The Truth Behind A Gluten-Free IVF Diet

situation they are willing to try anything that they heard was the chance and one thing that you hear about the time you drive like diet absolutely so gluten-free diets and become extremely popular all over the news they're all over the supermarket there's tons of products anywhere you go and well you see everywhere you turn is that free diets will actually be in position for so many different medical problems and we've been hearing a lot warmer evaluations going on gluten-free diets because men's fertility thinking that was going to solve all of their problems so what we did was we did a study where we actually looked at what is the impact of laundry and celiac patients if they were truly found was the percentage of patients my friend was tried for five years and Mitch and we know agility very personal for them warriors with one is not the greatest way to look at it was respond to them and went into the scene together it means knowledge higher risk we decided to invest percentage of body so we had people actually get on this my areas of life and what we found is that they're people that had but Melanie a lot of the people that are fertility work up here my and residing both partners you know when your body fat is or something you would now are gonna be incorporating into what you're doing we know that that BMI is a pretty good an initial evaluation that there is a select population those patients might be the ones that are identified you know our Center not never expected I mean if they fall into this category their BMI is good but their percentage body fat right so then we would definitely recommend you know lifestyle interventions various suggestions or controls for decreasing their so we actually in all of our offices we offer nutrition counseling and we have multiple nutrition services it's a very easy thing really start working with them really well and enjoy it's not like well if everybody just went on just like any infertility of treatment any infertility evaluation it's all in it's very important where everybody to be looked at as an individual which is what we strive to do you know there is no there is no one answer you know what the ideas of changing some of these diets only go as far as lowering body back lowering your BMI getting you to a good ideal body weight and body fat index but you know there's no one right way for anybody so when you're out there you know and you have a friend who says oh I didn't I tried well I would say that's terrific for that person but everybody's story is different so let's figure out what your story is and what we can do towards York it may be something that would be good for you and me not like you can't just say just because you know we've done this trials we don't want to do just ideas and opinions we're trying to use the data so with the data we're not going to go ahead and say yep everyone's you can include free diet nobody should be feeds that ever again but the data is trying to tell us is right now we know through generalization it's really not and that's what you work with your doctor it's definitely just getting underway there's a lot of really great hugs I've got a listing by a log of all the rooms I want to get in the next you know six hours of the meetings but these meetings are fantastic and rolls together thousands of people in order to be able to just bring so many different ideas from multiple different countries many different countries that it's really it's an amazing Center each other when you have found successful use that evolution and it's a community that's ready to share data you know we're all about how much I was on my fellowship interviews for our early and again if you have any further questions about these topics that you'd like to send them to us you can do that here you can comment below the video and of course you can check out the website which is our ma we'll be back a little later on today with some more conversations we'll be doing it all throughout the next couple of days

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