVF and the journey was rough and emotional and I am still grateful to God for giving me my little bundle of joy. You both are saying what I feel. Love you Snow and I follow your videos.

  3. Best wishes to you and your family. Hope all goes well with this next ivf. But if not now the time will come things happen for a reason. Yall are so strong and i wish i could be as strong as you and your family have been through out your journey keep your chin up and hope for the best but plan for the worst thats my motto!! Lovw yall best wishes

  4. People are stupid and just vomit whatever comes to their minds. If it wasn't Gods will for you to get pregnant and become a mother, than there is nothing on this earth that would have helped you do it. Love you guys and excited to watch your family continue to grow.

  5. Phil and Alex do wonderful vlogs about IVF. Day by day. They have 2 adoptive children as well. They are wonderful people.

  6. Snow is such a fuckin Whiney baby. And it’s your fault. The video with your mom. So annoying. You guys run to her aid ASAP. And now she SCREAMS. Bloody murder over everything.

  7. Can you make a video talking about your entire fertility journey? What it took to get snow. All the IUIs, everything

  8. Channon, you have both been through hell and back and have STILL kept smiles on your faces. You did this when you didn’t have any hope left and had you given up after your ectopic pregnancy- you wouldn’t have Snow. You are so strong. And such an inspiration.

    I pray you get the family you’ve always wanted and that this next IVF cycle works in your favour. 💗

  9. I really love this video! Thanks for sharing. As a young woman entering the phase of life when “all of the adult things” are about to happen (marriage, buying a house, trying for a baby etc.) I am glad I am not alone in the fears of starting a family. Just recently went off birth control and have been struggling with PCOS for almost a decade, my boyfriend and I are preparing ourselves for what might be a long battle of trying to get pregnant. Seeing everyone around me getting pregnant and having babies makes my heart ache – for hope, for fear, and longing for a little bubba. I totally get what you mean! This gives me a little comfort knowing that I am not alone ❤️

  10. Thank you for being so honest. Infertility is such a difficult and sensitive topic I'm always grateful when you guys share your perspectives! Also so happy that you guys were blessed with Snow, I've been watching your channel for years and I remember wanting so badly for your ivf journey to be successful 💕💕💕

  11. This really touched me, totally understand what you were describing about seeing others conceive so easily and naturally that it stings even though you’re happy for them. But inshallah trust in God’s plan and that our prayers get answered, whether it’s through IVF or not

  12. I agree w Travis as a Christian, I don’t at all think this would be playing God. I think it was God that blessed you w Snow at the right time, through your IVF. It is SOOO TRUE that this is all Gods miracles. You are right if it wasn’t Gods plan it wouldn’t have worked. But it did work and clearly God wants Snow on this earth, you you two as parents. That is what was meant to be.

  13. i 100% believe what's meant to be will be. it'll find a way somehow. & you guys are 100% REAL & GREAT parents. don't listen to ignorance and close minded opinions. sending love <3

  14. You had emergency surjury, you could of died. Im sure no one here thinks your being dramatic. Im sure everyone would understand you have ptsd abou the entire situation you were put through.

  15. I work at a chiropractors office and his wife has half a uterus. They suffered multiple miscarriages before having their now 8 year old daughter, his wife just gave birth to their second child and patients ask him all the time “WHY DID YOU WAIT 8 YEARS!?” Just yesterday someone asked him. And he responds well “we didn’t wait 8 years”

  16. Wow I can’t believe there are people who love god and saying IVF is playing god. I think if you’re trying to change the gender of the baby when you’re pregnant that’s when it goes too far that’s when you cross the line or putting three different peoples DNA into a baby is playing god but iVF that’s a far cry from it. I believe God puts us in different situations in our life so that we can look around us and see his work and learn to trust our situation with him. God isn’t a in the box kind of god and as you read through the Bible you would see that. This is your journey and you relationship with god and your family. I could go on but won’t . I love Jesus and completely support ivf as a way for god to bless people who want babies.

  17. Channon. I never got pregnant and probably never will. Be happy with the one you have. It kills me when parents dwell and cry they can't get pregnant with more children. Just enjoy what you have. Do not envy others. Believe me I struggle with that too. There are children out there who have terrible parents and have been abandoned and that kills me. I'd grab pne in an instant. I have love to share too.

  18. Just be cool if it doesn't work just so you don't feel let down as much. You were blessed with a beautiful baby girl who you guys love and adore. She took alot work to get. Stay strong guys.

  19. I understand wat ur sayin bout seeing other people getting pregnant and ur still not! My bestfriend is bipolor and was told that she wouldnt ever get pregnant and now shes pregnant! I am extremely happy for her; but to what u were sayin Channon it does sting. Knowing that she was told that and now shes pregnant gives me hope that we can get pregnant. But, yes it still stings like hell. So I totally get wat ur sayin. ❤ Love U guys! Sending U love & bby dust

  20. I understand what u guys are saying. My fiance and I first started with Clomid. That didnt wrk so Fertility doc switched me to Femara. We got pregnant. But, we have had four miscarriages. So that has been hard for us! So we decided to go the natural route & try certain supplements & things. The only thing that we dnt do naturally is we are going to try Preseed for the first time. Im 37 & my fiancee is 35. So we are goin to keep trying. Thank you for sharing yalls journey. Because it gives us hope! ❤

  21. I deleted my comment because I thought maybe it came across unloving. I am sorry for that… you are in your own journey and I’m sure you get millions of people giving you unsolicited advice so I don’t want to be another one of them good luck on your journey and I hope you guys have all the happiest times❤️

  22. I so wish I had people like you guys in my life to talk to about fertility issues . My partner and I have opened up to family about our issues and because those certain people haven’t gone through it , they have no sympathy/understanding how truly painful it is. To the point where I don’t even want to talk to them anymore because they are always expecting updates and we never have happy news for them. Just makes me feel sad everytime

  23. I 100% agree with you. I've done 5 rounds of IVF and have transferred 7 embryos. I'm a Christian and my husband is in ministry. I have 2 babies on this side of heaven and have lost 5 through miscarriages and cervical ectopic pregnancies. God gives life and takes it away. I know without a doubt, we have the children we he wanted us to have. And the others we lost caused a grief that now allows me to be compassionate to others. I always tell my husband that I can't believe people actually get pregnant just through sex. I can't believe it's that simple! Ivf changes people. And it's not something people understand unless they go through it. But having conversations like this help to bring awareness. Thanks for being so vulnerable!

  24. I'm now a day late on your videos…that's life…I told you I predicted your having twin boys…??????👬ivf & women mid 30's & above now a days have better twin chances…If you can implant more than one embryo this time do it!

  25. Thats so emotional Channon but i can totally understand how that must be so painful knowing a typical function we think is normal to have and not working without medical assitance or intervention. Its sad but seeing how commong this is nowdays I hope the government can allow new health steps to be taken into consideration because sadly people will not know or realise if they have some infertility problem until they are ready to take part on that step in their life. Most of the time this happens later in life and maybe apart from the age factors that increase risk of infertility there should be more standard check ups available for omen and men just like dental and optical and overal blood tests are done. I wish if this can be implemented earlier in life for people to take into consideration keep if there is problem in that area before the time they decide to be parents… other than that how adoble is Snow looking at her dada so so sweet!!!

  26. And you are entitled to try to have another baby, and another and another if you would like to. Fob off the people who want to point their finger. Truly! It’s time people minded their own business if they can’t be happy for someone for whatever reason, just don’t comment. I really truly hope you are successful and can freeze as many eggs as possible so you have the choice of more. Go for it!

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