hey guys it's Jay and today I'm here with another unhaul video I have a couple of books that I've read recently and just don't want on my shelf anymore so without further ado let's get started the first book I have is at the darkest corners by Kara Thomas and I actually already have this book I thought I did not because this is not the cover I have never seen this cover before so I was like a new book by Kara Thomas I was wrong so wrong so I have two copies now so I don't need two of them I'm probably gonna end up giving this to my friend Nicole because she likes to read and this is one of the more popular books that I have that I'm actually getting rid of us so figured if she hasn't read it already she can give it a try hey next book I have I actually own another copy of it because I'm dumb and didn't realize that I already owned it but it is a tantalized by Cynthia leg ditch Smith I always see covers in the thrift store and I'm like that cover looks familiar but I don't own it so let's buy it but this was one of them that I actually do already owned so I was going through my shelves the other day and realized it was there so after the third story goes the next book is another one of those I didn't think I had a copy of it but I did so it's a third grave dead ahead by Dorinda Jones and this is the third book in the first grave on the right series there's like 20 of those but I have the first four but I didn't think I had the third one I do so the next book is another one of those I didn't think I owned it saw it at the thrift store so I bought it it is Alex Lakes killing Kate clearly I want to read it if I keep buying it so I should probably get around to it but we're getting rid of one copy because we don't need two of them now on to the books that I actually did read and just gave them either three stars or lower my rule is if I give a book three stars are lower it's got to leave so these are those books for this month the first one is nameless by Lily st. Croix I was super excited about this book because it's horror retelling of Snow White it was not good I gave it a 2 out of 5 stars I most of the story I was just confused throughout the entire thing because it doesn't explain anything it just kind of drops you into this world and you're supposed to know what all the made-up words mean and all that jazz and nothing is explained I thought maybe it was like the second or third book in a series no it's the first so no excuses but no just no the next book is a short story that I won off of Goodreads awhile ago and I just did not like it I gave it a 1 out of 5 stars but it is Morgan by RJ furnace I just found it super boring and it just jumped all over the place and just not for me the next book is a poetry collection which I gave 3 out of 5 stars and I just don't usually read poetry so I don't need to keep it on my shelf because I'm never gonna revisit it but it isn't the chaos inside me vile is abet Salle's this is actually like a really good poetry collection out of the ones that I've read I really liked this one it's very like raw and honest but like I said I'm never gonna revisit it so it's just gonna take up space the next book I have I was sent by the publisher I read it I reviewed it I gave it a 3 out of 5 stars so the rule is three or less out it goes six is bloom by Kevin Panetta and Savannah can chew it was cute it's like a graphic novel all about with these two boys falling in love while baking and I really liked it but only three the next two books I'm actually going to be giving to my friend Nicole and their spindle fire by LexA Hillier and the Hazel wood by Melissa Albert they were just average for me I gave them both three stars but I figured there's something that she might like cuz she likes reading and all that jazz like I said earlier so we're gonna give them to her because there's more popular books I'm getting rid of the next book I have is enchantment by Orson Scott Card I hated this book it was boring I gave it a 2 out of 5 stars and that's all I'm gonna say about it the next book I have has been on my shelf for like years and years and years I recently got a new bookshelf my mom said I had to go through my shelves get rid of books that I don't have in order to have my new bookshelf so these next four books are those books that I'm getting rid of the first one is the secret game a basketball story in black and white by Scott Ellsworth this is the story of the first black and white basketball game that ever took place I'm pretty sure I'm on and off of Goodreads and I was interested in it because basketball I won this in 2015 and I saw haven't read it it's 2019 now so clearly you're not gonna pick it up so the next book I have is a historical fiction I don't really read historical fictions so I'm just getting rid of it because it's never gonna happen but it's the rail man's wife by Ashley hey historical fiction that's all I have to say and then the last book is a sweet breath of memory by irelia Cohen and it's all about these like four ladies who are friends and then happens and it just something about people dying and grief and I'm just not interested so after those life stories and in the last book that I have for this haul is one that I actually already own a full copy of and this is the arc so I don't need an arc and a full copy so we're getting rid of the arc but it's still mine by Amy Stewart and it's like a thriller book I didn't actually read it yet so I don't know if it's good or not this is another one that has been on my shelf since like 2015-2016 and I haven't read it yet alright guys so that was my haul video this time around let me know down below for you guys have read any of these and what you thought of them and I'll see you all in the next video


  1. I love unhauls so therapeutic. That thrift store has powerful magic LOL but seriously on the other hands at least your taste is consistent 🙂

  2. I do the same with my books. If it's 3 stars or lower off it goes. Sometimes 4 star books too. But rarely. I totally get you with the duplicates I unhauled like 3 of them myself.

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