The Untold Truth Of Jessa Duggar

Remember when your only worry in the world
was having to keep up with the Kardashians? Then, the reality TV universe threw a curveball
your way in the form of TLC’s 17 Kids and Counting. Soon, 17 grew to 18, 18 grew to 19 and as
some of those 19 started having babies of their own, America grew more and more fascinated
with the Duggar family. In a family the size of a small army, standing
out is no easy task. However, thanks to her candid and forthright
demeanor, Jessa Duggar has managed to accomplish just that. The young wife and mother seems to constantly
be in the news, for either her parenting skills or rumored pregnancies but there’s more to
this Duggar daughter than meets the eye. Here’s the untold truth of one of reality
TV’s most famous faces. A difficult childbirth Famous for being one of America’s largest
families, the Duggar clan seems to grow by the second. In fact, Duggar pregnancies have become such
a common event that People created a guide to help any inquiring minds stay up-to-date
on the expecting Duggars. But Jessa’s 2015 birth to her first son almost
ended tragically. After a difficult delivery at home, the new
mother was rushed to the hospital, requiring a blood transfusion and overnight stay. “Mother is bleeding after birth” Luckily, she made a full recovery, and the
traumatic experience made her that much more grateful for the “surprisingly fast” and easy
birth of the second Seewald son. $40,000 per episode, and counting Jessa and now-husband Ben Seewald came under
fire in 2015 when they appeared to solicit wedding gifts from fans of 19 Kids and Counting. In a post on the family’s blog which has since
been edited, the Duggars wrote, “For readers who have asked about sending
gift cards to the Seewalds, Jessa told us that her favorite stores are Target and Walmart.” According to Ashley’s Reality Roundup, the
Duggars even listed an address for fans who wished to send the newlyweds cash and even
an Amazon wish list. But the Duggars are reported to have made
up to $40,000 per episode of 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On. The original show ran for 15 seasons, with
a total of 227 episodes even divided up between the whole clan, that’s a lot of moolah. Jessa also has her own show, Jill and Jessa:
Counting On, which, by early 2018 had already aired nearly 50 episodes. So it might be obvious why the newlyweds’
hint for gifts didn’t exactly sit well with the general public. G-rated I do’s It was no secret to fans, friends and family
of the 19 Kids and Counting clan that Jessa and Ben were waiting until their wedding day
to experience their very first smooch. So when the officiant presented “Mr. and Mrs.
Benjamin Michael Seewald” without prompting the new groom to kiss his bride, the crowd
of adoring loved ones were understandably confused. “Something did not happen that usually happens
at the end of a wedding ceremony” The officiant explained that it was the couple’s
desire to share their first kiss together alone not in front of a crowd, cameras, or
their parents, and said, “The longer I talk, the longer they can smooch
in private. So if I could just have your attention for
about three hours. The first kiss is a long one, you know what
I’m sayin’?” And, for the record, they’ve been kissing
in public ever since. The Regina George of her family According to InTouch Weekly, 19 Kids and Counting
fans call Jessa the, quote, “fundie Regina George” “fundie” indicating Christian fundamentalism,
and “Regina George” referring to the meanest girl in school. Of course, growing up Duggar means your school
is also your home. “Homeschooled. That’s really interesting” According to a Jinger Duggar fansite, many
fans of both 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On believe Jessa to be bitter, attention-seeking,
and smug. One user wrote: “Jessa is young, smug, and pregnant.” While another commented, “I refuse to believe she’s that cunning and
underhanded to consciously steal the spotlight. She’s an idiot.” “It’s not up to you, nobody asked you, this
is what we’re doing” Between the sheets According to the Duggars themselves, the eldest
girls receive hundreds of questions each week from inquiring minds who want a Duggar’s hot
take on dating, boys, fashion, and even sex. Sure, the Duggar children may not be allowed
to date or even be alone with a person of the opposite sex, but lack of experience certainly
doesn’t indicate a lack of opinion, for these ladies. “The past couple years we’ve been asked to
speak at a couple different events to young girls on the tops of experience we’ve gone
through in our lives and just kind of encouraging them” Written by Jill, Jana, Jessa, and Jinger Duggar,
Growing Up Duggar was published in 2014. Marketed as a book “all about relationships,”
the eldest Duggar girls told The Times Free Press they hoped their words would help young
women not only in their romantic relationships, but in their relationships with both God and
their parents, as well. “Everything was centered around character…kindness,
patience and self control” All in a baby name When Jessa and Ben announced their first pregnancy
in 2015, fans immediately launched into speculating what the baby’s name would be. “We are so excited to announce that we are
expecting a baby” It’s unlikely anyone could have ever guessed
the name that was to come: Spurgeon Elliot Seewald. The Seewalds’ inspiration for their first-born’s
name came from an influential figure in their lives 19th century British preacher, Charles
Spurgeon. According to the couple, the preacher… …Had a big impact on our lives…continued
to impact many many people.” When their second son was born in 2017, he
was also given a name taken straight from the history books: “We have come up with a name for our new baby
boy… his name is Henry Wilberforce Seewald” His namesake, William Wilberforce, was an
English philanthropist, politician, and leader within the movement which ended the slave
trade. You can’t sit with us It’s been said that it “takes a village to
raise a child.” Between 19 children, two parents, an adopted
nephew, and ten “grand-Duggars” so far, the Duggars already have a village all their own. However, when your life’s most pivotal experiences
unfold in front of millions of people each week, those fans begin to feel that they’re
also part of your village. And they’re not afraid to tell you exactly
what they think of your parenting from the safety of their keyboards, of course. Jessa Duggar is no stranger to this phenomenon,
often finding herself the subject of internet “mommy-shaming” for her particular parenting
style. In a September 2017 Instagram post, many felt
Spurgeon was too old to be bottle-fed. One comment read: “You’ve got to watch and pray against speech
impediments and crooked teeth.” And another cited the “scientific research”
linking tooth decay to prolonged bottle feeding. But Jessa didn’t let the haters get her down. She sardonically captioned the pic: “If you are experiencing anxiety over [the
photo], please share all your wisdom and perfect parenting advice in the comments section below.” No TV for a reality TV family Some people are simply destined for a life
lived in front of the camera. These people include the Kardashians, the
Teen Moms, and the Duggar family. But you might wonder why the Duggars would
even want to be on a reality TV show in the first place, especially since they reportedly
have a strict TV policy in their home, only allowing the Duggar children to watch select
DVDs under supervision, of course. So, why would a family notorious for steering
clear of television programming then seek out opportunities to be on TV? According to (which is
managed by close family friends of the Duggars), they do it for the fans. “Mornings now with two kids…I try to sleep
until Spurgeon wakes up, and then…our day starts from there” Their purpose, starting with their first show
14 Children and Pregnant Again and including every show they’ve done since, has always
been to show the world how children are a blessing from God. “We’re just average kids. We’re not the best kids in the world” Is she pregnant again? Looks like this apple didn’t fall too far
from the growing family tree. Jessa, who has given birth to two children
since her 2014 wedding and dodged widespread pregnancy rumors, does have plans to grow
her family. According to a People exclusive in February
2017, Jessa and her husband plan to welcome more children into their family; but maybe
without the baby bump. The young mom of two confessed, “It will be a little while since we just had
a baby, but adopting and fostering to adopt is very much in our hearts.” Between new Duggar babies, newly-wed Duggar
couples, and those swirling pregnancy rumors, it’s safe to say that the world will be seeing
many more Duggars in the years to come. It’s a Duggar world, and we’re all just living
in it. Thanks for watching! Click the List icon to subscribe to our YouTube
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  1. Here is the irony of a Duggar romance…..Daddy Duggar keeps his daughters cloistered and pure and innocent when they are girls, but when they are married women, they are NOT allowed to use birth control and they must submit to "loving" whenever and however their man wants it whether they want to or not. And divorce is absolutely forbidden, no matter what the man has done.

  2. It's sad to me how critical people can be of other people's parenting skills. Just because they do things a little differently than you would doesn't give you the right to say you are doing it all wrong. Don't listen to the hate Jessa I've seen how patient you are with your kid on the show. You had a lot of experience with your younger siblings I'm sure and you are clearly doing a great job!💞

  3. $40K per episode isn’t a lot when it’s divided up among so many people. Sum reality stars make a million dollars per episode and more.

  4. I don’t really think it’s that they really want so many kids; it’s that they don’t believe in birth control or contraception because it "stops the lords plan of being fruitful and multiplying" 🙄🙄

  5. I didn't watch the show. I caught seconds of it. Looking at her lips here in the different clips she definitely uses some type of lip injection!!!! I was going to say it makes no sense that of the entire family she's the only one who has lips! Makes sense now, she bought them!

  6. Why wouldn't they have called him Charles instead of Spurgeon ? I mean you could have still named him after your idol without using the surname

  7. Why is this so negative in it's tone towards the Duggers? I really like the Duggers. I do not watch TV anymore at all by personal choice, but I have to admit compared to the Kar-trashi-dans the Duggers are a much more relatable and lovable family.

  8. Diggers are the best i love you all all of your handsome sons and beaitful daughters (teens) and cute lil ones boys and girls your older son and his beaitful wide got super cute kids and got big I seen them at the ladt wedding I wish i was in your family you know if your dyeing and you get you last wish well im not dyeing got bad heart but still kicking I wish so much i could spend one week with the diggers tour super i luv ta all your my favorite show I so wish my only dram come true but i live in Utah in heber city utah like 28 miles from salt lake I hate that city nothing but deaths when ya turn in the news so i do t but give me my wish lol I'm not lucky so i probley wont get to meet hunger and her hubby the colors and the other ones hill and. HER beaitful sister who has such cute lol boys a great mommy and wife and ya all are my favorite how come ta all got Ames on your faces no matter what would you tell Matt and his wife come vack on tv heck what people say talk is talk it will stop luv ya all DUUGGER FAMILY BUNCH

  9. I think Jessica is my favorite she's so beautiful and she has a great personality to match God bless her and her family

  10. Regardless of what you think of this family, there is no such thing as a "fast and easy birth"….you have obviously never had a baby…

  11. Used to be a huge fan of all the Duggar shows (until the Josh scandal). I’ve always liked Jana, Jessa, and Jinger the best. Still do!

  12. To all make pease please is thaksgiven our lord will help prayers to those in less more harmony in us to help us remember our loved ones make it contagiously no more fighting no more maria❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. This idiotic act of Jessicas’ son too old for his bottle. Have anyone person ever seen any boy/girl graduate with a, Bottle, Pacifier in their mouth! It’s better than Sucking their Thump! That’s not a, good habit so, bottle and Pacifier will not be with them at graduation day! Ppl concern themselves with how ppl raise their children! Another line and thought many Liberals will hate but, they hate our Heavenly Father so who cares what they think. The only Reason WE WOMEN WERE MADE ON THIS EARTH 🌎 IS TO. BIRTH BABIES! I’d not known This as I’d grown up learned this TRUTH FROM LEARNING THE ORIGINAL HEBREW, GREEK AND ARAMAIC MANUSCRIPTS WRITS AND THE MASORRECTIC TEXT. FATHER DID ALLOW US TO ENJOY SEX WITH OUR HUSBAND AS WE, ARE MAKING OUR BABIES, JUST FOR THOUGHT, HIS WORD DEMANDS WE, HAVE AS MANY BABIES AS HE, WANTS US TO HAVE!
    A, Servant of Yeshua D Christos, Qué Lakota

  14. Jessa steals the spot light because shes so beautiful. Shes going to ruin her figure (she should enjoy some nice outfits to adorn it with since she can afford not to dress like that)It wouldnt even cost much to buy a few brand new outfits)She seem not so sweet like her way or the highway.

  15. Homeschooling seemed so cool when I first learned about ig. You get more time w your kids but theirs no way you can teach math science as well as professionals. Most people just aren't that smart.I know Im not. If I CV raught my kids math…lets just say well thats no gift. Seversl different teachers in school teach their specialties you cant possibly compete w that even if you are a teacher!Plus you need to learn to socialize.

  16. You need public school to learn to socialize with assholes too unfortunately theyre in the world. Also to have natural crushes on people other than your sisters! All he saw most days were his sisters not normal.

  17. Not socialising daily in school with other people of tge oppsite SEX they created a "FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC" ATMOSPHERE FOR JOSH ECT.

  18. That many babies youve got to be peeing on yourself.The Mom could do a commercial for that and make money.The Mom usnt raising all of them the older siblings are burdened with that

  19. Sooo the only thing that these people do or good at is having tons of kids? Like can we please focus on stuff that really matters like hungry children or homeless veterans damn

  20. I what happened to Anna ? She is pretty I like her and Pricilla Amy too I need to hear from them I love the beginning about the dugers I really honest don’t care now as they married to whom I want to hear about Josie Amy Anna pricilla Anna i love her her parents are sweetheart s. Amy my free spirit girl And;; Pricilla my inteligente Bible girl! And Josie that miracle child and Jana the buetiful girl maria

  21. NO ONE gives a rat's ass about this awful family. For an Xmas present to all of us: time for that car crash. Red and green funerals for the holiday….AMEN

  22. I feel like if any of these kids weren't 100% straight, there parents would abandon them no matter how old they were.
    I can't stand the parents, raise you young girls to be strong and that they don't have to get married as soon as possible and have as many kids as their Body will let them. Everyone should raise their kids to be strong and independent.

  23. I’m surprised none of the Duggar children went to college, who cares who got married or had kids, everyone does that 🤷‍♀️

  24. In a few generations, after doing the DNA tests that have become so popular lately, half of US will realize that they are related to the Duggars…. the rate at which they multiply….

  25. I like the Duggers but they have beliefs I totally disagree with. And for the record, I've never kept up with the Kartrashians.

  26. This Cult is controlling and misogynistic. Parents are sex-obsessed and creepy. No surprise incest was occurring and swept under the carpet. This baby factory is capitalizing their children.

  27. Jessa is so fucking pretty… If she were from a normal family she surely would be like Regina George, she even talks like her, has a seductive smile and mean eyes, lol. I love her, the most beautiful of the Duggars.

  28. Home schooled, forced to wear dresses, no sex before marriage . A disaster waiting to happen. That's what there religious cult do.

  29. Funniest part……we are just your average kids……not the best kids in the world… funny. So innocent.good bunch of kids.

  30. What a STUPID name 4 a kid. Hopefully he'll change it when he gets older either that or use his middle name. I hope it's not as dumb as his 1st.

  31. The Duggar’s have had tV specials wayyy before keeping up with the Kardashian’s….. it didn’t start with 17 kids and counting it started with 14 kids….. From the first sentence You can really tell whoever made this video did a lot of research…. NOT ✌🏻 not even wasting my time watching anymore…. if you honestly think the Kardashian’s had a tv show before the Duggar’s….

  32. It was a nice show but 19 kids an counting is no big deal to me cause my great grandparents had 22 kids my grandparents had 19 an 9 of the 19 kids had 2 to 12 kids each now im #9 of 12 but not a fan of most of my siblings, their lazy as s**t

  33. Now that I know they’re part of the quiverfull movement & abuse that is commonplace, I feel honestly worried for their kids. :/

  34. So no one noticed the kids getting shoved away forvefully by their sister in the beginning?! That was straight up abusive.

  35. If they're making that much money.. why the hell doesn't she buy her own home..children in that small bedroom home.. i don't get it. And those children have a phone or ipad in their face all the time. Js that's not true they don't allow t.v

  36. Religious my ass. This is the problem with families that claim they are religious, they oppress the girls way too much that they are dehumanized by the close men of the family, and seen as sexual objects, these people are obsessed with sex. For example, in 19 kids and counting, the mother constantly tells her daughters to dress “modestly” by wearing skirts below the knees and constantly being submissive and obedient, however, the brothers are left to do whatever they please and are “‘managed” and schooled by the girls like their whole life was centered toward taking care of male siblings and males in their family. Then Josh sees it as their duty to relive his sexual frustration which was built up by stone head parents telling him not to date girls his age or go out with girls. Not that he had an excuse, it’s that the parents haven’t raised him well to understand the consequences of that and the alternative ways in which he can deal with sexual frustrations that any normal teenager will experience

  37. Jessa just wanna be different that’s why they didn’t kiss at their wedding she wanted to make headlines for being the only girl who doesn’t kiss her groom at her own wedding 😂😂

  38. Good thing they're getting paid good money for this reality show. If they weren't getting paid, Ben Seawald might have to break down and get a job. He's the only male of the sugar clan that don't work.Hes too p-whipped. He's afraid to have his wife leave his sight. He's got the personality of a dump truck too. She could have got much better.

  39. Jana, because she is trying to do it her way and in her time. And Jinger because she moved away, and dares to rebel against what her dad wants. She wears shorts, pants, etc….and she waited to have a baby with her husband.

  40. Why would they be in TV? Well the money. Being in a cult isn't cheap and of course you must spread the cultish message and show all us poor sinners how self righteous you are. Yuck

  41. They are all part of one big cult. I feel sorry for the husbands cause they married into this crazy family.

  42. This is fake show me birth certificate and I v F is not godly also 19 no woman can do that it FAKE

  43. Jessa is very pretty and I think she has a lot of leadership in her to take charge of her home. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have kids and be a good mom. At least shes not white trash having babies as fast as the state can or should take them. The only novelty here is people expect all women to work and not want kids.

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